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Last month we carried a photofeature of star photographer Dabboo Ratnani's best pictures. All of you clearly loved the feature and wanted more! In deference to your requests, we present a sequel. Some more glamorous images from Dabboo's lens. Hope you like them.

This was shot at Onyx [a discotheque in Bandra, northwest Mumbai] for my calendar. I wanted a certain mood so I chose the Red Room at Onyx. Lara stays in Bandra, so the location was ideal.

We wanted a Bohemian kind of look, so we introduced chunky jewellery.

I lit the room, but it looked flat. I usually take a Polaroid picture to see how it looks. Then I made the room dark and put spotlights in the background to add to the depth of the picture. We couldnít move the furniture around. The shooting was done during the day.

I donít know Lara too well. I did the ad campaign for her first film, Andaaz. She seems very charged and receptive.

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Text: Ronjita Kulkarni

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