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Working in call centres today is all about getting your accent right. Call centre agents in India answer queries from customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. And being able to speak in the same dialect as those who call in is very important.

Not surprisingly, accent training is a big chunk of the training process. Call centre agents are taught the nuances of American and British accents, while being coached on the cultural nuances of those countries.

What better way to help agents get it right than films and television serials?

"Films and serials help trainees understand lifestyle, gestures, mannerisms and social issues. Showing British films also enables trainees to comprehend the accent and the various dialects," says S Nagarajan, Chief Operating Officer, 24/7 Customer, a leading call centre company.

In a two-part series, rediff.com looks at the films and serials shown to call agents as part of their training.

Text: Priya Ganapati
Uday Kuckian

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