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Rani having a blast at the premiere
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"We went without food and water and don't know how that night passed. I can talk all night about making the music of this film because it really was an epic effort!

Another difficulty was to get the right voice for Tansen in the film. We just didn't know whom to approach. I initiated the idea that we must take Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. I took Asifsaab over there to convince him.

When we met him, he flatly refused to do the song because he was not interested in doing films.

I told him that it was for Tansen, and we all felt there was no one better than him who could do justice to the song.

When Asifsaab intervened, Khansaab was irritated and told him not to talk to him. Asifsaab then told him he would give any amount for him to sing. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan quoted some astronomical amounts, in thousands, which was huge in those times! He thought Asifsaab would reject the offer, but he said the deal was done and thus he sung the song in the film!"

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