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You have not signed too many films.

I cannot do more than one film at a time. It completely occupies my heart and soul. I can't do things I'm not comfortable with. I'd rather be conscious of my weaknesses than strengths. I may have done just a handful of films so far but people remember all of them.

Naach isn't just an ordinary film about dance. Every art form is born out of a thought. Then that thought is developed into an individual's expression of art. That's what my dance does in Naach. You can't specify my movements. I wanted to attempt my own vocabulary in modern dance.

Naach is my only film right now. I've given a hundred percent of myself, so it's like a do-or-die situation. I don't have 10 other films to back on.

When you are trying to do something different, failure is a possibility. Maybe my films didn't generate hysteria but they've built up my credibility as an actress. No one can wash my career away.

After all the hard work, I can't deny that I get disappointed when my films don't work. But I move on.

If Naach does well, it will change the way the industry looks at dance.

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