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Has it been a conscious decision to do one film at a time?

Of course. From the day I joined the film industry, my friends would tell me: 'Ah, now you'll be dancing in the rain; you will be a filmi.' And I was like, 'oh please!' but it really matters to me. If I am educated and well-travelled, I want to do films that appeal to me and make a difference to me. So I started with Kya Kehna!, Dil Se..., and Sangharsh.

Then I signed a couple of films because I thought they might be interesting. But it gave me a whole new perspective: I wanted to be on a film that I am dying to be on. I don't want to do a film where I halfway say, 'What have I got myself into?'

All the films I have chosen, irrespective of box office fate, have been my personal convictions. I have been very happy with them. At the end of my career I want to have a body of work I'm proud of. There shouldn't be films I'll have to 'hide'.

More than anything, films are there forever. I want to be part of progressive cinema. I don't just want to be part of 'stuff'. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

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