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What do Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Neo and Aragon have in common?

They are all heroes?

Right. But they also happen to be the lead characters of films that feature among the top five first-day money-spinners. They are the Hollywood films that hold the record for highest first-day collections worldwide.

rediff.com takes a look at the high five:

Spider-Man 2
The friendly neighbour certainly knows how to cast his web on his viewers.

Spider-Man 2 settled for nothing less than a spectacular $40.5 million in a single day's takings.

Like Columbia Tristar's managing director, Richard Napper tells The Times, London, "It's [Spider-Man 2] had better reviews, it's bigger than the first [Spider-Man] and it's got a rating for a broader audience."

Text: Sukanya Verma

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