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Shah Rukh Khan

Like Amitji, the Moon (2) and Neptune (7), also rules Shah Rukh Khan, which makes him creative, mentally agile and talented. Moon and Neptune are 'mental' planets and makes people intuitive. The best vocation for number two (Ajay Devgan is also ruled by the Moon and Neptune) is media, art, entertainment or any line of work which will bring them in front of the public eye.

Shah Rukh is also ruled by Mars, a disruptive planet, which makes him impulsive. But the good part is that it gives him untiring energy and great recuperative powers. I had predicted that he would recover from his back injury and still have a great 2003. Despite nagging health problems, he had two hits: Chalte Chalte and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

2004 adds up to six (Venus) and Shah Rukh Khan's name also adds up to six. Six is a good number, not only for his birthdate but also for the film industry.

Besides, he is in his 39th year and 3+9=12. And 1+2=3. Three goes very well with six. So expect another rocking year for this Khan!

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