September 30, 2002 
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Salman Khan
Salman doomed? Maybe, maybe not
Mixed responses to the actor's latest actions

State your views!
Is Salman doomed?

Sat Sep 28 20:50:00 2002
City, Country:San Francisco, USA
Your Views:I definitely think Salman Khan should quit Bollywood. The only reason he has lasted this long is because of his contacts and his passable looks. He cant act to save his life. His choice is movies is mediocre just like his performances. Besides his personal life seems to take precedence over his career. He should quit....

Sat Sep 28 20:50:36 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I think Salman Khan should end up in some mental Hospital. After killing Animals, and hurting and harassing Aishwarya Rai, The CCCC Incident, and now killing humans? he needs mental help!

Sat Sep 28 20:54:33 2002
City, Country:Dallas, USA
Your Views:Who gives a damn of where his career is heading towards, think about all those people he is inflicting pain upon. They sure will cover up this up as well, and he will be free only to get into more trouble and cause more pain to the world in some way or the other. The group of people who beat him up, great job guys!

Sat Sep 28 21:00:21 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:He is the WORST actor and human being ever. Theres no question of bouncing back.

Sat Sep 28 21:02:20 2002
City, Country:bombay,india
Your Views:he should be put into a mental institution for his whole life

Sat Sep 28 19:40:16 2002
City, Country:Norway
Your Views:He will bounce back if he gets a good role in a movie guaranteed, he has to sign on to a quality movie

Sat Sep 28 19:54:30 2002
City, Country:Kuwait
Your Views:I agree that Salman Khan going through rough face in in life, he is most misunderstood person on in this planet but recent problems and he is going out of contral I blame Ash for this and man in deeply love with her and he cant live without her, One thing is sure his fans loves him no matter what and Salman will strike back and soon he will be the King of Bollywood

Sat Sep 28 20:21:21 2002
City, Country:Edison, NJ
Your Views:This guy sucks. I don't know how the Indian audiance tolerates such guys.

Sat Sep 28 20:24:35 2002
City, Country:Kolata, India
Your Views:This time also nothing is going to happen to him

Sat Sep 28 20:46:39 2002
City, Country:Nj USA
Your Views:of course he is doomed. To begin with he was useless and now he proven that he is not just useless he is also imbalanced.Ash is better off than him A lady with so much class she has the worls at her feet.She doesnt need a fool well an imbalanced deranged maniac like Salman.

Sat Sep 28 21:20:23 2002
Name:Ruchik Doshi
City, Country:INDIA, MUMBAI
Your Views:Salman Khan is always known to be an intese, emotional, violent person.He has hurt Ash ,he has strong links with underworld,he recently ran down people while driving in an intoxicated state,...He is emotionally and mentally disturbed.In such a state of mind no filmmaker would want to run the risk of casting him.All he needs a break .He should consult a professional and try to get over his personal problems......He needs to take a break from acting for a couple of years and try to stay awayfrom the media and then make a comeback with venegance.

Sat Sep 28 21:21:30 2002
City, Country:kuwait
Your Views:he is over..he is such a bad guy that why not arrest him..he is the worst person in the industry..i pray his carrer is finished and he end up in jail

Sat Sep 28 21:22:22 2002
City, Country:pakistan
Your Views:hes gonna bounce back soon!! first of all he doesnt know how to treat a lady especially his own lovE!! and now the car accident! wat a poor guy.. i feel for him now!! but mark my words this movie marigold will change it all!! thats one thing he has! its his last chance! and i think he shud avail it

Sat Sep 28 21:25:42 2002
City, Country:montreal, canada
Your Views:i dont know, his career has taken a plunge since HASSH, his personality ie temper tantrums has been his biggest obstacle in his career graph, his bad vibes with media, with ash, the blackbuck case and now this fatal accident killing a poor pavement dweller how sad when i read one of the victims accounts that this idiot ran for cover to his house leaving the scene and the poor injured to disgustingly pathetic, cruel, ruthless and shameful of him to flee the scene..........its totally unhuman eh!! i read his f**** brother was more worried about their f**** CD player than human lives to them to the hospital............if its my country canada it'd be serious crime of failing to remain on the scene and would have charged accordingly for killing another human. may god punish him appropriately. smt

Sat Sep 28 21:46:03 2002
City, Country:New York
Your Views:Hardly has salman ever possessed a talent for acting. he only has a strange charm that attracts people. But as of late, he has been doing things anyone would be disgusted with. He has slit his own arm and refused to take pain killers while getting stitches done. This is the mark of a sick man. But one can indeed pity him. Aishwarya Rai has been shunning him during this bad phase in his career. Perhaps she could try to make him feel better instead of telling him that he's no good. He has enough people like kareena saying that to him. She has said "I don't like salman khan. He is not a good actor." Wow, kareena. Way to make depression go away. People cannot be so inconsiderate. Salman is doomed if he keeps on his path, but with enough encouragement from that selfish ash and his arrogant colleagues, he wil get some inspiration. But the fact remains that he has grown out of the chocolate covered love stories. He could, if he tried, do so much more. Srk has hardly tried to break his romantic stereotype. There is no reason why salman should follow suit. The main problem here is that salman is doing things that makes him seem plainly weird to his fans. They won't stick with him if he continues with his image and kill people along the way. They have alternatives like Hrithik Roshan and Vivek Oberoi who are more appealing both in youthful looks and freshness in the industry. Salman, for heaven's sake, do something!

Sat Sep 28 21:50:52 2002
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:Salman khan should not be granted bail because killing someone is an serious offense and he should at least face life time of imprionsment or death.

Sat Sep 28 21:51:00 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:He will bounce back.

Sat Sep 28 21:53:40 2002
City, Country:DUBAI,(U.A.E)

Sat Sep 28 21:54:39 2002
Name:Sushil Thapa
City, Country:Winchester, VA, USA
Your Views:Hard to beleive that an accomplished star like Salman Khan is gone out of bound and gradually pushing himself and his career to the brink of disaster. His recent drink and drive which claimed a life and caused serious injury to several others is another unfortunate twist in his turbulent life. Over the years, he has hogged headlines for all the wrong reasons much to the chargin of his die hard fans.If this is the result of his on and off relation with Aishwarya Rai, then he should reform himself and stop acting like a traunt or brat. Otherwise,he is bound to take a fall from the cliff for ever. If he truly loves Aishwarya then he should become a real life Devdas and not torment her as he has been doing. What he needs to realise is that no more can he drag Aishwarya into things she disapproves. She has climbed to stardom and is one of the most saleable actresses in Bollywood. Of course, Khan a talented actor can bounce back and win back hearts of his fans should he check his emotions and composure and not go haywire. "Marigold" definitely renders him a chance to resurrect his sagging status.Having said that, foremost he needs to get rid of the bad boy stigma and become mentally sound.

Sat Sep 28 22:00:30 2002
City, Country:singapore city
Your Views:well is he is really at fault he shud be charged whether or not hes a star or not. if not he should come out of this soon and quick,and its not only him who has a role in the aish case.we have to hear both sides before we can brand salman the bad one. whatever it is, i pray for the best.hes still a v good actor

Sat Sep 28 22:05:18 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:i dont think he even deserves all this attention. is there anything disreputable that this guy has not done yet? he'll bribe the system and get away with murder as well. he should be ordered to pay up for the funeral of the man he killed, and the hospital charges of the injured. and send money to the family of the dead man if he wants some of his "reputation" back. and get a clue - he was never an "actor" and will never be one. aishwarya was so right to DUMP him.

Sat Sep 28 22:09:07 2002
City, Country:Somerset, USA
Your Views:salman should be kicked out of the cinema indutry and put him in jail. De deservs it.

Sat Sep 28 22:23:47 2002
Name:raghu diwakar
City, Country:bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is a nuisance to the society and should be behind bars..a 35 + year old man behaving like this..just not done! Get rid of him.

Sat Sep 28 22:24:04 2002
City, Country:washington, USA
Your Views:this has happened before with other richi-rich kids, after a few weeks of hue and cry, they have all gone on to live their lives as before

Sat Sep 28 22:24:18 2002
City, Country:Houston,texas,U.S.A
Your Views:Salman Khan has been a grat actor and has produced a great numer of superhit films which makes him even superior than Shahrukh Khan etc.He has given so many Blockbusters such as M.P.K, H.A.H.K, H.D.D.C.S etc These were all blockbusters. Every actor goes through a low phase and Shahrukh had a riduculous period also. Salman`s of hits rates are great compared to other actors.I am sure he will come back...

Sat Sep 28 22:43:05 2002
City, Country:hyd, india
Your Views:surely he'll bounce back.the media and public should support the actor in this time.even a normal man cannot bear the problem he's having.this time he needs films if the hero doesn't leave his heroin till last they like, in real life if he likes ash to its his personnal matter.just leave him alone for sometime, so he can be cool and bounce back.

Sat Sep 28 22:44:22 2002
City, Country:Mumbai/India
Your Views:I think Salman has it in him to survive every onslaught if you see his career.He has always been down but never out.All problems withstanding which are definitely his personal outlook and for that we should respect him and not go by the glossies who do anything for living. One thing is for sure the incidence of killing people and animals,he should be dealt in a hard way as you do for criminals but unfortunately our country will soon forget everything and this brat shall again occupy news. Come on guys there are lots of other thing going around. Just because he is a star do not worship him or put him into news

Sat Sep 28 22:54:24 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Why should this moron be spared from justice, I strongly believe, he should be punished and made sure that he pays for the expenses of those injured and compensate them for their loss. But I have no faith in the Indian judicial system that any action would be taken against this guy. Rich people will not get affected no matter how big their crime is. That is life in India. God save the country.

Sat Sep 28 23:00:07 2002
City, Country:Lucknow, India
Your Views:I think it speaks very poorly of us as a nation, that we raise a person like Salman to the level of a star. He has no acting skills whatsover, can't even speak in Hindi properly. On top of that he is definitely not a good person. He's almost 40 and behaves like some kid out of high school. Its disgusting. I would have expected Aishwarya Rai, a woman the nation is crazy about, and revered by the world, to have better taste. I can't imagine why she tolerated (an open secret) physical abuse in a relationship with a guy definitely not worthy of it. He has proven in the past that he cares a damn about animal life. Now he has shown that he doesn't care about human life either. I think the world is a safer place with Salman behind bars.

Sat Sep 28 23:26:21 2002
Name:Vijay Sharma
City, Country:Banagalore, India
Your Views:Nothing will happen. He will be leading a normal life in a matter of weeks. Justice in India is screwed up. The case will go on for a few years, witnesses will turn hostile and the case will be dismissed. Sad really.

Sat Sep 28 23:44:47 2002
Name:Anoop K. Sharma
City, Country:California, USA
Your Views:The Law of Karma states that Cause is effect concealed and Effect is cause revealed. Taking that into consideration it would not be futile to say that this brat had it coming. I cannot shed a tear for him or offer him forgiveness.

Sun Sep 29 00:05:37 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:salman should be convicted and given imprisonment for a life ... he deserves it

Sun Sep 29 00:16:21 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:This fool should have been behind bars long ago - the world would have been a safer place. I think his claims of threatening calls are just a cover-up for his underworld connections. He thinks he's fooling everyone. Ash should have dumped him long ago - the fact that she stuck with him for so long shows how gullible she also is. This guy is going down. Maybe he'll do better in Hollywood where. America's loss is India's gain!!

Sun Sep 29 00:24:34 2002
Name:khurram raja
City, Country:islamabad,pakistan
Your Views:i think sallo should concentrate on his carrer rather than on his affairs.the number of hits he has to his carrer is far less than the no. of his affairs.

Sun Sep 29 00:27:56 2002
Name:Irfan Makki
City, Country:Oshawa, Canada
Your Views:I think its just one of those bad patches that almost everybody goes through. Salman is no exception. His massive star status makes him more notable. There are millions of people who have much more problems than Sallu, but the fact that nobody gives a damn about them is that they are not stars. Being in his car with other people doesn't necessarily mean that it was him driving the car. And as for having just one film in hand, that's not quite the case. He has Tera Naam, Dil ne jise Apna Kahan and Boney Kapoors next wth Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. But even if he has one film, so does SRK. And Amir Khan doesn't even have a film in hand. Salman is a big star, he looks out for good scripts. He won't do just any film. But one thing is for sure, he has to leave Ashwarya for good. She has proved to be a bad omen for him. He has to get over this relationship otherwise he might end up killing himself.

Sun Sep 29 00:30:07 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:I dunno whats up with Salman and Aishwarya...........and i have no interest in their lives either.They are grown up,matured individuals and should try to behave like one.

Sun Sep 29 00:51:42 2002
Name:Bhavik Sanghvi
City, Country:Mumbai.INDIA
Your Views:Salman needs to seriously rethink about his career & most importantly his family reputation.It is strange that the 7th SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD & the only one in India,is still a single & nobody is willing to marry him.As for the career front,he will be remembered forever for few of his films but more for his controversies.

Sun Sep 29 00:59:00 2002
City, Country:bombay,india
Your Views:Somebody needs to knock some sense into Salmans head! he needs to behave more responsibly! However, going by previous instances of equally irresponsible 'stars' going scot free after killing innocent people, looks like the drunk driving episode will not affect him! Well ,if salman has a conscience( which I seriously doubt) he should compensate the victims and in future be a responsible citizen by driving carefully! as for his affairs with aishwarya et al, i dont think educated people like me , care a damn!

Sun Sep 29 00:59:52 2002
City, Country:united kingdom
Your Views:its high time we stop patronising the nauseating attitude of our so called "stars".and it is also high time that our judicial system bring these people to book for the crimes they commit.nobody is indispensible.

Sun Sep 29 01:16:36 2002
City, Country:Pune
Your Views:Salman is thinking himself as a great. We people must stop to see movies to see or stop relese of is films unless the the 4 people gets compensation.

Sun Sep 29 01:23:15 2002
Your Views:salman khan is the best of the best and he will surely returan.. one khan to a nother...

Sun Sep 29 01:34:15 2002
City, Country:Georgia, USA
Your Views:he's doomed, the guy had a fine lookin girl (Ash) as a girl friend and he through it away. I guess when your famous and rich you think you can do whatever you want. Good thing there are actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, and Hritik Roshan around.

Sun Sep 29 01:35:30 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:He is doomed as an actor as should be the case!! Who in their right mind would be willing to support such a dastardly person who is very abusive to women!! (Hint: Wake up and smell the roses this is the 21St Century!!) There should be no room for such control freaks to get support in the form of movies, endorsements,etc., if he does get the support of the film industry and Bollywood in general, then the public at large has a moral duty to boycott all of his movies, products endorsed etc., to let the producers/directors and others know that they will not be willing to tolerate such behavior!! When will the conservative people of India learn and especially women that they have rights equal to if not greater in some measures than Men!!!!

Sun Sep 29 01:46:24 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:India is the only country where a criminal like Salman (amongst others) gets away with repeated criminal acts. That he was released on bail shows how corrupt the Indian system is. Fleeing from an accident alone would have cost me 20 years of jail in the US. Salman's other violent acts and constant breaking of the law exposes the criminality of India and the movie industry and also shows that India is a crap country since it allows someone like Salman to go on as though nothing has happened.

Sun Sep 29 02:15:56 2002
Name:Jimmy Mehra
City, Country:Washington d.c, USA
Your Views:I think Salman Khan may be down but not out. Usually hollywood-bollywood flick don't do much to a star's career(ala monsoon wedding etc). Salman is very talented when it is used properly(like Chori Chori Chupke..)..

Sun Sep 29 02:18:57 2002
Name:Srinivas Sitaram
City, Country:Boston, USA
Your Views:Who cares.......I feel sorry for the people who were injured by Mr. Khan, his career was never anything to write home about, he was always an also ran according to me. I hope Mr. Khan atleast has the decency to pay for the medical treatment of people whose lives he has ruined.

Sun Sep 29 02:33:33 2002
Name:jack atlas
City, Country:jamnagar, india
Your Views:of course, he is doomed!! this should have happened at least 5 or 6 years back. after all what sort of a dame would have the guts to still work with him? leave this trivial thing, who will still go watch a movie in which he plays the protagonist? to my mind, not even the most hardcore fan of his will do that........luv.....jack

Sun Sep 29 02:54:24 2002
City, Country:Detroit, USA
Your Views:I feel that he should be behind bars since we have to teach these people in high position or celebs that law is equal for everyone. And Salman has done things in the past that should be taken under consideration.

Sun Sep 29 03:02:57 2002
City, Country:London,UK
Your Views:well he is going through really bad luck. I think it is all beacause of the blackmagic put by Aishwariyas family. Salman need to have some pooja and prayer performed around him.

Sun Sep 29 03:10:22 2002
City, Country:LA,USA
Your Views:I think that Salman has made a mistake which has resulted in negative results. Hopefully he learns from this and move in the right direction. Since his breakup with Ash, he is not in sync with life or his films. Good Luck to this wonderfull actor. May God give him courage to deal with this.

Sun Sep 29 03:33:20 2002
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:He is good guy..needs emotional support..which is turned downed by aishwarya(because of her selfishness..otherwise why she loves him first and then ask him to wait for years together)..he need support and the best possible way is to get him married..this should be done with the help of his friends and amily..he will definately bounce back...!

Sun Sep 29 04:24:06 2002
Name:Tony Khera
City, Country:Vancouver, Canada
Your Views:Salman is old news. He's made a mess of his life and career, and it has nothing to do with age. He could have easily moved onto more mature characters the way of Anil Kapoor et all, however his egotistical nature, overbearing arrogance, and uncontrollable temper have led his life into an irreversible downward spiral. Sad to see, quite frankly, as many had grown to like the guy.

Sun Sep 29 04:25:25 2002
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:As far as the Ash/Salman relationship goes. I have no sympathy for either of them. As for his drunk driving and killing a human being then yes Salman needs to get help fast before more people get hurt including him and his family.

Sun Sep 29 04:31:54 2002
City, Country:NewYork,USA
Your Views:He is Ruined the day he started his relationship with Aishwarya Rai.As a matter of Fact,Girls taller than him have always proven bad for this brat,take the example of Sangeeta,Somy,Shilpa and now Aishwarya.well if he still wants to be out of Trouble he should now sober down otherwise pretty soon he would be behind bars like his buddy Sunjay Dutt.Mend your Ways Sallu miyan...

Sun Sep 29 04:42:26 2002
Name:Geeta chopra
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:He is done, finished. He will not bounce back, if I am making a film , why would I wanna sign a person who is not even a good human being, forget about being a professional or good actor.

Sun Sep 29 05:00:09 2002
City, Country:Bombay,India
Your Views:He should be hang to death for such driving. If he was in US he would have been sentence to death or life behind bar. Pur police is department is also junk box so he will get away with money & other power. sucker should be kicked nicked on road & hit by stones..

Sun Sep 29 05:17:21 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Well I accept the guy is little massed up and he needs to straighten out his life if he wants to stay in the loop. I do believe that he is a decent actor who has loss his focus with all the crap he have been involve in. What he gotta do is separate his personal life from his career, I mean he should really think of dating some one outside the film industry, from now on. Any way I don't think that he is doomed or something even after incident as he still have that one film (Willard Carroll's Marigold) you are talking about and I say if every thing goes right, this one movie is enough to bring him back with a bang....... Any way I feel really sorry for the people got injured by the stupid act of our Dum Khan. He should really quit drinking.

Sun Sep 29 05:30:37 2002
Name:S Ramesh
City, Country:Atlanta, GA
Your Views:He has killed a person on the road by driving his car under influence of liquor. He needs to be in prison

Sun Sep 29 05:32:44 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:He will bounce back. Rs 950 for bail, a couple of dinners at 5 star for key guys, and everything will be forgotten. We are talking as if Khan is now 18 years old. He is just too young to be grandpa, thats about it. Dont shed tears if his career hits rock bottom. He does not deserve anything better. I wish he was hit black and blue by the crowd on streets. And as a bonus, the buck killing case in Rajasthan will now be forgotten as well. Poor man's life in India is not even worth a Rs 1000. Our courts have proved that.I cannot imagine he can be let off on a bail for Rs 950.

Sun Sep 29 05:33:12 2002
City, Country:us
Your Views:He is DOOMED.... such people should not be allowed to walk the face of this planet...

Sun Sep 29 05:33:53 2002
City, Country:vancouver, Canada
Your Views:He is just another man to be treated the same according to the LAW. And don't we have anything better than sensationalise such trivial things.. You guys Got better things to look at!!

Sun Sep 29 05:34:12 2002
Name:kanu patel
City, Country:usa
Your Views:salman needs help. he is a fine man on screen...see him in...HDDCS. he should get marrid so his wife will calm him down. he will be serious and responsible...god help him

Sun Sep 29 05:37:03 2002
City, Country:Seattle, USA
Your Views:A rich Indian film actor with plenty of connections is never doomed. People innocently connected to them may be doomed. But not Salman.

Sun Sep 29 05:40:34 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:who cares whether he is doomed or will he bounce back...YOu have to be ashamed of yourself to care about so called idols like Salman,puru raj kumar. people will talk for a while and forget every thing like they did in salman's previous cases.

Sun Sep 29 05:41:46 2002
City, Country:australia
Your Views:salman should be put in jail as any aother local guy and tried properly .he should be sacked

Sun Sep 29 05:42:22 2002
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:He's an absolutely spoilt brat who has absolutely no respect to other people's lives. He was caught poaching. Now he caught man slaughtering. I am sure he will get away with both given the way these things get covered up in India. Wish he was here, he would have been put behind bars.

Sun Sep 29 05:49:45 2002
Name:geeta k.
City, Country:delhi india
Your Views:Every Indian citizen's life should be equal in value. It is clear that Salman did not mean to kill and the whole thing was an accident. But he has done something wrong and he should face the consequences under the law. I am sure the law will protect him and also protect the man he has killed and others he has injured. The jury will decide. Let the system prevail and here is an opportunity for the legal system to stand the test in India.

Sun Sep 29 05:52:09 2002
City, Country:Wichita, USA
Your Views:The father of all showmen, Raj Kapoor, once said that publicity, whether bad or good, is always desirable. As long as people are talking about you, O mighty Khan, thou worry not! Salman Khan has never really been in the top bracket as far as hit-generating heros are concerned. One may argue that he has been a part of many a blockbuster in the 90s (HAHK, KKHH, HDDCS etc.). Though that is true, he hasn't really been credited for "giving" those hits. The reason? C'mon guys, the hunk ain't here to act....just to dance, fight and of course, to strip! And despite not giving as many hits as SRK or Aamir, he still is very much in the limelight....'cos he is the bread and butter for the scribes. Be it Ash, black bucks, underworld or bashing media personnel, he is always hot property. And in that sense, he is beyond the plain bread and butter...he is cinnamon bagels and rasberry cream cheese! Will Mr. Khan continue to churn out hits.....when was "he" churning out hits in the first place?!!! He was either a part of a multi-starrer or luck just shined upon im...that's how he "gave" hits! But will he continue to be front page material? Sure. He has at least five years of fame left in him. By hook or by crook, he will continue to haunt us! In conclusion, I hope Salman continues singing, dancing, fighting, clowning and whatever else he wishes to do except emoting...'cos when he starts emoting, by God, the public starts wondering what on earth is he doing in cinema(prime example : the graveyard scene in HDDCS). Cheers!

Sun Sep 29 05:55:02 2002
Name:Biddu Roy
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:No, it might be a planned thing , if there were someone on the footpath it is govt's responsibility to provide the living space. If someone risks his life and by covering himself sleeps on a dark road a bus crossing over him can not be responsible, and if someone looses control and accidentally not intentionally rides over its not his fault at all. In this case anyone can be paid by underworld to risk his life to halt salman's reputation as it may be a way because he is having police protection.

Sun Sep 29 06:01:44 2002
City, Country:Toronto
Your Views:Why do we need such a CRIMINAL on screen?? He should be ashamed of his Real character, rather than what he poses in films. A RAVANA in the face of Rama, simply I term it as.

Sun Sep 29 06:02:31 2002
Name:Mike Patel
City, Country:Atlanta, USA
Your Views:Film stars are always treated above the law in India. If Sanjay Dutt can roam freely after being part of the bombay Blasts in 93 then what Salman has done is very trivial. Salman will end up paying 5 lakhs or so the victims family and everyone will shut their mouth. There is no land of law in India if you have the money. Mera Bharat Mahaan

Sun Sep 29 06:02:38 2002
City, Country:New York, NY
Your Views:Dont think so! He is a rich and famous man, and such men are above the law in India. He will go scot free like all other rich and famous have gone. Everyone will make their cut (the cops etc.), the poor victim's family is doomed.

Sun Sep 29 06:03:29 2002
Name:Atul Rege
City, Country:Auckland, New Zealand
Your Views:I think its high time that this spoilt brat was put in his proper place. His biceps have taken over his brain and he feels that he can get away with anything. He is a prime example of an insolent and arrogant megalomanic. He should be put to justice and made to pay for his misdemeanour in such a way that he is brought down to earth and his inflated ego is burst. God knows what Aishwarya saw in him, but now that she has realised her mistake, I hope she sticks to her decision and keeps this ruffian out of her life for ever.

Sun Sep 29 06:04:49 2002
Name:SS Barve
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Why bother about a stuntbaaz hero. As an arttist his career was going nowhere. As a person he will manage. Indians have short memory and witnesses as well as police force can be bought. What happened to Ad. Nanda's grandson in Delhi?

Sun Sep 29 06:10:34 2002
City, Country:Newark, USA
Your Views:A crime is a crime, whether the accused is a common man or a widely visible human. Hopefully, the truth will prevail and the culprit will be punished and hope money or power does not play a negative role

Sun Sep 29 06:12:04 2002
City, Country:b'lore - India
Your Views:In India rich ones can make someone as scapegoat and escape the clutches of Law. I keep my finger crossed. Justice should prevail.

Sun Sep 29 06:12:33 2002
City, Country:sydney,australia
Your Views:He should be shot dead and the victims should be compensated through his insurance.

Sun Sep 29 06:12:47 2002
Name:monty fernandes
City, Country:newjersey, usa
Your Views:well this india he will get away with it, if it was usa he would spend rest of his life in jail and pay millions in damages to the people he killed and injured, but in india you can get away with any thing, after all india is the 7th most corrupted country in the world, he will buy the law.

Sun Sep 29 06:12:52 2002
Name:devi prasad
City, Country:LA
Your Views:I hope they put this moron behind jail for a year and also make him do community service for 800 hours.

Sun Sep 29 06:19:05 2002
City, Country:Big Rapids, USA
Your Views:He is a good actor but just some films and media created shit would not get him down he will bounce back with one hit

Sun Sep 29 06:21:45 2002
City, Country:New York,USA
Your Views:Well,I think its time for him to get doomed.Whoever you are,if you commit a crime(this man was accused in more than one),You got to be prosecuted.I dont know why Indians are still able to digest such persons in public life.If he goes free this time,shame on indian justice,enforcement and public.

Sun Sep 29 06:25:45 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:He has committed a serious offence and he deserves to be doomed.

Sun Sep 29 06:27:18 2002
City, Country:Woodbridge, USA
Your Views:First and foremost - I don't like Salman nor do I dislike him. Secondly - everybody goes through a bad phase in their lives. Sometimes destiny takes over and nothing you do helps. It is something like quicksand. The harder you try to get out of it, the more you get sucked in. I believe his success has led him to believe that he is different or larger than life, but I also believe that it is possible, that things are simply out of his control. So I am ambivalent. Let us not rush to judgement. Let him be, hopefully either things will change for the better for him or he will change for the better. That's my two cent.

Sun Sep 29 06:37:44 2002
Name:Ashish Patel
City, Country:Detroit,MI
Your Views:His career is over now, and he need to cop with this fact.His bald head is screaming about this for a long time now.

Sun Sep 29 06:40:30 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Should be hanged for negligent driving and murder !

Sun Sep 29 06:41:23 2002
City, Country:california
Your Views:he is doing too many bad deeds, yah he is doomed

Sun Sep 29 06:42:29 2002
City, Country:Sydney, Australia
Your Views:Yes he is doomed. i guess he went to far, and he should pay for his erratic and give-an-damn attitude. Having an influential father , who pulls the strings every time is not the only answer. let this chracter learn some lessons in life at the Thane Central Jail. the point is the deceased person , is an practising muslim , so he cant crow about the legal system of india being communal.

Sun Sep 29 06:42:35 2002
City, Country:dehradun, india
Your Views:it's time salman realises that money does not get you everything. so try and be a man Salman, own up to your mistakes and face the consequences.

Sun Sep 29 06:44:22 2002
Name:amit tyagi
City, Country:sacramento,USA
Your Views:well, i think people in india cares more for personal life of their hero then their proffessional life . so if he is doing such unsocial things even the crowd is not going to accept him . so this can be jor ka jhatka dheere se to salman khan's fate

Sun Sep 29 06:44:55 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Yes, Salmaan.. enough of it. I think we need a break. I remember a Pritish Nandy Article calling Media to do away with Salmaan..... But its time Salmaan calls it a day. You cannot drive in inebriated condition bhai... This is India !

Sun Sep 29 06:47:08 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Salman is in no trouble and for that matter let me assure you that no one who commits such a kind of act is. Wondering why ? Well, the judicial machinery of our country makes absolutely sure that criminals are never brought to book. There are too many case histories one can quote but this is not the right place.

Sun Sep 29 06:48:33 2002
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:He should be given rigorous imprisement of 14 years

Sun Sep 29 06:48:34 2002
Name:Naga Korivi
City, Country:Ruston, U.S.A
Your Views:It would be in the best interest of humanity if people stop thinking about the so-called "stars" in our society. They can take care of themselves very well. They can kill or maim anyone and they can get away because of their money. We should rather focus on those people who lost their lives or livelihood just because some stupid "star" got drunk.

Sun Sep 29 06:50:16 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:Unfortunately, nothing will happen. He will get out on bail. Either the case will go on forever or he will be aquitted. His career will go on as usual and Nuru Behra will be forgotten

Sun Sep 29 06:50:28 2002
Name:Priya Krishnan
City, Country:California
Your Views:I hope he is doomed. Thanks to the loop holes in the Indian justice system, he got away unscathed in the black buck case. He should be sentenced to life imprisonment and some more for driving over and killing a man.

Sun Sep 29 06:50:57 2002
City, Country:Bombay. India
Your Views:Yes he is doomed and it is over due. He should be put in jail and made to serve like any other ordinary indian. This time we should not in any way let him go with such a heinous crime just because he is popular(although his popularity does not make sense as he is such a inferior actor and even more inferior person).

Sun Sep 29 06:56:34 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Some people just dig their own grave. Salman seems to be one of them. No matter how generous or kind you are, there is some basic rules of the society. For good or bad, one needs to follow it. There are no exceptions. Salman seems to be a person who wanted to be an exception. His questionable behavior started early in life. I wish his family had sought some sort of medical help to control it. I do feel it is the end for him as far as films are concerned.

Sun Sep 29 06:56:49 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he is a criminal person. and yes ,he is doomes

Sun Sep 29 06:59:49 2002
City, Country:Pittsburgh, USA
Your Views:yes. Salman khan is thankfully doomed. Good riddance to Salman,

Sun Sep 29 06:59:51 2002
City, Country:Waltham, USA
Your Views:It is high time we had the same law for the haves and have-nots. Salman should be treated as any other wrong-doer and punished accordingly.

Sun Sep 29 07:00:33 2002
City, Country:morgantown USA
Your Views:i think yes, we indians should stop idolising these film actors and actresses and should treat them on par with all others before law

Sun Sep 29 07:00:47 2002
Name:Arun Kumar Sivan
City, Country:Secunderabad, INDIA
Your Views:Salman Khan thinks that doing all (the wrong ones) what he has till today is a sign of Machoism. All he is doing is behaving like a spoiled brat. He thinks just because he is filmi hero, he can do anything and get away. I think that he is seriously suffering from some mental problem. He needs to be kicked in his butt till he learns to behave himself.

Sun Sep 29 07:05:39 2002
City, Country:Vikasnagar, U.A
Your Views:If allegations for killing and injuring in drunken state is true then he is in dead trouble. If a person comes to fame and gains popularity he does't get a licence to take innocent lives. This is shameful. Khan is doomed.

Sun Sep 29 07:05:41 2002
City, Country:Toronto, Canada
Your Views:these things have happened and will happen. we speak of a country with great culture. if he gets away, as he will, it will tell us what a great culture we are talking about.

Sun Sep 29 07:07:43 2002
City, Country:India(MUMBAI)
Your Views:hi this guy definetely needs a SHRINK. He is nothing, but a acholic and a compulsive girlfriend beater. He has beaten all his past girlfriends and does so now. And now killed a guy, who's fault was sleeping at the wring place at the wrong time. Its about time this guy is put behind bars and flogged until he is dead.

Sun Sep 29 07:10:47 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Why do we Indians care to watch movies of a killer of protected animals - and now a poor footpath person? High time we grew up and moved on to other actors...

Sun Sep 29 07:13:37 2002
City, Country:pakistan
Your Views:he should b locked up in prision for ever

Sun Sep 29 07:14:07 2002
Name:b a jamula
City, Country:india
Your Views:he does not deserve any sympathy or wishes to bounce back he should be hanged

Sun Sep 29 07:15:43 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:he wil be back with great boom,this is all creating gossip about him by media to make him down,nothing such will affect on his carear,he is one among the best as an actor,and he wil be same,

Sun Sep 29 07:17:21 2002
City, Country:Schaumburg, USA
Your Views:It is very unfortunate that some actors lose their balance above the shoulders when they make it big in Bollywood. Salman has been doing the wrong things for quite sometime now, and getting away with it. This time however the law has caught up with him. I do hope he learns to mend his ways going forward. This should certainly mark the end of his film career. I hope the law prevails...

Sun Sep 29 07:17:42 2002
Name:Aditya A
City, Country:Visakhapatnam,India
Your Views:Anyone who dares to strike a Goddess like Aishwarya Rai deserves to be shot . No , that will be an easy death . Maybe burning over Charcoal is a better idea. At least now , i hope Justice prevails and the Arrogant SOB is put behind bars for the rest of his miserable life.

Sun Sep 29 07:20:38 2002
Name:Samir Patel
City, Country:India
Your Views:Lets not forget that Salman is from the same breed as the Amir Khans and Sanjay Dutts of India. He is one of Bollywood and India's greatest assets. He is known to be the actor in India who has given the most amount of money to charities ranging from India cancer appeal to Indian muslim charity funds. Everybody makes mistakes in life. Let the media leave him alone to make amends please.

Sun Sep 29 07:21:11 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Yes...anyway he doesnt know acting. In fact he had no acting is just we people who made this dumbo an actor.

Sun Sep 29 07:23:11 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Salman Khan better be doomed this time. He didnt get anything for the poaching case. The indian judicial system should make sure that they dont set an example that VIPs get off easy for their mistakes.

Sun Sep 29 07:24:51 2002
Name:Sunil Gowda
City, Country:Seattle USA
Your Views:Just he is good enough to be inside the jail. He is not fit to live in this society.

Sun Sep 29 07:26:19 2002
City, Country:Laramie, USA
Your Views:He should be doomed. Infact many actors should be doomed, but owing to fickle-minded Indians they are let off. It never happens in USA. Remember Bush's daughters were charged for buying alcohol , the crime which seems insignificant to the deeds of Salman and Sanjay Dutt. Shame on them. Being a hero on screen is easy , become hero in real life, like Harrison Ford who at his age is a part of rescue team.

Sun Sep 29 07:26:40 2002
City, Country:Kanpur, India
Your Views:Why pick on only Salman... He is doing just as well as the ruling elite in this country.. Remember Nanda and Kumar cases... We need a revolution to get away from where are right now and move forward

Sun Sep 29 07:29:21 2002
City, Country:BOMBAY .INDIA

Sun Sep 29 07:30:38 2002
Name:Sravan Abbaraju
City, Country:Wichita, USA
Your Views:He should be given Capital punishment for his crimes. He should not be allowed to get away this time.

Sun Sep 29 07:30:42 2002
City, Country:Boston
Your Views:He is as guilty as next petty criminal. However, our corrupt legal/political system will bail him out.

Sun Sep 29 07:33:26 2002
City, Country:austin, US
Your Views:i dont care if he is doomed or not. i just want him to be booked under a non-bailable section. i am waiting for the day when big shots also face stringent punishments for their wrongdoings.

Sun Sep 29 07:33:41 2002
Name:sudeep M P
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:As a actor it is his ability to prove himself,but he should be punished for his offence

Sun Sep 29 07:33:51 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:Salman Khan should be sentenced to life if he is found guilty of running over the hawker.

Sun Sep 29 07:33:55 2002
Name:Shashin Bhavsar
City, Country:Cincinnati. OH
Your Views:A man, who posterised the man without his converall (read shirt) may be, has finally been unmasked of his real cover. If this is true and the Mumbai police is able to find the truth, I would really like to see, who endup's with what.

Sun Sep 29 07:36:26 2002
Your Views:If Salman was found to be drunk while driving and killing a man he must be punished for the crime, as no one is above law.The most beautiful lady in the world Aishwarya must break away from such individual who have very less consideration for human life.This attitude of Salman can destroy her life.

Sun Sep 29 07:36:55 2002
City, Country:Ahmedabad,India
Your Views:Salman is a neurotic individual who needs psychiatric attention immediately.i sincerely hope he does not bounce back to create more troubles for black bucks,media persons,Aishwarya Rai and poor people who sleep on the road side.

Sun Sep 29 07:37:07 2002
Name:Aarti Kamalahasan
City, Country:Portland,OR, USA
Your Views:Salman is all brawn, absolutely no brains. He's no great shakes as an actor. In fact, the only film in which he essayed a decent role was in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.His career is in a downward spiral and his personal life seems doomed as well. God Bless the guy.

Sun Sep 29 07:37:33 2002
City, Country:FL,US
Your Views:he is doomned. he has done lot of wrong things and its high time he improves as a better human being

Sun Sep 29 07:37:42 2002
Name:Aishwarya Kumar
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:I can't believe that guy has been let off on bail. "Rash driving" might be a bailable offense, but he also KILLED a person. Who's accountable for that? Just because he's a celebrity and has the money doesn't mean that he should be able to get away scot-free. He should also be made to pay the full treatment costs for the two people who were injured. The blood test (to ascertain whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol) should have been administered right at the time of his arrest, and not hours later. It's about time Salman Khan was made to realize that like everyone else, he too has got to bear the consequences of his actions.

Sun Sep 29 07:37:50 2002
City, Country:nz
Your Views:Salman is following the foot steps of sanjay dutt.hope he realises it before its too late.

Sun Sep 29 07:37:51 2002
City, Country:Syracuse, NY, USA
Your Views:Well, we all know how it is with the limelight. One wrong move and you face the wrath of a nation! All i can say is that he has committed a serious and that he should be tried and punished if proved guilty. We have humored far too many idiots like him for long. It's time to kick some celebrity asses!

Sun Sep 29 07:39:23 2002
City, Country:canada
Your Views:He is doomed as what you do to others comes back to haunt you

Sun Sep 29 07:39:38 2002
Name:Mehmet Gueler
City, Country:Turkey
Your Views:Irresponsible people like him should not be given a chance to bounce back. He should be put in jail for the crime he has committed, and should be taught to be a responsible citizen.

Sun Sep 29 07:40:24 2002
City, Country:NY, USA
Your Views:I think Salman is an arrogant guy and if he was drunk driving and responsible for the death of an innocent person, he should be banned from acting and needs to be imprisoned. He is still facing charges from the black buck incident and I hope this time he does not get bail!

Sun Sep 29 07:40:30 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:if he changes his attitude, there may be better chances.

Sun Sep 29 07:40:37 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He should be sent to jail for killing innocent people. This idiot should not be given a bail even. This is not the first time this idiot is in news for all the wrong reasons. He needs media attention somehow. For that reason some poor people had to lose his life.

Sun Sep 29 07:41:23 2002
Name:aparna saxena
City, Country:mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is definitely doomed. HE's been let off easily before for all the wrongs he did. It seems his actions have now caught up on him. Affairs, animal killing, physical abuse and now murder, this man sure does have lots of things in his kitty.He should not be let off this time.

Sun Sep 29 07:43:17 2002
City, Country:Kenya
Your Views:Dear Rediff, Have a character, please. You are asking for views on the future of a person who just committed a near murder! Does it seem appropriate to ask if "Salman will Bounce Back" when there probably is a family grieving the death of a loved one? "Bounce Back", what a term to use ! God, put some heart into people and some brain into the media. Not just in India but all over. Why am I disgruntled with the country that I am born in? Could there be a better reason than to say that it is now full of morons? Morons that own newspapers and TV stations. Morons that run the parliament and rule the nation. Morons that are technically brilliant but dumb asses in empathizing with the co-creature's misery! Some one that owns a news site/paper or TV, be true. Or are we all collectively waiting to be recognized by the rest of the world as a nation of machiavelian dumb asses? India of simple souls and open hearts, sorry that you had to die!

Sun Sep 29 07:46:29 2002
Name:Amit P
City, Country:Mumbai,India.
Your Views:No,nothing is going to happen to Salman. Unfortunately India is a country where rich and powerful can get away with anything.

Sun Sep 29 07:49:43 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Boy O' Boy! He is in trouble this time for sure. He may not have shown that man the way to the heavens on purpose but the fact remains that he did kill someone. He should pay for what he does. Pretty irresponsible ha! Well, whatever.. God may Bless you Mr. Salman controversy Khan!

Sun Sep 29 07:50:13 2002
City, Country:LA
Your Views:India gave him more than he ever deserved.. he should suffer the consequences of his actions

Sun Sep 29 07:52:33 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:THis will give a great boost to his career. Thanks to this killing of pavement dwellers, he will bounce back! best wishes to Salman!

Sun Sep 29 07:53:36 2002
City, Country:KANPUR,INDIA

Sun Sep 29 07:54:16 2002
City, Country:milwaukee, USA
Your Views:It wont be a surprise if salman goes free just like all the rich and powerful in india do. They already concocted the story that he was not driving, inspite of a police being witness to the accident. He might never be punished for this, but atleast should compenstate the injured/dead innocents.In a way, salman is already paying , to a miniscule extent and deservingly so, for being what he is : by not getting what he "needs" (as quoted by him) the most, Ash. Its funny that our movie heroes bash up dozens in reel life but run through back doors in reallife!

Sun Sep 29 07:55:58 2002
City, Country:Japan
Your Views:He deserves to be in jail. Forget his career. Getting away with almost murder. No shame. The film industry should kick him out. He first killed a rare buck and now people. As far as his flings with Ash and others - that is not so relevant. Let justice prevail.

Sun Sep 29 07:56:13 2002
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:Yea if he bounces back India's poverty will be wiped off. All those dying children in India out of hunger will be bouncing with exuberance. India will be free of drought, corruption and everything. All the people in India will be happy. Salman Khan is a low life just like any other hooligan in the street. It is beneath your dignity to have a message board for these stupid celebrities.

Sun Sep 29 07:58:25 2002
Name:arbaz khan
City, Country:karachi,hell
Your Views:first he killed animals.... now human beings...... next what???

Sun Sep 29 08:00:35 2002
City, Country:austin,usa
Your Views:If he is not doomed he should be. pure disgrace to any one

Sun Sep 29 08:00:44 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:well, salman has always gone the wrong way about his life. i personally think that he has some sort of a psychological problem. he is hot-headed. it is difficult to say whether he is doomed or not career wise. but ofcourse his public image suffers a lot because of his antics. killing a person is a serious crime. and driving a car under intoxication is another serious crime. after all this he still manages to get a bail shows how inefficient our legal system is

Sun Sep 29 08:01:44 2002
Name:Shubha Bijoy
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I think he will get away finally. Its India yaar. In India, you give money and you escape from the clutches of the law. Look in the cases of Tanuja, Air Marshal Nanda's Kin and the sensational Navjot Singh Sidhu's case. He will be let off by our courts.

Sun Sep 29 08:03:45 2002
City, Country:DELHI , INDIA
Your Views:These numerous actor/actress/directors and personalities are enjoying so much of publicity that it has somehow adultated them. The eceipent of this adultation has been those who are their so called fans/followers/admirers. But. on the contrary it is really sad to see these people act in such a irresponsible manner. If they themselves do not refrain, success getting to their head, the public should stop terming them as heroes because they deserve to be called villian in their real life.

Sun Sep 29 08:04:40 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:He is doomed. This guy thinks he is God. He has no respect for any one. He doesn't value anything. He will be doomed.

Sun Sep 29 08:04:44 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:Salman should be behind bars for killing one person and injurying others.

Sun Sep 29 08:04:59 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Is the Survey 'whether Salmankhan doomed' appropriate at this time??? I think it should be to find out opinion poll how much 'Salman sh'd be punished',whether any justification is there in letting him off on bail, how much truth is there in the police statement that he fled thro' the rear dood when they went to arrest him. If opinion survey is conducted for this, I am sure 90% of the prople would vote against.

Sun Sep 29 08:05:28 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Atleast now law should act firm against people like Salman. Law should prove that it can act firm against people at higher levels too. But this doesn't seem to be happening now, as attempts have already started to prove that he is not driving the car.

Sun Sep 29 08:06:03 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Atleast now law should act firm against people like Salman. Law should prove that it can act firm against people at higher levels too. But this doesn't seem to be happening now, as attempts have already started to prove that he is not driving the car.

Sun Sep 29 08:06:33 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Atleast now law should act firm against people like Salman. Law should prove that it can act firm against people at higher levels too. But this doesn't seem to be happening now, as attempts have already started to prove that he is not driving the car.

Sun Sep 29 08:08:05 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI

Sun Sep 29 08:11:00 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:well, whatever has happened will definately put him in trouble and his career might get affected but with time, everything heals

Sun Sep 29 08:11:37 2002
Name:naveen sharma
City, Country:australia
Your Views:yes he is doomed &so is marigold

Sun Sep 29 08:13:02 2002
City, Country:detroit,USA
Your Views:Salman Khan should be sentenced to life for killing a person. He should be treated as normal man and punish accordingly. He thinks as if he is king of india and behaves off- and on-the field.

Sun Sep 29 08:14:02 2002
City, Country:detroit,USA
Your Views:Salman Khan should be sentenced to life for killing a person. He should be treated as normal man and punish accordingly. He thinks as if he is king of india and behaves off- and on-the field.

Sun Sep 29 08:15:27 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:He will bounce back. If you have money and connections there is nothing you can't get away with in India.

Sun Sep 29 08:15:56 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he needs to be put behind bars and taught a lesson once for all for his errant behavior.

Sun Sep 29 08:16:03 2002
City, Country:Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.
Your Views:As a actor he should behave properly with public because due to public he is hero. If people of India Bycott him then he have no shelter for his head. Be human and care for huminity. If you worship people, people will take you on there head

Sun Sep 29 08:17:26 2002
City, Country:U.S.
Your Views:It is time people like Salman get sent to jail for this type of offence. Hope money doesn't have a role here !

Sun Sep 29 08:18:27 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman is not doomed, iam sure. This is a country where if celelbrities do anything wrong, they are encouraged by the authorities to get along with life as before wrong by not putting them behind the bars and charging them with a nominal fee of Rs 950-even if they kill someone. 'Coz it was just a poor man with no money in his pockets who got killed. But i wish he would be doomed. I really wish...

Sun Sep 29 08:18:40 2002
Name:Addie Sharma
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:I think he IS doomed. And I seriously hope that Bollywood starts looking at people with actual talent, not people who were born into the industry, like Mr. Salman (Show-Off) Khan.

Sun Sep 29 08:19:28 2002
Name:Addie Sharma
City, Country:L
Your Views:I think he IS doomed. And I seriously hope that Bollywood starts looking at people with actual talent, not people who were born into the industry, like Mr. Salman (Show-Off) Khan.

Sun Sep 29 08:19:50 2002
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:salman khan well he only knows what he wants to do, he suffers from self delusion

Sun Sep 29 08:20:18 2002
City, Country:SAN JOSE ,USA
Your Views:i think he is really stupid. he copies and try to become sanjay dutt. he need to know that he is no sanjay dutt. he should stop all this and pay attention to his profession. i think he is hopeless. A LOSER.

Sun Sep 29 08:24:43 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:HE must be behind bars. People like Salman, Sanjay are making series of crimes and still they are enjoying freedom.This has to be end by all means.

Sun Sep 29 08:25:10 2002
Name:soni soni
City, Country:NYC, USA
Your Views:he comes off as an insecure, arogant, immature bastardly product of feces. in simple terms, he sucks and so does his ever dwindling career! as an actor, hes horrible...his tears look so fake and girly. his looks is another story by itself, his sense of style is dreading on the lines of being gay in a tacky way, and hes shorter than half of his heroines!

Sun Sep 29 08:26:45 2002
City, Country:Chennai,INDIA
Your Views:arrest and hang him. we should not allow such antisocial citizen to ride people and for that matter law.The strong case (poaching) against him was still in court due to political influence.

Sun Sep 29 08:28:19 2002
Name:Mike Desai
City, Country:Chicago, USA
Your Views:Rotten people like Salman Khan deserve to be doomed. Peole like him and Sanjay Dutt are black spots for our nation. Such characterless people should be given a lifetime imprisonment.

Sun Sep 29 08:29:47 2002
Name:R Narayan
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman Khan - He needs the severest punishment. I do not know how he was bailed out for Rs.950/- .How this amount has been arrived it. According to press reports his money power has helped him in getting out of all crimes.All the cases against him be immediately heard by the Judges instead of prolonging for years togther. All the Maharashtra politicians are under this thumb.The sexi pepsi is horrible and how such advertisements are allowed by the Govt.His connection with Under World should also be expedited. God alone know how many girls' life he has spiled. The severest punishment be given to him.

Sun Sep 29 08:30:31 2002
City, Country:Kuwait
Your Views:I hope salman khan get a long jail sentence and maybe even a death sentence! He's been a real headache for everyone in the film industry! He drives over ppl and without taking them to the hospital, runs away. He has a heart of stone...

Sun Sep 29 08:31:53 2002
City, Country:Atlanta, GA
Your Views:HE should be put behind bars including Sanjay Dutt to teach these celebrities a lesson ! But, we all know what happens in our great land...don't we ?

Sun Sep 29 08:32:58 2002
City, Country:cochin,india
Your Views:wonder how many politicians have been phoned and bribed by now to get salman out of the case.wont be surprised if he comes out after 'proving' that it was not he who was driving the car.

Sun Sep 29 08:36:10 2002
Name:Rachna Khurana
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:That fellow, Salman, bloody Muslim, doing nonsensical roles, killing black buck, flirting with Aishwarya, (the pros), is not tired. He kills people also Muslims, and says he was not driving but his bodyguard was. He should be put behind bars and shot to death.

Sun Sep 29 08:39:00 2002
City, Country:Noida, India
Your Views:He is a disgrace. The entire film industry should unite to discontinue his services.

Sun Sep 29 08:39:05 2002
Name:Ateet Dhanda
City, Country:Mumbai - India
Your Views:i won't call my self a Salman Khan Fan , but i think that things are just not working for him . He needs some emotional support , which unfortunately he has not been able to get from anyone .........his fans , his girlfriends , he is a brat but can be tamed with some love and support from people around him.

Sun Sep 29 08:39:39 2002
City, Country:Denver USA
Your Views:he was always doomed. i have never seen such a dumb looking guy take up acting as a profession. Look at the no-expressionist empty-headed face he makes when he delivers a dialogue. He has no hits to his credits. All his hits were the director's. God willing he will die a dog's death and clear some crap from the industry which already has a lot crap creeped in.

Sun Sep 29 08:41:30 2002
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:Killing one, and then running away without bothering to help the injured, god, what do we think these filmstars are ? We put them on a pedestal so tall that they are unable to see the ground. Sachin Tendulkar is also a star (a far bigger one at that, with international fame), from Mumbai, and see his commitment to the country and people. Salman is doomed, and should not be allowed to recover just because he has money.

Sun Sep 29 08:42:02 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:Salman Khan has been going through hell! First it was the media, then the black buck hunting case, recently the ASH debacle, and now the unfortunate car accident. As much as he is to blame for most of these events, I hope he grows through these trials. I truly hope the best for him right now.

Sun Sep 29 08:42:05 2002
Name:V. S. Srinivas
City, Country:India
Your Views:This nothing but a case of a spoilt child. He is a person who also likes being surrounded by the press. This is another way of gaining publicity & our media is doing what he wants. Our audience watch more movies of actors having a bad personal life. If today the media decides not to cover anything about Salman Khan on his personal life, you will see to what extent he goes just to stay in the news.

Sun Sep 29 08:43:50 2002
Name:Paapi Salman
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:Salman Khan should be hanged till death. There's a villainous creature inside this cute looking guy. He's not been involved in such case once, but several times. His carrier is doomed, but his connection with underworld and the money he has in his pocket will probably bounce him back for a while. But it will not last longer, I don't hope it lasts longer either.

Sun Sep 29 08:45:19 2002
City, Country:Allahabad , Kanpur
Your Views:He is doomed & Usless person . He seems agent of D group . Must be out of Film Industry & indian society .

Sun Sep 29 08:48:06 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:These actor heroes should be brought into line. they cannot live out their screen fantasies into real life. can this happen in hollywood?

Sun Sep 29 08:48:48 2002
City, Country:dubai
Your Views:He is showing lot of immaturity and loosing concentration on life. If he gets a life partner his life will be cool and he can bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 08:49:09 2002
Name:Gaurav Upadhyaya
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:well salman khan has lost it a big time as he looks like a maniac to me who tries to gain attention by doing stupid things like he is being doing in past. and ash for sure deserves a better guy than him , thank god she broke off with him

Sun Sep 29 08:50:38 2002
City, Country:Bhubaneswar
Your Views:what a poor fellow salman???? he should have to take the life's not bollywood film that he will do whatsoever a hero does in the doing this he notonly dooms his career but also gives a lots of problem & diminishes the career of his beloved he has to forget Ash,as it's not the end point of love that to whom u love,,u will be mad have to marry her.....hope time will solve his problems...

Sun Sep 29 08:50:44 2002
Name:Shyam M
City, Country:Mumbai, INDIA
Your Views:In the first place he doesn't deserve what he has got till date.

Sun Sep 29 08:51:41 2002
City, Country:Australia
Your Views:if any normal person had commited such a crime he would serve the time and get the justice. I only hope indias justice system stands up for once and gives the right sentence for this sort of shocking behavior

Sun Sep 29 08:53:11 2002
Name:Kishan G
City, Country:NY USA
Your Views:There is absolutely no doubt that Salman will easily get away with it and also the public will forget all these in a couple of months. He will command the same respect and regards. Please understand it is India and who has got the guts to wave his little finger against a filmstar

Sun Sep 29 08:53:37 2002
City, Country:ny, usa
Your Views:well! i think salman khan was neer on the was his look and his affair with several ladies that brought him in news.he was never a good actor..well he looks good though which i cant personally stand anymore . i feel pity for this man..i seriously feel that he shud go to some phycologist and do something...then only he will bounce back to his LIFE...or else i seriously feel that he is doomed...not his career but his laife..

Sun Sep 29 08:54:11 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:How do views matter? Puru Raj Kumar got away with a 30,000 Rs fine. Fardeen Khan got away with his indulgences, so did Sanjay Dutt. Our law enforcement system is quite malleable when it comes under heat of big names or big bucks (not black bucks!!). But good for the media I guess, maybe you'll be talking him to him a year later how he heroically put behind all his troubles and became a brand new man. Will definitely earn you some clicks and advertisement bucks from the underwear he endorses. Lead us into Darkness!

Sun Sep 29 08:54:55 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI, INDIA

Sun Sep 29 08:58:31 2002
City, Country:tokyo,japan
Your Views:If salman khan really thinks he is a macho man then may be he should go out and fight in the real world,not kill some poor harmless soul,sleeping on the street.For all I care,he should either be sentenced to death or sent to a mental asylum,before he harms any more people.

Sun Sep 29 08:58:55 2002
City, Country:tokyo,japan
Your Views:If salman khan really thinks he is a macho man then may be he should go out and fight in the real world,not kill some poor harmless soul,sleeping on the street.For all I care,he should either be sentenced to death or sent to a mental asylum,before he harms any more people.

Sun Sep 29 09:00:37 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:He must be hanged till death. He don't have even courtecy to served the people who got injured and dead by his driving. It seem to be media also supporting him.Every citizn of india must condemend with stongest possible word. One should not escaped just becuase of his fame and money.And media don't encourage the wrong people for there wrong did by giving ore coverage to there did. Pitty on all of us ,none of from media condemend salman khan for his wrong did except giving more coverage to his did.

Sun Sep 29 09:00:48 2002
City, Country:fremont, usa
Your Views:It will be a shame if Salman is allowed to go scot free. This kind of thing seems to happen too many times and has to stop. Make an example of him.

Sun Sep 29 09:01:14 2002
City, Country:Ahmedabad, India
Your Views:I think it is high time that the Bollywood which make 'dream films' on good winning over the bad, develop a code of conduct and bar criminals acting in their films, let alone being made 'heros' in reel life, when these guys like Salman Khan are real criminals and villains in real life. How far can one go? It is high time criminals like salman are banned from films.

Sun Sep 29 09:01:17 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I think he is a spoilt, overgrown, stupid brat and should spend some time in jail. And also get a good beating.

Sun Sep 29 09:01:31 2002
Name:Venita Coelho
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman is an arrogant brat and had this coming. His attitude to life in general stinks of lack of responsibility and delusions that he is above law. Fling him in the slammer!

Sun Sep 29 09:03:01 2002
Name:Girish Bangalore
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:Money has and fame has gone to his head. Unless something or someone brings him back to earth, he is on his way to hell. May God bless him.

Sun Sep 29 09:04:03 2002
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:He should sit in Jail for next 30 Years. Money and Fame has got too much into his head.

Sun Sep 29 09:08:05 2002
Name:G. Vijayan
City, Country:India
Your Views:Now this is too much. Salman Khan must be punished hard for the killing of innocent pedestrian. The star cast in general and Mr. Salman Khan in particular do not value ohter's lives. They should be tought a lesson.

Sun Sep 29 09:08:51 2002
Name:Raju Prasad
City, Country:India
Your Views:Here is time to getIts again time for this Nut to be behind bars. But beleive me he is going to walk away just like nothing happened. Thanks to Indian Justice

Sun Sep 29 09:08:52 2002
City, Country:Cairnes,Australia
Your Views:When someone gets too big for his shoes this is what happens.Arrogance and pride is the reason.I feel sad to hear that everytime a celebrity breaks the law he/she goes scott free. If any simple grassroot Indian would have done this he would not have definately got scot free. Law should not be biased and the actor should be punished. It is humiliating for all Indians when law lets them go free. It will be a lesson for other spoilt brats also.

Sun Sep 29 09:08:55 2002
City, Country:australia
Your Views:I think salman is totally out of his mind he will end up in deep-shit. I hope he stops acting .

Sun Sep 29 09:09:32 2002
City, Country:Fremont CA
Your Views:You got to be kidding me! Who cares what happens to this clown? He is nothing but a walking testosterone whose fans are mindless teenage girls hopping mad with hormone. I wonder who is a crazy-you guys who are putting up this message board or I, who is getting upset that you did! Anyway, a better way to use the net may be put up a message board to help those families, who lost or had their members seriously injured.

Sun Sep 29 09:11:17 2002
City, Country:nepal
Your Views:making a mistake is not a bad thing but repeating one is. but this doesn't mean that he shdn't be given any punishment .he shd be charged some fine instead of any other punishment.because everybody shd be given 1 chance 2 improve him/ herself.

Sun Sep 29 09:11:23 2002
City, Country:KOLKATA

Sun Sep 29 09:13:56 2002
City, Country:kolkata,india
Your Views:salman is bound to bounce back....he is the most successful man in the world....all my wishes r wz him only.....nd salman need not to worried about ash....he will get a lifepartner far better than ash

Sun Sep 29 09:14:03 2002
City, Country:Kerala, India
Your Views:Salman don't want to continue the field . He always made problem with aiswarya and this time he klled a man. No one can forgive him. He is guilted

Sun Sep 29 09:16:32 2002
Name:V K Narayan
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan's career as a Bollywood superstar is long over. The only way he can stay in the news is by beating up journalists, assaulting his girlfriend or killing pavement dwellers. It's only a matter of time before nemesis catches up with him, one way or the other.

Sun Sep 29 09:16:48 2002
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:i think its just a bad phase in his career. He should try to get over his personal setbacks and concentrate on his acting. I strongly feel that the actor should act more responsibly and contribute something towards the betterment of the society.

Sun Sep 29 09:17:54 2002
City, Country:San Francisco, USA
Your Views:In india, the rich can do anything and getaway, so a killing of an animal or man willnot hamper in anyway the chances of the star whose family has their own banner to roll him on. sic. sic.

Sun Sep 29 09:18:26 2002
Name:Concerned Cityzen
City, Country:India
Your Views:The guy should be behind bars for the rest of his life. It is a shame that he kills one and injures 5, and get away with a bail of Rs.950 (Per Deccan Chronicle). What has our judiciary system come too. No one should be above the law. He should be tried for Murder, be given the strictest punishments of all. The fact that he is a Star or has tons of money should not be an issue for the Police and Judiciary to put him away once for all.

Sun Sep 29 09:20:38 2002
Name:Surekha Tenneti
City, Country:Jamshedpur, India
Your Views:I fervently hope Salman Khan bounces back- he should. It is a fact that he's got into a very unfortunate spot now: causing a fatal accident. He has had resounding successess at too young an age, he is very good-looking, talented and has a sense of humour. Known sources also say he is generous and caring not- withstanding his short temper and passions. As for the press badmouthing him,it is simply because he refuses to talk to them- and as for his suicidal emotions, the girls in his life neither want to belong to him nor let him go. He is also surprisingly naive, unlike certain other 'big shots' who, despite unacceptable activities, are able to cover their tracks cleverly. The law of course will have to take its course, but may Salman come back wiser, serener, stronger.

Sun Sep 29 09:24:20 2002
City, Country:Saudi Arabia
Your Views:he is to be punished for all his wrongdoings atleast this time.he must not be allowed to escape from law after he has killed a is right time producers stop booking him and people stop seeing his film so that it teaches a lesson to other celebrities not to follow his example

Sun Sep 29 09:24:32 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:Salman khan is right,he never do such things like that,he is honest,hi is right that he was not driving the vehicle. Hope he get out of every problem.

Sun Sep 29 09:25:34 2002
Name:Zahir Abbas
City, Country:Calcutta,India
Your Views:I feel people like Salman Khan are a dark spot on the face of indian film industry.Its people like him who bring disrepute to the entire industry.He should face the full fury of the justice system and suitably punished.

Sun Sep 29 09:25:50 2002
City, Country:Boston, USA
Your Views:I wish he is gone forever. A life is life, being an actor doesn't qualify to get drunk and kill somebody. The hardest part is that he ran away from the sceane and his brother seems worried about his cd player, Salman is a real life villan.. Let the Indian law serve him for what he did and not for who he is.

Sun Sep 29 09:26:12 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:he is a spoiled person.Disturbed in mind,should be put in some Yoga centers.

Sun Sep 29 09:26:54 2002
City, Country:dallas, US
Your Views:It would be a mockery of our judicial system if he were to bounce back. It should be put behind bars at the earliest.

Sun Sep 29 09:27:31 2002
City, Country:dubai
Your Views:Salman is the gr8est actor ever produced in bollywood, true his luck has not been in his favour recently and this case of accidently killin a guy sleeping n the road was pure accident, pray he wil come through all this and emerge a much stronger person, heres wishing salman all da best and the courage to get through with happiness.

Sun Sep 29 09:28:56 2002
Name:Richie Sambora
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:He can have all the Thums Up he wants in prison...Finally something has happened that has caused the good of the world......

Sun Sep 29 09:29:42 2002
City, Country:Nagoya, Japan
Your Views:I just want to ask him one question. If the same thing would have happened to one of his family memebers, would he have fled in the same way. He is surely doomed and I hope that he pays for his deeds in this very life itself.

Sun Sep 29 09:29:46 2002
City, Country:NYC, USA
Your Views:Well well what can I say Salman. If you were or weren't driving, why did you and your party run. That just made it bad. Not taking them to the hospital worse. And futhermore running from your residence makes you a coward. I've always stuck up for you but now I don't know. I really don't know you and hopefully the story the media is giving is right. I just hope you have a good damn reason for leaving. When I think of it is there any good reason dear? Maybe you can reedem yourself if you pay for the funeral of the departed leave money for his family and pay for the hospital stay of others. What say Salman?!?

Sun Sep 29 09:32:10 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Yeah he needs psychiatric treatment for behavior modification and narcissitic personality disorder which he is having.

Sun Sep 29 09:32:16 2002
City, Country:Fremont CA
Your Views:You got to be kidding me! Who cares what happens to this clown? He is nothing but a walking testosterone whose fans are mindless teenage girls hopping mad with hormone. I wonder who is a crazy-you guys who are putting up this message board or I, who is getting upset that you did! Anyway, a better way to use the net may be put up a message board to help those families, who lost or had their members seriously injured.

Sun Sep 29 09:32:16 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:There are a lot of people out there who share in the good and the not so good qualities of Salman Khan. His being rich and so in the Indian set up - powerful - thus taking law and order for granted is nothing new to us Indians who see this all the time. His being rejected (not suprisingly) by Aishwaray Rai and his retaliatory tactics, direct or indirect by trying to attract attention to his hurt self are also typical immaturities that we macho (even with an average height of 5'6") Indian men undertake under these circumstances. Having said that, his talent, his looks and his work-outs to maintain those looks are also nothing unique to him. If that is the case then why are we wasting our time pondering over whether or not he is doomed. Even if he does bounce back, that will certainly be to his credit but again nothing unique. We all try and overcome problems and difficulties in our lives and try and move on. I think the more pertinent question is: will he be taken to task by law for his misdemeanors - as major as ending lives - of a most precious species and of an endangered species, not to mention those poor men who may have to live with faulty limbs for the rest of their lives and not be fit enough to support their families adequately. As if the system being against them already was not enough. Salman's indulgent and miscreant behaviour in attempts to underscore the feeling of rejection or his material status can not be justified as an excuse in the eyes of law and that sympathy or idolatory factor should not be thrust on the public for consideration of his image in any way. In fact, I fail to understand as to why someone as distinguished as Vir Sanghvi had to waste his time and potent writing abilities in trying to assess the difference in how middle class has treated the cases of Salman Khan versus Sanjay Dutt. Maybe there is something to be read between the lines in that article - perhaps something about the Indian middle class psyche - that my petty mind cannot grasp. The Indian middle class - I can tell you, because that is what I am - is as impotent as any middle class anywhere in the world. It is only the poor and/or the rich that go out and do something radical. We middle class people are too busy trying to ensure a cottage, a car, a good school (not education) for our children and if we snatch anytime from our so called busy lives we relish in dinner table discussions about how bad the situation is with practically everything around us. We talk 'intelligently' write articles like these about world and local affairs and worry where all this is going. But when it comes to the matter of action we have nothing to offer and that is what we pass on in the form of education to our children -be ensure material security and not bother about the fate of the poor or fortune of the rich. Our envy about the freedom of sorts enjoyed by the rich and the poor does sometimes inspire some of us to try and break the mould, but how many succeed in embracing the streets for what it may be worth and not carrying the middle class mentality to the palace that we may have acquired. There are some very serious questions to be considered if we want to make a difference and Salman Khans future is certainly not one of them. Let us start by trying to live without any prejudices for the rich or the poor and pass that on to our next generations if we want to attack those questions/problems.

Sun Sep 29 09:32:35 2002
City, Country:New York, NY USA
Your Views:HA HA What a joke !!! What is the value of a brown man's life in India ? Salman is out on a Rs950 bail. That is the value. Irrespective of what happens to Salman, you Indians deserve to be treated like what we do here in US.

Sun Sep 29 09:33:11 2002
Name:V K Narayan
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan's career as a Bollywood superstar is long over. The only way he can stay in the news is by beating up journalists, assaulting his girlfriend or killing pavement dwellers. It's only a matter of time before nemesis catches up with him, one way or the other.

Sun Sep 29 09:34:59 2002
Name:ganesh jetley
City, Country:thane(west), India
Your Views:This man Salman Khan should be hanged till death. But alas! laws of this land are so obsolete that this man is bound to comeout of this mess unscathed. How disgusting!!!

Sun Sep 29 09:36:14 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:we must take care that he DOES NOT bounce back! are film stars not regular people? why should they be given special privileges of "bouncing back" after commiting second degree murders (running over people with their rash driving and KILLING them)? Shame on you REDIFF for even wishing such a thing. Punish him.

Sun Sep 29 09:36:21 2002
City, Country:UAE
Your Views:He should not come back again!!!he has been involved in so many issues against the law and this time he must be jailed by the police.He must learn how to behave with others!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 09:37:25 2002
Name:indravadan patel
City, Country:india
Your Views:he is out of control and turning to be vagabond as he is in heaven due to hand of his godfather " connected with underworld

Sun Sep 29 09:38:31 2002
Name:Naveen Verghese
City, Country:Calicut, India
Your Views:The bail posted on Salman Khan has to be a joke! For a guy who "earns" lakhs of rupees for B-grade movies, 950 rupees must be small change...and that's so funny it's worse than his movies...

Sun Sep 29 09:39:26 2002
Name:Vidya Chinmaya
City, Country:Kuwait
Your Views:The incident of killing Nuhu is very tragic, the victims should have been attended by Salman Khan at least for a while.It's very sad to know from reports that he and his brother didn't even bother to attend the injured ones.

Sun Sep 29 09:39:44 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:I donno who is watching his films. He has to learn ABC after his 13 year career. I think he is only good at stripping and equally arrogant and reckless. He is never hero on screen or out. He should be punished for his arrogance this time. His career i think is ofcourse in the rock bottom now.

Sun Sep 29 09:40:05 2002
City, Country:Indie
Your Views:Salman, Sonali, Sanjay Dutt who next will the media take such a lenient view of that they literally get away with murder, while they're portrayed as poor muddle-headed kids whom we ought to wink at and say "Don't do it again bet. Ok?"!! If the media, (and unfortunately only thence) the legal system and the victims get their minds in order ... of course Salman is guilty and therefore doomed.

Sun Sep 29 09:40:44 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:I thing he is not satisfyed by the fame he's got PROBABLY he wants his name to be ENBOSSED in the DIRTY GUYS BOOK

Sun Sep 29 09:43:18 2002
Name:Jatin Shah
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Salman should be taught a good lesson. He should be send to jail . First killing birds , now people. now let him be the target by putting him behind the bars.The young generation shuld not take him as their hero but realising that he is a big misleading freak!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 09:43:58 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Who says his career is doomed, he has started entertaining us on the small screen these days..the route for all flop actors

Sun Sep 29 09:45:21 2002
City, Country:Dallas
Your Views:salman has to grow up. He acts like one rich spoilt brat. And he is such a person who indeed gets into trouble created for wrong reasons rather than getting into trouble supporting good reasons. I sincrely feel he should be shot and thrown out of film bussiness, I caannot take any more nonsense from him. I think India had it with him. Bye salman, go to Afghanistan, or pakistan, just leave us in peace. Those are the two places where Indians wouldn't go.

Sun Sep 29 09:45:39 2002
City, Country:Trivandrum, Kerala.
Your Views:Money and underserved fame made this ruthless man mad. He should not only doomed but also put him behind the bar through out his life.

Sun Sep 29 09:46:34 2002
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views: Salman as I, understand is an extremeley generous & kind man, who goes out of his way 2 help total strangers. .. Salman is a talented actor,whose most movies have been a commercial success,but he hardely received credit for any of his film's success, be it 'HUM AAP KEY HAIN KAUN'or any other movie? But it is also obvious that this man has either conscious or unconscios need to punish him self. These repeated encounters with law or contversial involvement with several actress, doesn't appear 'simply an accidents'? To me he appears to be a massochistic man,who needs to be in psycho therapy, if he really wants to help him self. One also wonders why his own family has not realised it so far & has not help prevent him, from these self distructive behaviors? I, honestly believe that at this stage in his life, no one including Salman himself should worry about his film career, I, wish Salman Khan some peace of mind & a good health.

Sun Sep 29 09:48:54 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:Yes, and the hint was there all along since the days of "hum aapke hi kaun". Indeed, a man is handed over what he is worth, and it is by one's own choice! May God bless him with "right sense"

Sun Sep 29 09:51:40 2002
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:I guess it is high time that somebody brought over arrogant stars like Salman and Sanjay dutt to book. these guys seem to have internalised the feeling that they are gods and can get away with anything. The only regret is that history proves that with money power, one can get away with murder.

Sun Sep 29 09:52:41 2002
City, Country:ahmedabad,india
Your Views:Every person has the opportunity to be in control of his life & future...but salman seems to be throwing it away..Aiswarya is not the right match for him..He should have balanced his life by marrying & getting stable both mentally & physically..Hope he understands it..This seems to be the only medicine to his childish & immatured behaviour..

Sun Sep 29 09:52:50 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:He should be behind the bars and should be there for 2 years. Don't leave him, No bail. He should be punished.

Sun Sep 29 09:53:27 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:i dont think he is doomed as he has all the money in the world to get out of the racket he is into.... his personal life is one of a weird kind which i fail to relate to or understand ... but his carrier is good .... as he has too many fans and they will stand by his side at any cost .... but i feel he should be adequately punished for his acts ....

Sun Sep 29 09:55:03 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Given SK's track record it is highly likely that he will continue his self-destructive behaviours. Quite possibly inflicting serious harm on others as he has done here. Think O.J. Simpson. It has all the makings of a tragedy and it looks like he doesnt have proper family or professional support. The fact that his career is going downhill adds to all of his helplessness.

Sun Sep 29 09:55:32 2002
Name:rajesh tao
City, Country:
Your Views:yes diffinately he doomed. he has taken peoples for granted and thinking that he is king of india. punished him vigrously

Sun Sep 29 09:55:53 2002
Name:rajesh taori
City, Country:kalyan, india
Your Views:yes diffinately he doomed. he has taken peoples for granted and thinking that he is king of india. punished him vigrously

Sun Sep 29 09:55:57 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Not really....i'm sure someone else is gonna accept blame for this accident and our man will get away scot free!! And it will be biz as usual... I'm sure we've all seen Sanjay Dutt!!! When he can still act in movies, why not dear Sallu!!

Sun Sep 29 09:56:03 2002
City, Country:Calcutta
Your Views:Salman is old and crappy. He never actually had any talent to begin with, so how far he's gotten is a miracle. His attitude is even worse than his acting and its about time he learned a lesson. He probably won't be going to jail, but hopefully he will soon be put out of his misery by the mafia who he is "hiding" from.

Sun Sep 29 09:56:17 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:If he is not doomed right now, he is surely not far. He needs to go to a shrink.

Sun Sep 29 09:56:33 2002
City, Country:Columbus,US
Your Views:Hope things in India ara simillar to US. Irrespective of one's profile one has to be punished for all one's crimes. Remove these guys from the roads and put them behind bars for ever and Salman deserves it.

Sun Sep 29 09:56:36 2002
City, Country:Bhubaneswar, India
Your Views:he should be severely punished. police should set an inquiry about his invovlement with underworld..for which he tactfully asking for his security(licence for gun). he is harassing a beautiful women and a talented actress of world fortunately belong to our nation. people should give up seeing his movie.

Sun Sep 29 09:56:44 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:I do not mind Salman Khan is doomed or dumped, but I found it is very harmful that famous personalities with controversy still make big headlines with their wrong-doings and get scot-free by arm-twisting the law with their money & muscle. Police should be given more power to punish nig people instantly with encounter type thgings.

Sun Sep 29 09:57:49 2002
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views: Salman as I, understand is an extremely generous & kind man, who goes out of his way 2 help total strangers. .. Salman is a talented actor,whose most movies have been a commercial success,but he hardely received credit for any of his film's success, be it 'HUM AAP KEY HAIN KAUN'or any other movie? But it is also obvious that this man has either conscious or unconscios need to punish him self. These repeated encounters with law or contversial involvement with several actress, doesn't appear 'simply an accidents'? To me he appears to be a massochistic man,who needs to be in psycho therapy, if he really wants to help him self. One also wonders why his own family has not realised it so far & has not help prevent him, from these self distructive behaviors? I, honestly believe that at this stage in his life, no one including Salman himself should worry about his film career, I, wish Salman Khan some peace of mind & a good health.

Sun Sep 29 09:58:02 2002
Name:kiran kumar
City, Country:TVM,India
Your Views:there are lot of other important things happening in India .I dont understand why the media is giving such an importance to this.if he done crime he should get punishment,and it will look after by the court.

Sun Sep 29 10:00:10 2002
City, Country:SIngapore
Your Views:Salman better leave Aishwarya alone and concentrate on his career. He is not the Mr.Right for Aishwarya. Given his dubious past, his notoriety and his numerous unsuccessful relationships, one has to understand he is not reliable for a life-time sojourn. I sincerely hope Ash will put her troubled times with Salman behind her and achieves greater heights in whatever she undertakes.

Sun Sep 29 10:02:26 2002
Name: Tripti Bhatt
City, Country:Bangalore India
Your Views:This is a case of a public figure getting too much negative publicity.Rich people often get away with this much as it is made a hush hush affair but not popular ones because the audience has made them what they are.If they enjoy all the love and attention, they must understand that they cannot get away with anything they do ,esrecially flouting the law of land.In Salman's case limits have been crossed and people should see to it that he pays the price for what he has done.

Sun Sep 29 10:03:59 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:It is high time that Salman is tried in the court of law and brought to justice.

Sun Sep 29 10:04:47 2002
Name:Rajeshwar Rao
City, Country:Hyderabad,India
Your Views:Fellow of this nature and behaviour should be punished. there are so many better people who are sincere. they should be brought up

Sun Sep 29 10:04:51 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:From what has been read and heard of the man, he is one of the most arrogant persons to have graced (?) the industry. What else can happen to him? The guy should get out of the industry and leave it to people who are decent enough to talk properly.

Sun Sep 29 10:05:48 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:It is not important for the country if Salman doesn't make a comeback. Rather Justice needs to be delivered. Otherwise people with money power will get away everytime.

Sun Sep 29 10:09:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:I totally disagree that he is doomed.What Salman needs is counselling and once this is done well and done for a period of say 30 days he should be out of all his problems.There is a root cause to all this that is happening in his life with Ash and himself.He needs counselling and he will be okay.In case help is needed from please call me on 9820091200

Sun Sep 29 10:09:32 2002
City, Country:Stockholm, Sweden.
Your Views:Salman should have shown courtesy and care to the victimes of his car accident. By running away from the site, he sat a very bad example.

Sun Sep 29 10:09:32 2002
Name:Shanmukha Rewal
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:He is an irresponsible person and the media is giving him undue coverage. If he is tried for all his offenses, then definitely he'll be doomed. But by looking back at his earlier offenses and the way he has tackled those, he may still be a SUPERSTAR!

Sun Sep 29 10:12:53 2002
City, Country:Oman
Your Views:With the Indian legal system being ineffective as it is he has got away with a bail amount of Rs 850. It is only a matter of time before law proves itself incapable of delivering justice. No wonder people take law upon themselves and deliver justice by riots etc. The poor boy who was killed would have gone to jail even if he went near the house of a celibrity while the celibrity could runover 5 persons without any remorse or penalty. God save India.

Sun Sep 29 10:15:17 2002
City, Country:England

Sun Sep 29 10:15:33 2002
City, Country:Nellore
Your Views:Yes he is. It is better to have him in the jail than to get poaches and human beings killed.

Sun Sep 29 10:16:01 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:he's a simply hopeless actor, even as a person i do not think he is a human....

Sun Sep 29 10:16:08 2002
City, Country:Mum, India
Your Views:This is how a country like ours shows its obsessions in public. Do you see such boards and such headlines in Western countries wasting resources asking people for opinions or increasing shock value of an utterly despicable deed ? What is the rationale behind wasting time on such issues ? Salman Khan better be a mature enough man having reached such stature in life. It is his life which he needs to know how to handle, and it is thanks to our Indian mentalities which glorify such personalities who feel like self-made gods above all laws of the country. I dont see the hue and cry, someone has done something, let him pay the price. It is indeed very lowly to discuss people. Only if thing were so simple and honest in life...

Sun Sep 29 10:16:37 2002
Name:shirish n kamalapurkar
City, Country:nasik{india}
Your Views:no,he wili bounce back.he is a human. accidents occur many on roads and many of them die

Sun Sep 29 10:16:46 2002
City, Country:chennai, india
Your Views:No Salman khan will bouce back. This is only a phase that i am sure will pass. He will get the place he deserves. All my best wishes to him !!!!

Sun Sep 29 10:17:57 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:nooo salman will surely come back n its not his fault we all commit mistakes

Sun Sep 29 10:18:05 2002
City, Country:Mangalore
Your Views:Send him behind bars immediatly

Sun Sep 29 10:19:06 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:he deserve this. he has chosen his destiny.

Sun Sep 29 10:19:15 2002
City, Country:usa
Your Views:I think Salman needs to get some help, what is his family doing, can't they see that Salman is suffering from some sort of mental disorder, and needs to get some help. He's most likely suffering from depression. Yes, I do know he's a star, famous personality...has family who supports him...seeing the trend of stuff he's doing he's either spoiled or really mentally disturbed

Sun Sep 29 10:19:46 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:I think there is no excuse for culprits, be it be a yesterdays superstar.Salman is good at acting, but seems not a good human being though. he should be treated as any other offender and suitable punishmnets should be given. We have seen the fate of cricketers like Jadeja, who were extremely talented player, but when it comes to the question of the dignity of the game and the country , there is no excuse for foul players.Same holds good with salman.We as respectable citizens of this country should not encourage such people bounce back in to Indian cinema.

Sun Sep 29 10:20:08 2002
Name:Amar Kitabi
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:People like Salman Khan are reflective of everything that is wrong with famous filmstars go to jail for petty things like shoplifting and Salman gets away with henious crime

Sun Sep 29 10:20:44 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:This is time which is showing salman khan his bad days. i think he is frustrated from everywhere his performance in the films, relation with his girlfrined.

Sun Sep 29 10:20:52 2002
Name:Kiran Khedgikar
City, Country:India
Your Views:i think n operson in this world wants to become or paint his image as a bad man .It is the situation which make him to adopt certain unwanted decisions in his life and when they goes wrong a chain gets built up of bad pictures .He needs someone who can understand him may be his nearones or may be dr or may be the right person .He should start realising to admit his misteks and start a new life my cell no 989 22 43155

Sun Sep 29 10:22:22 2002
City, Country:Manila,Phil
Your Views:Yes,he seem to be mentally unstable because of loosing out Ash. He should be reffered to a phsyco

Sun Sep 29 10:22:30 2002
City, Country:A.P, India
Your Views:He is also a normal human being. Mistakes are done by everyone. But he is commiting mistakes very frequently. He is going through a bad patch in his personal and film career. One day he will realise it.God is testing him now. He will bounce back again in the film industry to prove himself. I think he is the one hero who has two block busters that no other can break them. They are Maine Pyar kiya and Hum Aapke hain Koun. Hope he will be back with bang.

Sun Sep 29 10:23:38 2002
City, Country:Delhi
Your Views:He definately bounce back as in the past also. Ya he is passing through a bad phase in life. But we need not to forget that he is the only person who is true to his heart. He never manipulate things for his favour, as the case with other guys. He goes out of way to help different peoples but never seek cheap publicity for the same. I wish him luck

Sun Sep 29 10:24:13 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,india
Your Views:he must be put behind bars now that he has crossed all limits or crimes. there shouldnt be any letup in the way he is treated. he must be traeated like a common man and be given the punishment that he deserves.

Sun Sep 29 10:24:47 2002
City, Country:kingdom of salman khan
Your Views:he is the real superstar and thats why he there at the news top for wat ever his do's.

Sun Sep 29 10:24:59 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Sun Sep 29 10:25:37 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Incidents like this prove once again that people like Salman ,Sanjay Dutt are criminals.Just because they are rich celebraties , they get away .Thase people should be hanged.

Sun Sep 29 10:27:14 2002
Name:ramanpreet singh
City, Country:jallandhar, india
Your Views:he has got talent of the field he is into and he has proved it time and again. and who out of us is not having difficult paths in life to move on, he is a mature man he will make it and in ur words, he will bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 10:27:27 2002
City, Country:Seoul, S.Korea
Your Views:I was a fan of Salman for sometime. But from all notorious incidents he invloved I can make sure that he is person who keep no values, arrogant and with no symapthies towards lives of people. He didnot even care to take the injured to hospital or even mind them after he hit the poor people who were sleeping. This kind of actors should be discouraged. People should boycott his films. He deserves maximum punishment Indian law can give. This kind of people deserve no symathy or public support. Even no regrets if he gets a capital punishment. !

Sun Sep 29 10:27:41 2002
Name: Tripti Bhatt
City, Country:Bangalore India
Your Views:This is a case of a public figure getting too much negative publicity.Rich people often get away with this much as it is made a hush hush affair but not popular ones because the audience has made them what they are.If they enjoy all the love and attention, they must understand that they cannot get away with anything they do ,esrecially flouting the law of land.In Salman's case limits have been crossed and people should see to it that he pays the price for what he has done.

Sun Sep 29 10:28:22 2002
City, Country:Lucknow,India
Your Views:Man this guy was down and out in late 90's.But he bounced back with miveis like Jab pyar kiya to darna Kya and Hum dil dechuke sanam.So iam sure he has a potential to come back again.

Sun Sep 29 10:32:48 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He should change his attitude and be honest and siincere otherwise he will end soon from and public will hate the actor.

Sun Sep 29 10:33:53 2002
City, Country:portblair,Andaman
Your Views:sir,... A law is a law,It is impartial to every indian.It's no great secret that,the people of so called high class and rich are using the law for covering up there own wrong doings,which they strongly belive it's there right and they are rich, so they are ment to do it. A pavement dweller or slaman khan,every one should be treated equal in the eyes of law. It's yet another oppurtunity for the keeper's of justice to prove to the country men, they are always naive and impartial to any one.

Sun Sep 29 10:34:26 2002
City, Country:DELHI, INDIA

Sun Sep 29 10:34:42 2002
City, Country:lko,India
Your Views:we are not concerned about his career and fame here. as we are mature citizens of india should see that te behaviour of persons towards society in general should be reasonable and accomodating. we see here that some powered people (MOney,muscle and social ststus) bhave ina way that is degrading our society through moral and equality. we feel that the powerful give burden of there mistakes on por people and get rid of it easily. this is shame. salman is also one of those irresponsible citizens who i consider as are not friendly to their country and society. they make our society weak and dilute morality in next generation to come.

Sun Sep 29 10:34:46 2002
Name:Surjeel sing
City, Country:Roorkee, India
Your Views:Earlier he killed a innocent black buck,beaten up several men, threatening and harrashing an actress, keeping illegal relations with ladies and now killed a poor man...what is the definition of a criminal? and still he is on the road and having police protection? it is really money backed mokery of constitution, law and order of this country.

Sun Sep 29 10:35:29 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:Wish he had people around him to guide him and if he got busy doing work of subtance in films or otherwise-he would stay out of trouble and feel more at peace. Right now he seems to be hurting himself and others too in the process. He should seriously consult a shrink and get spiritual too.

Sun Sep 29 10:35:51 2002
City, Country:BBSR,Orissa
Your Views:it's a pity that we Indians sometimes worship personalities as heroes who're villains in real life

Sun Sep 29 10:36:34 2002
City, Country:Kuwait
Your Views:Nothing will happen. Salman Khan will walk. There will be some furore for one month and then the case will drag and he will never be convicted

Sun Sep 29 10:36:57 2002
Name:Vivek Anand
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:I think such people should be dealt with in an exemplary fashion. The film world should ban him and justice should be swift to ensure he doesn't get away by bribing his way out. As far as my being a fan is concerned, he definitely is doomed!

Sun Sep 29 10:37:00 2002
Name:Vikrant Malik
City, Country:Dallas, Texas
Your Views:I think he should leave films and get back to getting his life straight. Get married leave mumbai and live somewhere overseas away from the chaos of India. I do not think he is a bad guy but people in India just hate the young rich and famous too much. The movie industry is in jitters right now so it will take about 2 years for it to get back so he has less offers as the industry is in crisis not just him.I recently saw the security around shah rukh's house and I thought oh man he has become a prisoner in his own house. They are just paying the price of being successful in country of troubles.

Sun Sep 29 10:39:17 2002
Name:narasimha murthy
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:our film industry will be better off with out "zero talented" salman khan

Sun Sep 29 10:39:43 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:salman is going thru a phase which i believe is not good,but he has to be cool and try to control the circumstances,instead getting violent,otherwise i think he is a good personality.he needs someone who can understand him and take care of him

Sun Sep 29 10:42:22 2002
City, Country:chennai,India
Your Views:Everybody knows that salman was driving the car but his lawyer told that he was not driving the car and got the bail and we cannot do anything about this, but every person know he was driving the car.

Sun Sep 29 10:42:29 2002
Name:S V Prasad
City, Country:Manama, Bahrain
Your Views:Salman appears to have gone out of track. A celebrity like him should strike balance and make moves accordingly, any thing in excess will turn out to be disasterous (that is what is seen today).

Sun Sep 29 10:43:37 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:salman khan should be jailed now. he doesn't deserve to be left scot free. he is doomed now. he has to be kept in the mental asyllum . he isn't ok. the way he treats his ex girlfreind ash is not acceptable. he has so many cases against him. he should be jailed for all the reasons.

Sun Sep 29 10:43:52 2002
Name:Dawood Quraysh
City, Country:Riyadh,Saudi-Arabia
Your Views:Diamond is always diamond.If U keep it in caol for ten years ,still it will shine. That is called Salmaan Khan. He will definitly bounce back with a great explosion.

Sun Sep 29 10:44:09 2002
City, Country:chennai , india
Your Views:We sould give hime death sentence.He is just an yet another criminal.He is not fit to act as a here.In real life he is just like a villian.The punishment to him , will teach a lesson to his kind of people.

Sun Sep 29 10:44:42 2002
City, Country:LA,USA
Your Views:Hi, INDIA is lawless, this is the proof. From now on we will be not watching his movies for life to protest. Thx

Sun Sep 29 10:44:49 2002
City, Country:India.
Your Views: He must take life serious. definately he will bounce back. In everybnody's time comes like split after affair or split after the marriage is a quit natural thing. He must wake up from the deep sleep. He is personality he is the property of the people Nation owe so much from him. My sympathy with him, the law of the country will take its own coarse. My sypathy also with families of the effected in the accident.

Sun Sep 29 10:44:54 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan's state of mind is ravishingly become fragile. This happens with many other people also. But celebrities make the headlines. Salman Khan should sit down and think deep. He has to come out of his weaknesses and start building his personality. Its never too late for anybody. One should have the will to do it.

Sun Sep 29 10:45:15 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:He is a good man...albeit bhatak gaya hai. He needs a break....needs to be with his close ones.He will surely bounce back,has the potential..... My Best wishes for him

Sun Sep 29 10:47:34 2002
Name:Lucky Goggle
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:He is a Gone Case! A person with talen and with NO moral values will never come up in life thats proved again and again ..this is one case.

Sun Sep 29 10:47:49 2002
City, Country:Banglore
Your Views:Salman obviously is going through a very bad patch of his life. He will bounce back in future, hopefully for his heart of gold if not due to his iron hand.

Sun Sep 29 10:48:56 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:He must learn to live like a normal human being. He is an actor no doubt, but is not above law. Earlier he learns this, better for him.

Sun Sep 29 10:49:55 2002
City, Country:Delhi
Your Views:No doubts, that Salman has not been the GOOD boy. But it has been blown out of proportion by media time and again.. Its certain he got involved with this unfortunate car accident. (ACCIDENT is the keyword.) Media almost forgets that this is a case of accident, not a murder. His personal life is his own. What he does with Aishwarya is none of public matter. Cant juntaa just lay down their opinions purely on basis of his acting/ film career? If history is anything to go by, he will bounce back stronger than ever. My sympathies for the victims for the car crash.

Sun Sep 29 10:50:41 2002
City, Country:calicut,india
Your Views:this is totally condemnable.he should be punished as it would ve done with any normal indian citizen.don't let anybody feel this discrimination.plz do it with strong courage.forget about his stature. we salman fan will also support this.plz publish this message at right place. thank you

Sun Sep 29 10:53:36 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:People like him are hazards for mankind. He should be kept aside in lock and key and out of contact of anyone, so that this will be the last time he hurts someone. Acting in the films for him should be out of question.

Sun Sep 29 10:55:27 2002
Name:Vijesh Rajan
City, Country:Manama, Bahrain
Your Views:Salman Khan is the lowest being on planet earth! How can someone be so irresponsible as to drink and drive!! And that too, not carefully... he deserves to be booked and kicked into prison... or maybe hanged so he can fry in hell... and no, i'm not jealous of the guy's "good" (receeding hairline) looks and smashing (steroid pumped) body and polished (thick mumbai) accent.

Sun Sep 29 10:55:34 2002
City, Country:Mumbai (Bombay), INDIA
Your Views:No Wayz... He will emerge a stronger and sensible person (like Sunjay Dutt who fought and is fighting against all odds).......

Sun Sep 29 10:56:46 2002
Name:B. Raj
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Justice should not spare guys like Salman Khan. He should be given a stiff sentence for manslaughter. With just one film on hand, his time in the slammer would not "hurt" the bollywood economy.

Sun Sep 29 10:57:14 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:There should be a limit for showing off by this guy, he should not think that he can do anything & get away. How can he throw his weights around? He is doomed if does not mend his ways.

Sun Sep 29 10:57:38 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He is a rich, spoilt brat who doesn't wish to grow up. Even after Ash has rejected him he still continues to harass her. She should file a police complaint against him and get a restraining order from the courts. The best for him will be a police lock up.

Sun Sep 29 10:59:23 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Filmstar's with their fan following and ability to comunicate with the masses have to live a more responsible personal life. They cannot play Mr.goodie..goodie.. in film's and BE A MESS IN PRIVATE. it's time that producer's also take this to consideration. people like Salman and Sanjay Dutt are no role model's for our youth and should be banished from the silver screen

Sun Sep 29 11:01:28 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Whether Salman is doomed or not isn't significant considering that he has allegedly killed a poor person and seriously injured one who is stuggling for his life. Disregarding Salman's macho status in Bollywood, law should take it's just course and provisions should be ordered for the slain's family along with others injured. Their life was as precious as Salman's or anu other persons is if not as important as Salman.

Sun Sep 29 11:03:42 2002
City, Country:Kanpur,India
Your Views:hello, this is a very serious issue.Most of the big wigs are behaving like a beast because they have so much power because of the money.Sometimes they even forget they are forgetting they are human beings and act with no conscience.Eventhough our court has punished some of them,most of them are spread like a weed in the crop.Law should be same for poor and rich.The punishment given to salmankhan should be a lesson to all who forgets their responsibility of being fruitful citizen of our country.

Sun Sep 29 11:05:38 2002
Name:rohit shah
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:he is like this because of his upbrigning his parents must be blamed for his this temper if they cannot control him and improve him no one can in fact i have read interviews in which salim khan is seen defending his son's actions and encouraging him such ppl should be imprisoned cause he is a threat to rai and animals and the man on the street too

Sun Sep 29 11:07:31 2002
Name:Varsha Umaange
City, Country:UAE
Your Views:Every person has their highs and lows in life and he is at an all time low - not because he is the victim as his father would like to portray in every interview of his, but due to his own misdemeanour. Sucess is great - so long as your feet are planted firmly on the ground - His never were. Its time the industry, stops being spineless and pleading cases for the innocence of Dutt or Khan and stops being held ransom to the media....Either stand up or shut-up... What u sow u reap....yes he's doomed, but knowing the law in India, either his case will be hushed or he'll go around the various loopholes in the law - i.e. go scott free...

Sun Sep 29 11:07:44 2002
Name:metesh gupta
City, Country:lucknow, india
Your Views:he must be forgiven and should be given one more chance i think he will bounce back and will let the media and public know that he is a good guy who does ot want cotroversies in his life

Sun Sep 29 11:07:53 2002
Name:metesh gupta
City, Country:lucknow, india
Your Views:he must be forgiven and should be given one more chance i think he will bounce back and will let the media and public know that he is a good guy who does ot want cotroversies in his life

Sun Sep 29 11:10:21 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman Khan is a spoilt brat .He is in the news for all the wrong reasons . First the fight with media crew. Then the physical abuse of Aish and now this murder !!!! He should b punished for his acts . But alas our archiac laws !!!!He is let for Rs950 Thats the price of life in Mumbai

Sun Sep 29 11:10:28 2002
City, Country:Durham, USA
Your Views:Salman deserves to be punished for his latest crime. Hopefully, this one wont be hushed up like it normally happens when filmstars are involved in such criminal activities. His drunken brawls and frequent misbehaviour may be pardoned, but this time, he has taken it a little too far by killing a person. The law shouldnt spare him. Period.

Sun Sep 29 11:11:29 2002
City, Country:hosur
Your Views:the macho man will definitely bounce back. no doubt. life is full of ups and downs. unfortunately his life had the ups first and then the downs. not to worry he will bounce back. all the best, dude!

Sun Sep 29 11:13:17 2002
City, Country:DELHI, INDIA
Your Views:I don't think that he is brash but just that he is one honest man in a hypocritical world . What one perceives as bohemian and playboyish is just his expression of happiness in alife where happiness has been missing considering Saalim Khan's marriages and impact on Salman being the youngest of the three brothers .So let's not hold him responsible for him to give such outbursts . We need to concentrate that it doesn't effect us adversely while we should help the stressed out individual i.e Salman regain his composure and not unduly idolise him or abuse him . He is also Human and just that.

Sun Sep 29 11:13:19 2002
City, Country:allahabad,india
Your Views:salmaan is best whatever happens!!!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 11:14:10 2002
City, Country:Coimbatore
Your Views:He is most disgracefull "HERO",indian cinema has ever produced.Time has come to discard him from the popular media.

Sun Sep 29 11:14:25 2002
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:he is doomed and I personally feel he should be punished.his career is over

Sun Sep 29 11:15:11 2002
Name:Prasad Deshpande
City, Country:Pune , India
Your Views:Sure . His goose is cooked. We judge ourselves by what we are capable of doing,the world judges us on what we have done. The verdict is out- a spoilt ,rich, narcissistic trouble maker will be made to pay for attacking defenceless balck bucks, stars and now defenceless footpath dwellers.r

Sun Sep 29 11:15:22 2002
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:Throw these guys behind bars and let them not see daylight till they see the misery of the poor.These are parasites feeding on the ignorance of the common mass that makes them heroes

Sun Sep 29 11:15:34 2002
Name:Satyam Pattnaik
City, Country:New Delhi
Your Views:This man should be sent to jail. How could someone get a bail so fast . There is nobody above law. He should be sent to jail

Sun Sep 29 11:16:08 2002
City, Country:U.S
Your Views:Salman Khan is another example of how the rich and famous can get away with just about anything in India. Salman and Sanjay Dutt are criminals who deserve to be thrown behind bars once and for all. Enough is Enough!

Sun Sep 29 11:16:23 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:This idiot is an insult to the nation. Surprises me how such an untalented person can become an actor? shows the standard of bollywood.. Must ne shot in broad daylight!!!

Sun Sep 29 11:16:34 2002
Name:S. Dutta
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:Whether Salman Khan is doomed or not is not the question. Any person with a semblance of conscience will agree that people like him should be given the proper punishment and permanently blacked out from media publicity

Sun Sep 29 11:17:03 2002
City, Country:mysore,india
Your Views:of course salman will bounce higher & higher .it is my pray to god to make him bounce

Sun Sep 29 11:17:49 2002
City, Country:chennai,india
Your Views:i never thought salman is a good enough actor to have acheived sucha was all shear luck...and luck can will not be there with you life long

Sun Sep 29 11:18:51 2002
Name:Parveen Inayath
City, Country:Saudi Arabia
Your Views:I think many people have misunderstood salman khan. I, for one, believe he is like any other normal film star having his own image. All his films (hits and flops), his relationship with costars (females) including Ash-Rai is normal and can happen with anybody. Why this fuss and glamour to Salman only? Some people just doesn't digest individual style and media is one such, looking for masala to fill their columns.

Sun Sep 29 11:18:52 2002
City, Country:Canada
Your Views:Salman is innocent. He is the one guy who changed Bollywood completely with his fashion sense and dress code. We cannot lose him like this.

Sun Sep 29 11:19:12 2002
Name:Anil Ahuja
City, Country:India
Your Views:He's quite fortunate to be in India where you have 100,000 ways to mock at law.... and thats unfortunate for Indians

Sun Sep 29 11:19:44 2002
Name:naresh aggarwal
City, Country:jammu,india
Your Views:He is an idiot of highest order , who thinks he is a great actor . It is only his dad's contacts and money , which makes the mare go . A stupid fool , who should be caught by the dog squad and put in the jail .

Sun Sep 29 11:20:42 2002
Name:sohaib hasan
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:salman khan is one of the top actors today inspite of many new actors coming up these coming to the controversies,it is the media who is trying to show him as a bad guy just for the reason that he does not have a good rapport with has always shown his minor negative points with a great hype like the black buck hunting(there are so many who have done this and got away with it,catch them first).About aishwarya rai, that is his private life n we are no one to interfere in it.the hill road accident as mentioned is an "ACCIDENT" and any one can have an accident.the media does not talk about the good things he has done and helped so many people.hence the media is just trying to ruin his image and career,but salman khan will definitely bounce back and prove himself!!!!

Sun Sep 29 11:22:00 2002
City, Country:Australia, mel
Your Views:It is about time something be done with guys like Salman, he is one of the most anti-social meance if india, he was in controvesy like kinng deers and now its humans what is next???, put that guy in the slammers and make sure that he never come out,better still put his bro also in the slammers as their are also potential anti-social element

Sun Sep 29 11:24:14 2002
Name:Rajendra Gaikwad
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I don;t know why Salman Khan was not tested for Alcohol content in his blood immediately when he was arrested. Because in accidents like these, that is the first thing anyone would think of. Is it big bucks in the process. And I feel if Salman, found guilty, should be treated like all the others who must have comitted the same crime.

Sun Sep 29 11:25:17 2002
City, Country:Ind
Your Views:If he is not doomed by his own destiny, we must make his destiny do that. We don't need such nuisance creating elements in the society....This is my personal view.

Sun Sep 29 11:25:41 2002

Sun Sep 29 11:27:45 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:no, salman khan is not definitely out. there might be a legible reason for him to behave in this way. he must have gone thru a lot of mental stress. he will definitely overcome this phase and certainly will bounce back.

Sun Sep 29 11:27:47 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:cine actors are not gods, they are also human being like us. They never have a special privilage in society. He is supposed to be punished like others

Sun Sep 29 11:29:07 2002
Name:Brian S.DSilva
City, Country:Bandra,Mumbai,Maharashtra
Your Views:Money, Power and Influence are the three words to bring in controversies as well as to clear them. Salman is known to have all of them including ways to find trouble and solving them in a much easier way. Punishment by law is only applicable to ordinary citizens, the influential possessing cocaine are free and poor vendors selling gutkhas are harrassed and punished. Poverty is a punishment in it self and its this very poverty that helps the rich get away with their sin. salman pleads that his driver was driving while he was in the back seat, the fact will be that some poor driver will confess and be punished, while salman will compensates him and be back in bussiness again. I visualise this because in the past the witness against salman in the blackbuck case later turned hostile and we all know why. Let me conclude, that "the influentials will bounce back from their controversies, while you, me and the blackbuck will continue to be doomed"... Brian S.R.DSilva

Sun Sep 29 11:29:17 2002
City, Country:UAE
Your Views:Guess he is doomed once and for all. This incident is the last nail in his coffin

Sun Sep 29 11:30:18 2002
Name:Soul Ruster
City, Country:Graveyard,Pakistan
Your Views:He who lives by the fire dies by the fire. Every product has a expiry date and Salman Khan too has reached the end of the line. May his soul rust in peace.

Sun Sep 29 11:34:42 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:What ever it may be, he is guilty not for the first time but all the time. We should look at common man's perspective, why should we treat him differently. If at all he is not punished this time, it's shame for all we indians to tell we are living in biggest democracy of the world. Let's law take it's turn to uphold the values, about all these useless characters of the country.

Sun Sep 29 11:35:29 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:In India, the celebreties of al hues - politicians,film personalities, sports idols, whatevr- are conferred the extraordinary status. Whatever their acts of omission or commission, there is only a brief outcry in the media and public mind but very soon the issues are covered up. The public memory is short. There are instances, dime a dozen, of the misdeeds of wellknown personalities like Puru, the son of Rajkumar, Aditya Pancholi, Fardeen Khan just to name a few.Have they been punished for their misdeeds? Far from it. Have they suffered professionally or otherwise for their crimes? Does not seem so. Then why is Salman Khan likely to bear the consequences of his misadventure? No way. He will continue to be adulated, pampered and hero-worshipped. May be someone will even invent justifications for the wrongs he is committing.

Sun Sep 29 11:37:10 2002
City, Country:floid
Your Views:If salman is responisble for such a crucked act,then he should be punishable who ever he is .. might be he would have escaped from the law .. itz no wonder in india , these things are very common, since there is no value for human being.

Sun Sep 29 11:37:45 2002
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:U wanna see a perfect zero? look at salman. such an uncouth brash arrogant thing. showing muscles doesnt mean acting. pity those who made him am actor (if one can call him so)

Sun Sep 29 11:38:15 2002
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:U wanna see a perfect zero? look at salman. such an uncouth brash arrogant thing. showing muscles doesnt mean acting. pity those who made him am actor (if one can call him so). god will be great if he goes away from the scene

Sun Sep 29 11:38:53 2002
Name:Nirav Chandan
City, Country:Brisbane,Australia
Your Views:NO ! THIS IS THE RESULT OF BEING ARROGANT and SELFISH. HE SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF MARIGOLD AS WELL.Shame on Kamaal and Arbaaz as well who also came at the scene and didnt help the victim.Deserves punishment.

Sun Sep 29 11:38:54 2002
Name:Manjusri Dugar
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:I think Salman Khan is doomed.He has no rights driving car drunked and killing a man.He should be punished for this. This will make him come down to earth.

Sun Sep 29 11:39:14 2002
Name:Mohua Roy
City, Country:India
Your Views: In my opinion, whatever Salman did was definitely wrong which is not In my opinion, whatever Salman did was definitely wrong which is not appreciated, but it not a crime, where he should be imprisoned, or career will be doomed. Everyday thousand and thousands peoples are killed the same way, why no one is bothered about them, only Salman's celebrity status should not put him behind the bars. After all accident is an accident.!!! Moreover footpath is not a place to sleep!! Real people to be blamed is the Govt/ politicians/bureaucrats, who never ever thought of such people, who doesn’t even have a shade over his head where he can sleep.. At least Salman is better off then those politicians/police/people, who deliberately kill people in the name of cast, creed and religion. He has also surrendered before police, and he should be appreciated for that, else he could have fled the country like Nadeem and others. Now on Salman’s part he should learn a lesson that he has no right to take lives of any people for his recklessness and rashness!! Because he can compensate with money, but he cannot bring the life back!!!!!!!! Now for the people who are really feeling pity (especially media persons) for the person killed and injured, should also try to hype all the incidents of road accidents, as was in the case of Salman. From Mohua

Sun Sep 29 11:39:38 2002
City, Country:Uganda
Your Views:he is out.I presume 90% of the people hate him,I pray god to punish as much as possible for his wrong doings.

Sun Sep 29 11:41:33 2002
Name:Srikant C
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Its been numerous times that Salman has found himself in trouble, be a flouitng the law of killing bucks. I wonder why have'nt the authorities taken strict displinary action against him, and why isn't he behind bars?

Sun Sep 29 11:42:20 2002
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:if sanjeev nanda can be harassed so such levels for the same thing then why not salman??? after all law should be same for everyone.

Sun Sep 29 11:42:43 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he is useless.he should be punished (ideally 2-3 years jail term)

Sun Sep 29 11:43:30 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Such Megalomaniac should be shot dead ... but who will do that ... law in this country belongs to the people with money and power ... so many like him earlier have been allowed to go scot free ... after all who will fight for some hapless labourers ...

Sun Sep 29 11:45:46 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Nothing can touch Salman...He will definetly bounce back. You can't keep good people down for long.

Sun Sep 29 11:46:31 2002
City, Country:SFO,US
Your Views:I wonder how he got Bail after one is person dead and other got serious injuries They should book him on manslaughter charges and should send him to jail without bail.It is not important what he did to Aishwarya Rai at this point and I don't really feel sorry for her. Those poor guys need justice and compensation. We should not allow him get away with this.

Sun Sep 29 11:46:45 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:i was shocked to read the news that this filmstar had run over poor people who were sleeping onthe footpath.The rash and negligent driving ?after intoxication shouldnot go unpunished.

Sun Sep 29 11:48:58 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:yes, salman must be doomed.because lives are so precious than diamond.

Sun Sep 29 11:50:52 2002
City, Country:DIU,INDIA

Sun Sep 29 11:51:03 2002
City, Country:DIU,INDIA

Sun Sep 29 11:51:24 2002
Name:ahmed saiyed
Your Views:no he is not doomed,offcourse he will come back with new life,rightnow his stars are in wrong direction.he should concentrate on his carriers rather then doing this things

Sun Sep 29 11:51:40 2002
City, Country:trombay
Your Views:Salman has had a good ride on the boat of life, but it is time he looks down to access the depth of the water (reality of life!!) and starts catching up with it. I think he should be able to make a come back if he is focussed.

Sun Sep 29 11:51:47 2002
City, Country:India, Chandigarh
Your Views:Definately, Salman Khan doomed now.? Aur one should help in his dooming process..I just hate that fellow who had no pity after killing the innocent and after that not taking injured to hospital... And I think people should beat him a lot... I am totally against him......

Sun Sep 29 11:52:29 2002
City, Country:DUBAI, UAE

Sun Sep 29 11:54:25 2002
Name:Dr. Taher Kagalwala
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan was my favourite hero after his first film, I mean, first substantial film, viz. Maine Pyar Kiya. He remains a handsome, hunky male hero, the chocolatey looks of whom have mellowed in recent times, and he continues to look after his body very well indeed. I wondered why Aishwarya had rejected him, but in hindsight,I think she may have been right. He is very impulsive, and a bad human being, to misuse his position and money to hunt down animals, beat his paramour, and so on. However, my sympathies are with him as far as the latest event is concerned.Not because he killed someone, but because I think it was an accident only.He seems genuinely contrite, but scared of legal retribution.He lied about driving, and that is not good at all, because even if Kamal and Ravindra Patil aver that he wasn't driving, one of them will have to face imprisonment. He will come back again. He is not finished.

Sun Sep 29 11:54:30 2002
City, Country:Bhopal, India
Your Views:Certainly with such irresponcible behaviour, Salman is commiting a suicide, and the good days are gone for this diminishing star, who has become so arrogant and wild that he even dont care for the others as human beings. If his security guard Patil, might not have given the statement in police station, then again Salman would have tried to play another dirty trick to prove his false innocense. The time has come when even the film industry should realise and identify the senseless people and punish them by imposing the bans.

Sun Sep 29 11:54:48 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:It is up to we, the people to show Salman Khan & his elk that their drunken brawls, histrionics & murderous instincts are not appreciated by the public et al by deciding to boycott his films. Salman Khan should be taken to task for murdering a poor innocent daily wages earner & his driving license revoked for life for irresponsible drunken driving. Instead of accepting his fault, the shameless person that he is, has the guts to state that he was not driving the car at that moment!! Salman Khan where is your machismo & dare devilry that you show in abundance on screen now? Are you not man enough to show us your half naked body now to face the consequences of your own actions? You are nothing but a spoilt brat who has wandered too far this time & time has now come to show you some discipline, which your father himself should have done a good long time back.

Sun Sep 29 11:55:40 2002
Name:K. Y. Philip
City, Country:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Views:Nobody is ever "doomed". With the right kind of friends and help, Salman can and should try to change his public image.

Sun Sep 29 11:55:58 2002
City, Country:Austin, Texas
Your Views:Let the guilty be rightly punished and Indian judiciary prevail. Cops and the courts go by the book. The duty rests on the people who witnessed it, to have their say against the actor in the courtroom.

Sun Sep 29 11:56:07 2002
Name:Rashmi Ramachandran
City, Country:Manama, Bahrain
Your Views:Success seems to have gone to Salman's head. There is no way he can bounce back.He is going one way..and that is downhill. This is the end of the road for him.

Sun Sep 29 11:57:46 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Yes & its all bcos of his own mistakes & recklessness,in fact i was there in the same party where he was before he went & killed 1 person..he was completely drunk in fact zonked out!! So if anybody does not know his limits they will definetly turn out to be danger to the society.

Sun Sep 29 11:58:55 2002
City, Country:UP
Your Views:yes salman is a bad guy.Ho should be sent to jail.His mental status is not balanced.Thats why he use to torture AShwarya also.

Sun Sep 29 11:59:47 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Whether it is Salman Khan or Sunjay Dutt, action should be taken. Let the me filmy Bollywood know some real life. They probably are yet to distinguish between the movies and real life. And to their advantage we also equally corrupt police official, lawyers, and politicians. They make laws and break laws at will. I personally feel that justice should be delivered irrespctive of who the person is. It shall be a lesson to all the remaining so called stars in the bollywood, to keep their heroism and tricks within their studios. I also pity the fickleminded public. A public awareness campaign should brought to make people realise their foolness and not to be fooled again.

Sun Sep 29 12:01:32 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI.INDIA
Your Views:hey wats up guys.... just leave him alone and he will bounce back on his own as long as he maintains his killing looks STEADY.

Sun Sep 29 12:01:52 2002
Name:Nitin C
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Well, the incident is shocking. I firmly believe that he should be sent to jail, and I will be bitterly dissapointed if he and his lawyers make a mockery of our judicial system and he walks away scott free. He must pay.

Sun Sep 29 12:02:43 2002
City, Country:riyadh,saudi arabia
Your Views:NO man is perfect or he is no man ,but got to be cautious and should be punished for what he has done

Sun Sep 29 12:02:58 2002
Name:Nitin C
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Well, the incident is shocking. I firmly believe that he should be sent to jail, and I will be bitterly dissapointed if he and his lawyers make a mockery of our judicial system and he walks away scott free. He must pay.

Sun Sep 29 12:03:16 2002
City, Country:Dubai
Your Views:Salman wil surely bounce back to superstardom. Iz jus a temporary lean period he is goin thrgh now whch every actor goes thrgh, even amitabh bachan had this lean period. as far as his accident goes, well it was an accident which has been blown oout of proportion cuz he is a super star, wonder why there no such cry when rajkumars son ran over three people sleeping n the road????????

Sun Sep 29 12:04:00 2002
Name:Ashok Tiwari
City, Country:New Delhi
Your Views:What ever Sanman Khan has been done it is really very sad for him and He shuld be punished for it othere wise he never realised his mistake as human being.

Sun Sep 29 12:04:01 2002
City, Country:riyadh,saudi arabia
Your Views:NO man is perfect or he is no man ,but got to be cautious and should be punished for what he has done i think he is finished

Sun Sep 29 12:04:08 2002
Name:arunav sinha
City, Country:gaya,india
Your Views:all i wish him is good luck and dont bother him .he should live a normal life . after saajan he was going thru same phase but after hahk he bounced back , he will do the same again, coz hes mr talent all is that he is expressive

Sun Sep 29 12:04:09 2002
Name:Ashish Mane
City, Country:pune,India
Your Views:Salman , is definitely heading towords the end of his carrier ; rather he passes the deadline now .Doesn't matter how much attractive he is now , but whatever he did out of the film industry is absolutely unforgivable and the indian people will going to give his reward for the same . He is become a wicked man now, shame on him .

Sun Sep 29 12:04:33 2002
City, Country:IIT Kanpur,India
Your Views:salmaan is having rough phase for sure.....his mind is preoccupied with his break off with Aishwarya...and possibly.. all that is leading him into troubles....but the guy needs to awake at least now.....its now or never for him....he must try to gracefully come out of all this.....improve his image...from a frustrated lover to a decent star....he must think about his fans at least...Come on a man....don't push urself too hard...and try to settle in life.....U R THE BEST

Sun Sep 29 12:06:24 2002
Name:Faiyazuddin khan
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:People are jealous of the name & fame the actor has earned by his own performance. He is a nice guy as I know him,if you would have known him might have first to speak everything good about him. The Aishwariya factor has also added fuel to the fire. Everybody likes her and most people don't like her getting involved/married to him. The more he is trying to be away from this type of things the more he is being dragged into it.

Sun Sep 29 12:06:50 2002
Name:Jain Mathew
City, Country:Saudi Arabia
Your Views:Salman Khan's late incident of killing a person not justified at all, he deserves to be treated as a murderer and be punished under the law and should be banned from films, who is a wrong ideal for the people of India

Sun Sep 29 12:08:47 2002
City, Country:Chennai , India
Your Views:He should punish as per our Indian law. There is no comprosmise at all in this issue. Law and order is common thing for every personnel.

Sun Sep 29 12:09:34 2002
City, Country:Lucknow
Your Views:I feel its high time such actors understand about themselves and their contributions to the society. Salman is an example of what a man should not do.

Sun Sep 29 12:11:07 2002
City, Country:madras
Your Views:he must serve a prison term for atleast 20 yrs.After all we have lost a innocent mans life.

Sun Sep 29 12:11:35 2002
City, Country:san jose, USA
Your Views:He will be able to get away with this. Surely, but I hope he can not.

Sun Sep 29 12:11:39 2002
Name:Irfan Khan
City, Country:New Jersey, USA
Your Views:Salman seems to be the biggest troublemaker in Bollywood today. This incident will sure turn peoples heart away from him. He definitely space to improve but I guess he does not cares.

Sun Sep 29 12:11:41 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I believe we are giving too much importance to Non Sense. Stars have not dropped fromheaven and they are as ordinary as any other indian. They need to behave as disciplined individuals and should be more responsible as they are at times role model for other people. let us treat them same. We have such a loose law and order that two legged worst animals like salman, sanjay dutt, aditya panscholi, etc. are moving scot free. shame on india shame onlaw order shame on our regulatory framework

Sun Sep 29 12:11:59 2002
Name:Prashanth Reddy
City, Country:Ahmedabad India
Your Views:That Cheap guy who deserves to go to Jail for life. He is supposed to be an Icon .. I think he is worse than trash... He has taken life before .. in Rajastan .. how long can you let him go on like this ?? What gall does his brother have to come and remove the CD player and not bother about the dead and maimed ?

Sun Sep 29 12:12:28 2002
Name:Aruna Prasad
City, Country:Bangalore, Karnataka
Your Views: Salman Khan is nothing but a menace to society and has no constructive role to play in it. He thinks that his wealth will bail him out of every mess he creates. He has got enough chances and now it is time to put him where he belongs --- in prison.

Sun Sep 29 12:13:10 2002
City, Country:dallas
Your Views:every one has ups and downs in their lives, i guess he is going thru a phase, if he manages to pass this phase may be a better phase would come by for him.

Sun Sep 29 12:14:11 2002
City, Country:BOM

Sun Sep 29 12:15:05 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Its only because of the Indian legal system that Salman is still not behind bars. A man who can do so many illegal acts is still not in jail is possible only in a country like India. Had it been US not only would he be behind bars today but also he would have been prosecuted. No doubt that in India money and the muscle power rules. Salman too like all indian politicians would sway the case in his favor through money power. Witnesses will be bought with money and they will turn hostile. A few thousand bucks will be offered to the family of the person who died in the incident and the case will be closed once for all ( remember the famous BMW case in delhi. There also the witnesses were bought over and they turned hostile and a few lakhs rupees were given to the families of persons who died to keep their mouth shut). So I really donot think that this incident is going to affect him in any way. Proof:- he has already secured bail within 10 hrs of the incident. Only damage to him will be that he will be inactive for the next few months(possibly 1 to 1.5 yrs). And as the case drags on in courts and as public memory fades away( public memory is really short)witneses will be forced to turn hostile as they will bought over and soon everything will be forgotten as if nothing happened( Does any body talk of BMW case today?)And after about two years he will make a come back with a film or two. If the film becomes a hit then his carrer will again start rolling. (Remeber Sanjay Dutt!!!. Even after spending so many months in jail and inaction, he effectively made a comeback with a few decent movies after coming out of the jail..........same thing is going to happen to salman).....reason: Weak indian legal system;weak social structure;poor education amongst the masses; male chuvinist society etc. So overall nothing is going to happen to him. Wait and watch the drama over the next two years and you will realize that i am not wrong!!!! Oh Cry my beloved country!!!!!

Sun Sep 29 12:15:13 2002
Name:Suraj Bathena
City, Country:India
Your Views:I really dont think so. By giving such dramatic statements in media as headlines careers dont get doomed. Yes he has made a mistake and I know its a severe one. But to say thats the end of it all would be foolish. I am sure Salman did not want to really kill someone intentionally but as luck would have it know he has the killing of one person to his tail. I feel Salman will tide over this controversy. He just needs to get his act together and move on out if this Ash trash and then you can see this hunk shine brightly as he always did.

Sun Sep 29 12:15:57 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:" May Naru's soul rest in peace" . These fellows , Salman and Kamal Khan's should be punished seriously without discrimating on the fact that they are actors.They are only actors but not soldiers.I feel both of them should be punished.Salam should be seriously punished. These Fellows who doesn't have a speck of Humanity in them deserve a serious punishment.Instead of taking injured one's to the hospital they fought with them which is very absurd.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:32 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:" May Naru's soul rest in peace" . These fellows , Salman and Kamal Khan's should be punished seriously without discrimating on the fact that they are actors.They are only actors but not soldiers.I feel both of them should be punished.Salam should be seriously punished. These Fellows who doesn't have a speck of Humanity in them deserve a serious punishment.Instead of taking injured one's to the hospital they fought with them which is very absurd.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:46 2002
City, Country:hyd,india
Your Views:Sallu is gonna roc back , real hard as ever. He is the man, who has made Hero's image transform into real normal daily life person like u n me. He gave his energetic performances in Hum Apke hain Kaun and others. He is a charismatic personality. As humans all of tend to make mistakes.He is no God. I still like him, not for his body or appearance alone but for his good sense of humor his charm which enlightens the whole setting. I cannot forget his performance in the first ever love movie"maine pyar kiya", in which a hero was just a lover boy who sincerely wants his gal. There is nothin wrong if he is so abstinate about it in real life as well. i think these incidents will make him more mature to face the ruths of life. Go on sallu! ur fans are with u.

Sun Sep 29 12:16:55 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:i don't care whether he is doomed or not but i want that people like him should be taught a lesson so that in future nobody commits such crime.. lives of human beings are definitley more precious that salman's career

Sun Sep 29 12:17:53 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:No. He isn't. Not certainly in the way the systems in India operates. He is already out. He will roam free just as Sanju has managed. Everythig will be forgotten. All will be bought. Everything has a price. Nothing ever changes in India.

Sun Sep 29 12:18:19 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:His career is over. + his life should be doomed such a characterless person has no right to stay, if my way woul have worked i would have hanged him in middle of the road at the same spot of accident

Sun Sep 29 12:21:00 2002
City, Country:Tamilnadu, India
Your Views:He is doomed. There have been downs and sudden ups in the careers of many. But in his case he is involved in all cases out of filmdom. He is doomed as his character of late has touched rock bottom, and he does not seem to repent for his misdeeds. Asking for an excuse means a lip service for him and he continuously does what he is always doing. He should be framed. There is no point in showing that star status and the resultant privileges for him. VERY PLAINLY HE SHOULD BE FRAMED. (IF HE DOES NOT DOOM BY HIMSELF, THE LEGAL TANGLES SHOULD DOOM HIM)

Sun Sep 29 12:23:34 2002
Name:Laxmi Prasad
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:This is the guy who is more often on the other side of the law. You obviously cannot take too much advantage of the Indian Law and the gullible fans. The height of this case is his lawyer saying he wasn't at the wheel. If he wasn't at the wheel, why does he have to run away from the accident site? And for God's sake, let's give credence to the bodyguard who deposed and provide the poor guy some real protection. Where is Bal Thakarey now? Let him take a stand on this too

Sun Sep 29 12:25:04 2002
Name:Diganta Sarma
City, Country:Guwahati, Assam, India
Your Views:First i want to say that salman is my best hero but since he has done mistake for this i will support those people who wants him to get punished. coz. these celebrities does mistakes and get free from the hands of law by the power of money. so he should be severly punished.

Sun Sep 29 12:25:17 2002
Name:Laxmi Prasad
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:This is the guy who is more often on the other side of the law. You obviously cannot take too much advantage of the Indian Law and the gullible fans. The height of this case is his lawyer saying he wasn't at the wheel. If he wasn't at the wheel, why does he have to run away from the accident site? And for God's sake, let's give credence to the bodyguard who deposed and provide the poor guy some real protection. Where is Bal Thakarey now? Let him take a stand on this too

Sun Sep 29 12:25:46 2002
City, Country:shimoga India
Your Views:As it is the misuse of the fans courtesy,they all thought that they higher than anybody,law of this land shouldtake stern action against him to set an example that no body is above law,and he should be rigourously punsihed for his desperate action,then common man of this country will hold the belief with the law,till today no one punished of their henious crimes.At least Salman stood FIRST to taste the experience of the Punishment. they all thought only with money power they can bail out with this crimes, not only salman,all other who involved in these types of crimes should be behind bars

Sun Sep 29 12:26:35 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:Salman has to shed the current image which he has of a arrogant person. His action of not stopping and helping the injuered and dead smacks of total disregard of human life. Such people howsoever high and mighty should be made to undergo a jail term so that they learn from it. Sunjay Dutt is a correct example of a person who learnt from his mistakes and is now making a second innings in films. His string of failed love affairs shows what a person he is. Unless he changes himself as a person, he is doomed

Sun Sep 29 12:26:44 2002
Name:Vijay Reddy
City, Country:USA
Your Views:"you fool me once, shame on you.... you fool me twice, shame on me." i guess these lines would explain the salman's current problems. baiscally I beleive this guy is suffering from some medical problems. His old behaviour proved us that repeatedly and i feel sorry for the innocent person who got killed. Guess what... now he migth pay the ransom the mafia is asking and might even ask them to protect from the police just to get rid of this case.... If you ask me... just let him pay the price God Bless India

Sun Sep 29 12:26:58 2002
Name:tarpan patel
City, Country:surat, india
Your Views:i cant understnad y we give so much importance to public figures like salman khan. what has he ever done besides sleeping with a couple of actress, bashing up people he dislikes, and ripping his shirt to prove that he might be the only indian with a clean shaven chest. i was disgusted that he could not even help the guys he crushed to be taken to a hospital and his brother arrives after some time to remove their precisious stereo from the vehicle. how could some one as intelligent as ASH ever get into a mess called SALMAN KHAN.

Sun Sep 29 12:27:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:He's gonna pay a BIG BIG price for all these sins he's committing. He is not a hero, but a BIG ZERO! One thing he will find really hard or even impossible to garner now is public sympathy! God save the world from these people!

Sun Sep 29 12:28:58 2002
City, Country:Silchar, India
Your Views:Well i guess he is a bit careless in life and that his head is not in his shoulders. but i cant wish bad for him and so pray that he gets back and stays away from all these and lead a clean life.


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Is Salman doomed?

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