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Anything that was special about Bride and Prejudice and stood out?

Having (cinematographer) Santosh Sivan there was absolutely wonderful for me. Actually, a strange sense of déjà vu because he did (photographed) my first film Iruvar. Now he has done my first English film which was very, very special.

It suddenly took me back to that because again I felt like a beginner. I like these challenges otherwise you tend to become very reticent and very comfortably cocooned in the sheath of apparent success here.

When I took on a Bengali film soon after Devdas people were like -- 'she's cuckoo, what's wrong with her?' After this kind of commercial success is when you just rake it in and have a blast. And here I go and do a Bengali film which is like going back to school and really hard work but God has been kind that Choker Bali was appreciated and the audience was excited about the film. I'm really, really grateful that the effort was appreciated.

Then soon after I go and do Bride because seemingly we

  know it's an English film and we speak in English it's easy but it's a new form, it's a new discipline. It was wonderful discovering that. We speak English everyday, we take it for granted, you think it's the easiest thing to do but working in an English film is very different. We somewhere basically, I'm not saying it only or me, but you think Indian, you've seen Indian, you emote Indian but it's very different when you are working in an English film. That's interesting to discover and wonderful.


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