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The first scene was easy. It was actually the last scene in the film. I wasn’t nervous because the entire family was part of it.

But the second or third day, I had a big scene. It was not difficult but it was my big scene. I am paired opposite Daniel and I run away with him. In that scene, Ash comes looking for me.

I was nervous as hell. My stomach was in knots all night. But it went well. The chemistry between my co-actor and me was good. My director was happy with it, so that made me happy.

  I love this scene in the film where Mr Kohli [Nitin Ganatra, an English actor], a family friend, comes home for dinner. He wants to get married either to Lalita [Ash] or Jaya [Namrata]. That scene, where everyone is seated around the dining table, is extremely funny. Even while shooting, we were cracking up!

I have worked in films before, but I did my first song and dance in Bride And Prejudice. I am very comfortable doing it! We did not have synchronised dancing. Sarojji [Khan] has tried something different with the songs.

Gurinder feels that even when you are dancing, you should dance like the characters. So I danced like Lakhi [my character’s name], not Peeya.

But there was a line in the song, No life without wife, which was very difficult for me. The song is featured on the four sisters. We needed eight or nine takes for that.

It was just one of those things that went wrong. I just couldn’t get the mood right. Usually, the character would just come to me but then, it just wouldn’t.

Peeya [second from left] with Naveen Andrews [third from left] and Santosh Sivan [extreme right].

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