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Mishra claims it was very easy working with Tabu. "Before the shooting began, Naseer held a workshop at Matheran for the major characters in the film. That is when I met her for the first time. The objective of the workshop was for the core family in Maqbool to get to know each other so that there was no awkwardness during the shooting.

"Tabu is a very transparent and light-hearted girl. One of her best qualities is that she accepts everyone. She will listen as attentively to a child as much as she would listen to a mature person like Naseer," he adds.

Mishra had known Pankaj Kapoor since his NSD days. "Panjay Kapoor is a saint. He doesn't eat non-vegetarian food, does not drink or smoke. Besides, he has saved a part of himself. Some actors, in a bid to get more roles, tend to bare-all to the world. But there are certain areas in Pankajji that we are still unaware of. He is still mysterious.

"Also, you will never see Pankaj Kapoor the person in his films. There is a complete transformation.

"He gave me a lot of advice. Simple things like the best place for an actor to stand before the camera. Since I am a theatre person, the logical place for me to stand on stage may not be the same in front of the camera. So he would always guide me," Mishra says.

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