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Did you know Tobey Maguire almost didn't work on Spider-Man 2 because of a back problem?

Spider-Man 2, like the original, is already one of the biggest blockbusters in the US this year.

The film releases in India on July 23.

Do you think you know enough about Spider-Man 2? Take this quiz, presented by rediff.com and Columbia Tristar, and win exciting prizes.

Key in the answers in the answer boxes, fill in your details and submit!

Please send your entries latest by 1230 IST, July 27, 2004.

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Spider-Man 2

1. Besides working at the Daily Bugle, Peter Parker has another job. What?

a. Pizza delivery boy
b. Taxi driver
c. Tutor

2. Which of these films is director Sam Raimi wellknown for?

a. Entity
b. Evil Dead
c. The Omen

3. Which actress plays Aunt May?

a. Kirsten Dunst
b. Rosemary Harris
c. Meryl Streep

4. When Tobey Maguire almost dropped out of Spider-Man 2 because of a back problem, which actor was considered for the role?

a. Jake Gyllenhaal
b. Josh Hartnett
c. Heath Ledger

5. Which of these actors were considered for Doc Ock's role, now played by British actor Alfred Molina?

a. Robert De Niro
b. Al Pacino
c. Tim Robbins

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Please send your entries latest by 1230 IST, July 27, 2004. This contest is only open to rediff.com readers based in India.

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