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His film, The Hero, bombed at the box-office and was declared as a flop, but Sunny Deol feels otherwise. "I don't think the film flopped," claims Sunny. "It did well but could not recover the money that was overspent while making it."

Deol recently spoke to the press at Mumbai's Juhu Millennium Club at a function for his new film Lakeer scheduled to release late January or early February.

Sunny claims the film cost Rs 53 crore (Rs 530 million), which was not justified for the film.

Asked if he felt whether his fans could not digest the fact that action hero Sunny Deol was using a laptop and technical gizmos to fight his enemies rather than doing his usual stunts, Sunny said, "I don't think so. I asked many people. A lot of them said they liked the film. The Hero was a decent and good film. But the only drawback was the budget as too much of money was spent in making the film."

Text: Syed Firdaus Ashraf
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