October 1, 2002 
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Salman Khan
Salman never learns from his mistakes
Readers air their opinions on the actor

State your views!
Is Salman Doomed?

Mon Sep 30 11:34:39 2002
Name:Shantala Matti
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:its for sure that hez doomed. and he deserves it.i dont understand why he acts so immatured and kiddish.his own advise to people bounced back to him - grow up Salmaan !!

Mon Sep 30 11:34:44 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:Such kind of person is very dangerous to humanity. Every body must kick him from out side our society in order to maintain peaceful & calm environment.

Mon Sep 30 11:34:45 2002
Name:Shyam Kumar
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:its easy for salman to get away. its not only salman even sunjay dutt is scott free. In India they are not going to be punished instead they will become sentimental heroes. After killing a person Salman gor bail for Rs. 950/-. So law has its limitation only god or fate is going to teach salman a lesson.

Mon Sep 30 11:35:06 2002
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:He is really a VILLAIN. He should be punished severely. Being a bollywood star does not confer him with any right to do anything and get away with it. The punishment given to him should set an example for others. He should be ostrosided from society. Thank God Ishwarya escaped from his clutches in time. His arrogance is due to the patronage he receives from underworld dons. He should be arrested under POTA.

Mon Sep 30 11:35:07 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan should not be granted bail and serious action should be taken against a person who is endlessly commiting crimes. Regarding his recent killing a man and injuring many over the pavement. I am surprised he was let out for just Rs.950/-.

Mon Sep 30 11:35:12 2002
City, Country:Surathkal, India
Your Views:Salman is obviously nuts and his supposed love for Aishwarya also appears to be one purely of possession. If he thinks he is beyond the law because he is affluent and famous, he's got another think coming.

Mon Sep 30 11:36:13 2002
Name:Sentil K
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:I was surprised to find news about the Hit and Run by Salman Khan on the first page of many news papers. It is a shame our Country should give so much importance to media people and their personal lives. We have much more important information that deserve to be on the first page of our leading news papers.

Mon Sep 30 11:36:15 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:He should be treated in mental hospital till he recovers.

Mon Sep 30 11:36:30 2002
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:Salman seems to be with extra testosterone which is placing him in these problems!!

Mon Sep 30 11:36:40 2002
City, Country:delhi
Your Views:salman khan is still a nice hero and sometimes someone's fate can take person to any heights.

Mon Sep 30 11:37:02 2002
City, Country:Chandigarh,India
Your Views:I think he is not a bad paerson its just controversies surround him all of a sudden .. he is certainly a spoilt brat but not that bad ki he hurts some ones feeling.

Mon Sep 30 11:37:36 2002
City, Country:San Francisco USA
Your Views:There is no question of bouncing back. Salman Khan does not have a choice. He is responsible for taking innocent lives.He should be given punishment accordingly.

Mon Sep 30 11:37:40 2002
City, Country:Megamanx, India
Your Views:I hope his career is finished. He is a no good acter, spoilt brat and a Sadist. About time the law of averages caught up with him.

Mon Sep 30 11:37:45 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Its true that nobody bothers about the perosn who was killed by the imbibed act of the super star. The Khan shud be punished by the law. if the police and law protecting khan, I'm really feared to walk or drive thru mumbai roads because I'm just a 'sada indian'.

Mon Sep 30 11:37:53 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:It's very rude of media to constantly hound Salman or publicise his doings. i wonder if the media would hav done tht if he was not a celebrity. he is a wounded lover who finds it difficult to control his sufferings and maybe he never intended to indulge in the acts tht has brought infamy to him. i think we should leave him of his own and give him some time to reconcile. iam sure he will bounce back as a much improved person.

Mon Sep 30 11:38:03 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Yes, this is the end of his career. Everyone has strated hating him for all his deeds. He needs to be punishe dseverely, otherwise he will continue with all this nuisance.

Mon Sep 30 11:38:13 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, INDIA
Your Views:I say he should be doomed. Reckless, irrespondible, in-human, unthankful to the society, with all these traits he should be doomed. When Sanjay Dutt was not spares for his wrong dees, why should Salman be spared? Let him also learn a lesson, such that he too changes as Sanjay did change after his term in jail.

Mon Sep 30 11:38:19 2002
City, Country:Jamnagar, India
Your Views:I think Salman is down right now, but I am sure he will overcome all this and will make the greatest comeback ever.

Mon Sep 30 11:38:21 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:i don't care, but he will surely get away with this killing, as the indian judiciary and law & order sucks. many palms will be greased and he will be back to his old ways. his parents have really done a bad job in his upbringing.

Mon Sep 30 11:38:28 2002
City, Country:noida, up, india
Your Views:In the eye of law, salman khan should treated in the same way as any other person allegedly guilty of killing aperson and injuring others by drunken driving.If that means he is doomed , so be it.

Mon Sep 30 11:39:16 2002
Name:Mohd Akram
City, Country:Lucknow
Your Views:He is very good actor in Hollywood , I like to very much him for seeing his movie and his acting was excellant. I think he is no accident to any body. He is very help full person I pray to allah to leave this type of circumstance.

Mon Sep 30 11:39:20 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:Hez doomed forever...people got to throw him out for all his wrong doing...intentional or unintentional...what price is he going to pay for killing one innocent life...he being rich can pay some price for the life he killed to get away but he has to understand that the person's life is priceless for his wont bring him to life...God should punish him law may not...people keep talking about this bad guy but not about Nuru who lost his life...where has the media ethics gone???

Mon Sep 30 11:39:47 2002
City, Country:Blenheim,New Zealand
Your Views:I think Salman misusing his reputation.He should know he has millions of fans who love him so much.evident is a big crowd infront of Bandra police station to see their favourite star even though he killed a person.salman should realize this and act like a Hero even in real life.

Mon Sep 30 11:40:05 2002
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:it hapens he must be having some tensions in mind.

Mon Sep 30 11:40:07 2002
City, Country:Pune,India
Your Views:i don't now he will doomed or bounce back.i thin he is guilty he should thrown by the audiance he has to doomed

Mon Sep 30 11:40:22 2002
Name:Manoj Dey
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Nothing happens to these people they always get away with Rs. 1000/- fine. What had happen to BMW case (Nanda's son) in Delhi ? What about other cases where flim stars killed people ??? Historically they know the way to get away , UNFORTUNATELY !! They are STARS they can do nothing wrong :-) like in flims !!

Mon Sep 30 11:40:40 2002
City, Country:delhi
Your Views:salman khan is still a nice hero and sometimes someone's fate can take person to any heights.

Mon Sep 30 11:41:17 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:The fact that every one is interested in the actors career and not what has happened to the victims in the recent incident is of serious concern. Unless the media tones down their obssesiveness to such so called stars, irrascible behaviour will be condoned and accepted as a fact of life

Mon Sep 30 11:41:21 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:I think he is gone for SIX. I dont understand why he ends up trouble for normal things? bad luck.

Mon Sep 30 11:41:31 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Mon Sep 30 11:41:45 2002
Name:Major Gurdeep Samra
City, Country:India
Your Views:This spoilt brat with big ego should be locked up for 6 months to bring him to mother earth. Acting is yet another profession and pampering that kids give these reel hero's goes to their head. He should be kept with troops in sachen glacier to show him the other side of life.

Mon Sep 30 11:41:53 2002
Name:Shanker Sen
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:Yes. Very Much. He does not have the same screen performance and acting capeabilities any more. And above all nobody is above law. He cannot go arround falring his temper.

Mon Sep 30 11:42:32 2002
Name:C M John
City, Country:New Delhi
Your Views:At first, Salman shuold have given a humaniterian touch to the victims rather than running away from the scene. He was worried about his safety. What about the victim's agony? For drunken /negligent driving of people like Salman Khan, the punishment needs to be double.

Mon Sep 30 11:42:47 2002
Name:Ravi Pani
City, Country:India
Your Views:A super brat.It is shame that inspite of so many breach of law by him, he is free. All he gets a arrest and then a royal bail. Shame to our judiciary. He is not above the nation. My feelings are somewhat the same for Sanjay Dutt, amother super brat.

Mon Sep 30 11:43:08 2002
City, Country:hyderabad
Your Views:i'm an ardent fan of salman khan but it seems he never learns from his mistakes and gets entangled with every possible controversy it takes to doom a career.but i dont find any reason to support him now cause he has killed someone through a fault of his own ,though not intentional but definitely carelessness and i think its high time he pays the price for it.

Mon Sep 30 11:44:14 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:we should kick him out. we don't want his presence in the film industry.

Mon Sep 30 11:44:23 2002
City, Country:Cochin,India
Your Views:why worry that he doesnt have any movies on the floor?he is a non-actor anyway.The film industry shouldnt sorely miss him.

Mon Sep 30 11:44:42 2002
Name:Praveen Singh
City, Country:Bangalore-INDIA
Your Views:Salman will definately be back with a bang. But he is emotional disturbed, & needs someone who can support. Unfortunately its Ash rai who may nothave the samefeelings as he has for her. But may be as a good friend she has to be next to him.

Mon Sep 30 11:45:46 2002
Name:Ganesha pandit
City, Country:Guntur
Your Views:Salman Khan is better off cooling his heels in a prison cell. He has got neither morals nor values. He thinks he is gods gift to mankind. He should be punished as per the law . Maybe once he is in for an extended period he might change and become a normal person

Mon Sep 30 11:46:04 2002
City, Country:Mumbai , India
Your Views:Salman Khan needs to learn a lesson.. because he is getting away with all his wrong doings he feels he has become invincible.. now is the time he should realise his mistakes and get his act together.. before it is too late. He is a fine actor and the industry needs him. WAKE UP SALMAN KHAN !! - Nitin A Salman Fan.

Mon Sep 30 11:46:22 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI(INDIA)

Mon Sep 30 11:46:40 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I think Our Indian Law seems to different for different walks of life.A normal person commiting a crime like this is hard pressed to get bail and probably will have to serve sentence for the crime but incase of celeb"s they get away paying up.The same was the case with Puru Raj Kumar and now with Salman.

Mon Sep 30 11:46:45 2002
City, Country:calcutta,india
Your Views:whether his career is dommed or not i do not know,but for the act that he has committed recently he should be given severe punishment...something that would be representative....bcoz had it been any other person that person would have been beaten up on the road itself following the accident

Mon Sep 30 11:46:59 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:This menace should be barred from city limits. Salman is not doomed, its the people of Mumbai that are doomed with him around. There should be no sympathy for this person with limited mental development and if he goes scot free this time, then the law and judiciary system will be a shame and a stigma to this country. Salman's attitude comes from the knowledge that people love himas a star. We all should stand up and boycott him and his presence totally. Making him a nobody by not giving him any importance what so ever, will get him down to hard reality. He is no god to go about killing animals and people for his sadistic pleasures. This guy is mentally ill, insane and needs to be sent to the mental hospital.

Mon Sep 30 11:47:01 2002
City, Country:chennai
Your Views:Salman Khan doomed and should a man may reach to his higest peak ,it doest mean he can do what ever he wan't to killing people,animals

Mon Sep 30 11:47:06 2002
Name:Kundan Sinha
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:Salman is a troubled soul, who inveterates in flaunting his personal life and celebrity status. He thinks, he is special and above the LAW and can do anything to anybody. He must pray god for some sense(for a change) and peace within himself.

Mon Sep 30 11:47:12 2002
City, Country:Visakapatnam
Your Views:STUPID QUESTION. As usual, it seems 'Press' nowadys think, they can make or break people. Salman Khan did not become what he is, based on what I or anyone else thought. He became what he is only by himself. So, I repeat its a stupid question.

Mon Sep 30 11:47:14 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:He never had a career in the last 3-5 years anyway. All he did was strut around in his strecth Tees and bulging jeans, and that hardly qualifies; even going by the abysmally low standards that the Mumbai film industry ha reached. This should, hopefully, be the last nail in his coffin, but going by past events, he may pay some poor chap to testify as the driver of the vehicle that rammed into the unlucky people. It's time we stopped tolerating such antics, and sent Salman to the Slammer!

Mon Sep 30 11:47:19 2002
Name:David Michael
City, Country:India
Your Views:He seriously needs to learn that drinking Thumps Up is not enough to grow up..Just becos one has becom FAMOUS and is receiving the love and affection of the masses does not mean that ONE can do whatever required. He is just a STAR not a BIG TIME LEGEND..what if Salman got the publicity like Michael Jackson!!!!! He (Salman) wud have gone on RAMPAGE!!! Wrong is a wrong, any person who is doing wrong ought to be punished..SIMPLE

Mon Sep 30 11:47:39 2002
Name:A. Kelkar
City, Country:Sambhajinagar, India
Your Views:Hey, who cares about his career? My only concern is that just like in the black buck case, his high-priced lawyers will get him off in this case as well. The rich and the famous don't get punished in our country.

Mon Sep 30 11:48:31 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I think he will bounce back provided he is treated for his volatile state of mind. Here is a man who appears pressurized and who desperately need guidance and therapy. His aggression may serve him as a fighting spirit if he sets his mind upon it.

Mon Sep 30 11:48:41 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:salman khan might have been in the news for all bad reasons but one cannot deny the fact that he has given many great block busters and i don't know why but i still think that he's a nice man and must do well once he keeps his arrogance and love for voilence aside.we know you have it in you salman so do it man!

Mon Sep 30 11:48:44 2002
City, Country:Faridabad, India
Your Views:Guilty should be punished, whether he is a star or political leader

Mon Sep 30 11:49:37 2002
Name:ravikanth reddy
City, Country:hyd,india
Your Views:yes, but i think its self inflicted one.he goes too far in his emotions and becomes a public nuisance.he is a star and need to behave decently.he is setting a bad precendent for aspiring starlets.whats this dragging aishwarya by hair beating her black and blue.where are the feminist organisations?.its time he become courteous for other people to respect and love him otherwise he will be remembered as a brash and idiotitc person.

Mon Sep 30 11:49:56 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:just ban this man for 3 years not sign any films and not to be screened in telivision/ any screens.... Authomatically these kind of persons will become all right... i'm sure salman only drive his car..

Mon Sep 30 11:50:09 2002
Name:varrghese cherian
City, Country:secunderabad
Your Views: NEVER salman khan is not doomed but the common mans faith in the countrys judiciary and police. The courts will defintly dilly dally and delay justice the police will withdraw all allegations under pressure from politicians and underworld dons. The witnesses if any will say he saw nothing and that the police forced him to witness. Ultimately salman will release the next film sucessfully and he will retain his position no-1 in film industry and he will get better offers due to this happenings. jai hind

Mon Sep 30 11:50:41 2002
Name:Imtiaz Hasan
City, Country:India
Your Views:He is not only a controversial actor but also a stupid and mad fellow. He is involved in a number of offences including indirect terrorist activities. No doubt person like S Khan would become a threat for the India and Islam as well as for the humanity if he would not be sent to the prison (jail) for life long.

Mon Sep 30 11:50:57 2002
City, Country:Melbourne, Australia
Your Views:Considering salmans previous things like killing animals and all I think salman should be put behind bars. He thinks he can do anything because he is a star. Which is not true.

Mon Sep 30 11:52:03 2002
Name:Vivek Sharma
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:It is difficult to achieve success,but it is even more difficult to carry it with dignity.Salman Khan has failed to adjust with upheavals in his life.This has shown that he lacks in character somewhere.He should not forget that an entire genearation,idiolises him as an icon.As an actor he should be in news for his performance on the screen and not off the screen.He can make a comeback but that would need efforts and they are not easy in any way.Salman would have to really work hard if he wants to make a comeback.However it would not be wise to write him off at this stage.

Mon Sep 30 11:52:04 2002
City, Country:pune
Your Views:he must be punished for killing a person & more for killing animals

Mon Sep 30 11:52:08 2002
Your Views:personally & professionally doomed

Mon Sep 30 11:52:11 2002
Name:Shobha Reddy
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Thats the end of Salman Khan.

Mon Sep 30 11:52:38 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:I think he is not fit being a role model as an hero.better quit acting

Mon Sep 30 11:52:47 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:i dont think so, just that he needs break from all his personal issues, and take it easy. Better he takes a break for couple of months from mumbai . and spend time alone .

Mon Sep 30 11:52:59 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Doomed,definately not.Salman still has a long innings left.We shoul not forget that this attitude is due to emotional reasons not because of any professional problems.He is still popular than the many of the so called stable stars.He is very much viable commercially.This is just a passing phase & nothing more than tat,for the HE-MAN of INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY.

Mon Sep 30 11:53:03 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI
Your Views:No dear, salman is very good man, he is only short temper only, nothing else. he is good man,

Mon Sep 30 11:53:16 2002
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:i guess he will bounce back coz he has power, i mean power of money he can easily get the case against him cleared just has to bribe some officials and he can make him bodyguard take the blame on him by paying him as you know most of the things but not everything can be bought with money and that is true oh hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Mon Sep 30 11:53:28 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman will be back...

Mon Sep 30 11:53:29 2002
Name:Raju A G
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Being a media celebrity, all actions of Salman Khan are being viewed under a microscope by all and sundry.Every person is responsible for the consequences of their actions, but the public has no business to pass judgements on anyone just because he/she is in the Lime-light.Just see him as a an ordinary citizen, working in the entertainment industry, and having his own private life -- and he will appear to be just like most other people! Whether he is doomed or whether he will bounce back, only Time will tell, but if we look at Amitabh Bachan or Jennifer Capriati or many others whom the public had written off at some time in their careers, maybe there is a lesson!!!

Mon Sep 30 11:54:04 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Such kind is irresponsible behaviour, cannot and should not be tolerated. The Law will take its own course and the end will be as predictable as a Hindi Movie. I think all Indians who have a Thinking Head over their shoulders should boycott all Movies and events showcasing Stars (there are others in the Club too) like him. This is the Best way to make them realise that they have the same rights as every other Citizen of this country and are not above any law. It is extremly Sad to see Stars like him behave like this instead of being Role Models to society after knowing the fact that the masses of this country follow people like him. The question that Is he doomed or will he Bounce back totally depends on HIM. If he admits his guilts, accepts his mistakes, and changes his attitude and his perspective towards Life he can be at TOP once again. This journey will not be Short and Easy, will be full of Hurdles, but that will help him to be a better Human Being. That is more important.

Mon Sep 30 11:54:12 2002
Name:S.P.SINGH, P.S. TO C.G.M.
City, Country:PATNA,INDIA

Mon Sep 30 11:54:26 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:hey this is ridiculous. how can he b so careless.

Mon Sep 30 11:54:44 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:salmankhan ,i dont know how he is surviving in film industry,he doesnt know how 2 act,it seems the film directors only want his sex appeal.

Mon Sep 30 11:55:02 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:definitely doomed. i guess he shld never be offered any role in films and made to rot on bombay streets.

Mon Sep 30 11:55:04 2002
City, Country:HYD,INDIA
Your Views:Salman Khan is done for now! Bye Bye Sallu Miyan! Hope u have a lot of ASH behind BARS

Mon Sep 30 11:55:06 2002
City, Country:KOLKATA

Mon Sep 30 11:55:17 2002
City, Country:Aligarh.India
Your Views:Salman is Deewana.So he is correct his site.

Mon Sep 30 11:55:19 2002
City, Country:Pune.India
Your Views:i think wheather one is rich , have a lot of power or influence or what ever , when it comes to commiting crimes nobody should be excused. Salman should have been booked in the killng of the rared species in Rajasthan. but then law failed to tap him. See the exaamples of laws in the country like America where even an employee of white house can drag the president to the court of law. it is again the case of an influence personality vs system. Salman must be booked srtongly and we the people must say no to his films.

Mon Sep 30 11:55:20 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI

Mon Sep 30 11:55:33 2002
Name:p r nayan
City, Country:surat
Your Views:As long as we have laws that allow one to get away with such murders for a paltry Rs950/-, no body is doomed - let alone Salman!

Mon Sep 30 11:55:36 2002
Name:dominic Thomas
City, Country:mumbai,India
Your Views:There is a limit to this guys arrogance.he should be put in Jail for 2 years and care should be taken to see improvement in his mental health. we citizens have had enough.

Mon Sep 30 11:56:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:He should be hanged at public place.....

Mon Sep 30 11:56:08 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:Salman Khan is doomed.Whoever has done a damage to the public must be punished.Let his punishment be a lesson to other VIPs.They are not gods to be given more importance.They are also humans like us.We should not give too much importance for the crazy film stars( & politicians too).Punish him , Punish him,Punish him . This is not the order of a judge buit an order of an Indian(true Indian).

Mon Sep 30 11:56:08 2002
City, Country:INDIA.MUMBAI

Mon Sep 30 11:56:16 2002
City, Country:Pune
Your Views:He should be hanged.

Mon Sep 30 11:56:28 2002
City, Country:kolkata,india
Your Views:i think salman khan is one heck of a person.hemakes for all the wrong reasons.but i still feel that he should be given a chance for his good work that very few people know.

Mon Sep 30 11:56:34 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I feel Salman Khan is a shame to the film industry. He is a shame to being considered a celebrity. He has too much of an attitude problem, thinks no end of himself & seems to have no value for life(human or animal). All his acts in the last few years have shown that he is a highly irresponsible and mercurial person. He should be ostracised by the entire film industry & made to serve all prison terms that he deserves.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:04 2002
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:no i dont think that salman is doomed, but i must say that it is a real bad time for him. I think that he is ruining his own life because of Aishwarya .If he sincerely likes her, it is better to have patience rather than behaving like a mad man.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:18 2002
City, Country:indore,india
Your Views:actually its you media people who does not bring the right picture to public, and you give different colour to any incident. if some one got dead inthis incident then it is an accdient, and in india hundreds of people dead in these types of accident, the coart will decide what to do. but why you peple raising the other issue with this matter . you all media people trying to spoil his career, only because he misbehave with you.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:22 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, AP, India
Your Views:In bolleywood when there is Don's there should be khan's

Mon Sep 30 11:57:39 2002
City, Country:Saharanpur, India
Your Views:No doubt salman is a good actor but on the personal front, I think he is not a grown up person, means to say it may be due to his upbringing, he should know that a million persons follow him, he should try to be a idol rather than be a brat.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:44 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:many of the heroes atleast pretend to be good to outside world but this guy is too arrogant. when time is good arrogancy is ok but now he will regret for spoiling the public image. money is not everything.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:45 2002
City, Country:Hyd
Your Views:Success should not get on to ones head, Salman is a classic example of the contrary. If he thinks he can get away with anything, he gotta think again, the same people who have given him the previlege of a celebrity will push him down the gutter, if they cant life will (he is already experiencing it). He has proved to be a pest.

Mon Sep 30 11:57:51 2002
City, Country:N. DELHI, INDIA

Mon Sep 30 11:58:05 2002
City, Country:BANGALORE
Your Views:yeah he is doomed and can never come up again if he wishes to continue this trend. because a man without discipline in his life is doomed in which ever career he is. more over he should get marry in order to get certaing things settle down,.

Mon Sep 30 11:58:11 2002
City, Country:Phoenix,AZ,US
Your Views:I think,this should be taken as other normal cases.It is not like that Salman has done so it's become a big case.He is also a human being and did a mistake.Not a big deal..

Mon Sep 30 11:58:24 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:salam khan thinks what he do is good, but he is right, its his way of living, but harming others is danger, so he must thinks twice for any such acts

Mon Sep 30 11:58:24 2002
Name:Concerned Indian
City, Country:India
Your Views:As a public personality with a capacity to influence impressive minds, Mr. Khan has definitely set a terribly bad example. It will definitely make me think a lot of times before watching his movies. Hope he is not allowed to get away with murder.

Mon Sep 30 12:11:20 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Its high time he is in jail. Just because he is a film star does not mean he can kill a person and get away with it. If he does, its a shame on the whole country.

Mon Sep 30 12:11:50 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I think our country is weaker than these few crazy people, Because Indian Law is so weak that it just can not manage these people. Look at this guy, He just killed a person and injured few others and he is moving freely by just paying less than Rs. 1000/- as bail bond. They are not much threat from terrorists belonging to pakistan but these real terrorists from our own country.

Mon Sep 30 12:11:53 2002
City, Country:PANRUTI, INDIA
Your Views:Salman Khan is always misbehaving. He deserves a punishment. Such persons do not worth to become public personality. He appears to be behind many girls. The girls should distance themselves from such filmi personality.

Mon Sep 30 12:11:57 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:If at all the common feel that the democracy and law & order are under control and nobody is bigger than the constitution.. we must see Mr.Salman Khan should me arrested and prosecuted. We had already heard about this ill behavioured actor who created hell lot of problems not only to his lover but to his collegues .. as i strongly believe that Mr.Salman should be sentenced atleast 13 years jail. I hope concern authorities will take necessary action on people like this mentally narrowed people because these are biggest threat to society than the militants and naxals.

Mon Sep 30 12:11:59 2002
City, Country:baroda, india
Your Views:i think he shud b pushed behind bars for killing that man n killing black bucks as it will b n example for other films stars. he is guilty so he shud b punished y make a difference between ordinary people n rich people. law should not b bias tht's it.

Mon Sep 30 12:12:03 2002
Name:vaibhav chhatre
City, Country:Nagpur, India
Your Views:in India , the moneyed class is above law.So the Q of Salaman getting finished doesnt arrise at all! I bet that his body guard will change his statement at the court and this guy will come out of the court smiling and pretending innocence & the media will once again bow lick his butt by posting his photos on their front pages.As it is who the hell was this dead guy anyways? Just a II class citizen like you and me!

Mon Sep 30 12:12:25 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:He should be taught a lesson that Celebrities are not above law. He should be put in jail for his wrong doings. A common man life is as precious as a celebrities life, no body should take law for granted. He should be treated as common criminal for murder.

Mon Sep 30 12:12:51 2002
Name:rajesh singh
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:He seems to have gone totally eccentric and badly insecured in life...what else can be said about him...Over the period of time he has become totally a man of lost is really very difficult for him to come back and gain acceptance.

Mon Sep 30 12:13:01 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:One high visibility speedy conviction will go a long way in scaring some of these movie scumbags - Sunjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Satish Shah, etc... straight. Make an example of one and the others will think twice before behaving like third rate thugs.

Mon Sep 30 12:13:27 2002
City, Country:baroda, india
Your Views:i think he shud b pushed behind bars for killing that man n killing black bucks as it will b n example for other films stars. he is guilty so he shud b punished y make a difference between ordinary people n rich people. law should not b bias tht's it.

Mon Sep 30 12:13:43 2002
City, Country:Lucknow,India
Your Views:he always made a come back after bad times . This time again he will.

Mon Sep 30 12:14:07 2002
Name:vineet Dewan
City, Country:New Delhi - India
Your Views:He is a great actor, and has given great hits like Hum Dil De Chule Sanam, Hum Apke hein Kaun and many others. These incidents are part and parcel of everybodys life and has no connection with his performance and career.

Mon Sep 30 12:14:18 2002
City, Country:new zealand
Your Views:i feel that salman khan deserves the same treatment that any ordinary indian who would have crushed a man does. but i also know that the way the corrupt judiciary functions in that country, the khan will get away scot free-- already his lawyer has commented that he was not driving the car , what better example of misconduct and falsification can one get to start with. if the relative of that lawyer would have been hit, he would probably be singing a different tune. run my friend ....... the country helps u in running.....beinga sheltering a criminal is nothing new. i still hope - things change and the khan serves sentence !

Mon Sep 30 12:14:27 2002
Name:qaiser malik
City, Country:Pakistan,Rawalpindi
Your Views:Khan is no doubet is a handsome and chaarming hero and symbol of mans beauty.But he must be know that he dont do this type of mistake to distroy his career.

Mon Sep 30 12:14:29 2002
City, Country:KL,Malaysia
Your Views:I Feel Indian Government should give him atleast 7 years non-bailable Arrest Warrant and also penalise him and compensate the same amount to the dead persons family

Mon Sep 30 12:14:50 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI, INDIA

Mon Sep 30 12:15:06 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:i think enough is enough..u know wat teh worst part of the story is..tat khan mite get away wit murder...and tats disgusting..nobody shld get away wit killing sum1!! boycott salman khan!!! plus...his brothers too..who came later to take the cd player.. we expect sum sort of deceny from a family of such stature ..deceny to atleast pay for those u have injured..its disgusting..wat this country is coming to..and it all our fault...but this is it..we shld boycott salman khan!

Mon Sep 30 12:15:16 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:Will he bounce back ?? only time will have to answer this question .. but if you ask me should he bounce back ?? anser from my end would be a definite NO .. People like him should be dealt with Iron Hands and Law should take its course and a wrong precendent should not be set by allowing him to go scot free ..

Mon Sep 30 12:15:29 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:what he does is horrifying. But he is a talented actor and he should take care. I wish and hope he will bounce back.

Mon Sep 30 12:15:36 2002
City, Country:Muimbai, India
Your Views:His future is doomned. Should be boycotted by all.

Mon Sep 30 12:15:58 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Now it is too much. He should arrest and should not secure bail.

Mon Sep 30 12:16:07 2002
Name:sanjay khanna
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Yes.He seems to be doomed Because he could not digest his sucess

Mon Sep 30 12:16:12 2002
City, Country:bangalore.
Your Views:I think, he will never bounce back.

Mon Sep 30 12:16:16 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:He should be prosecuted by the law on charges of Murder!

Mon Sep 30 12:16:21 2002
Name:akshay kumar
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:The behaviour of the expressionless Khan right from beginning is condemnable. He has got that amount of fame that he never deserved. Even i suspect that this man has relations with underworld (dawood).This man must get proper treatment from authorities. Aishwarya must go to shiv sena for her problem.

Mon Sep 30 12:16:33 2002
Name:Sandeep Ohri
City, Country:Delhi
Your Views:These stars should not get so much liberty and we (public) should also get more educated that they are simple man and earning their bread and butter by doing 'NAUTANKIS' on big screen nothing else!!! They should be treated like normal man and media also should not give so much importance to them. Similar with our so called CRICKET heroes!!!

Mon Sep 30 12:16:34 2002
City, Country:new delhi
Your Views:no problem,he will become filim field

Mon Sep 30 12:16:37 2002
Name:krishna rao
City, Country:hyderabad,india
Your Views:this bare shirt bear is no humanbeing.he and his likes who are aplenty in bombay film industry should be damned to dungeons

Mon Sep 30 12:16:42 2002
Name:sanjay khanna
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Yes.He seems to be doomed Because he could not digest his sucess

Mon Sep 30 12:16:59 2002
City, Country:England
Your Views:I think he need to be punished for what he as done since from past. There should be equal rule for all people. No descrimination by money and power.

Mon Sep 30 12:17:06 2002
Name:Arjiun Rane
City, Country:Mumbai:-400060
Your Views:please through him behind bars for long period

Mon Sep 30 12:17:08 2002
Name:Vikram B
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:He is doomed.. Any doubts?

Mon Sep 30 12:17:12 2002
Name:Savio De Souza
City, Country:Goa, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is a fabulous actor and I am sure is a kind soul. Who doesn't do mistakes in this world? And it is wrong to show once emotions? He loved someone and his heart is broken, what does one do in such a situation? About the accident, does anyone knowingly meets or does any accidents? It was a fate and can anyone change that? Who doesn't drink? Just because he is a public figure he should kill all his likings? I am a great fan of Salman Khan. I don't like anyone saying or publishing any rubbish of my great role model. He will definitely come out of this mess and my prayers are always with him. I am a 26 years old guy from Goa. My name is Savio de Souza.

Mon Sep 30 12:17:35 2002
City, Country:Mumbay, India
Your Views:It is always understood fro m media for last about five years Salmans is not stable mentally. He always does in a stupid way as an example hunting deers while in the shooting of HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN movie, and recently publicly haraassing Aishwarya Roy. In my life time I never heard a positive opinion about Mr.Khan from any means either from media or personal opinion other than his acting. May be he is lacking of lovables otherwise any person can not behave in that way. I beleive he should apolize and prissioned whtever he done in Mumbay jeep accident provided with evidence.

Mon Sep 30 12:17:39 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:These kind of incidents happen everyday,it's just that Salman is a celebrity and in the LIMELIGHT everytime due to which the press & media cover him so much. If it would have been that Salman was a normal and subdued person then these things would have never even appeared anywhere for people to know about it. And then his personal life again is in turmoil and that is something which happens with every individual whether big or small, so we have to leave him alone and let him learn things on his own and corner him. As far as Aishwarya Rai and his relationship goes, nobody knows what exactly has hapeened between them and it is totally their call, we don't have any such right to discuss or give suggestions fot it. And about his diminishing career, i still feel that his fans are in abundance, so he need worry about his films not doing well. That's all i could say about this. Thanx

Mon Sep 30 12:17:42 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:He should be put behind bars.

Mon Sep 30 12:18:42 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI, INDIA
Your Views: I feel that Salman Khan should be committed in to hospital before it is too late. He is fast developing into 'Split Personality Syndrome' of the severe type. on the face of it, it appears he is enacting the Film Roles he's played as real life.Furthermore, the Steroids he has taken for Body Building has damaged his mental equilibrium.He should abstain from films & acting in particular for at least 2 years or until he has fully recovered. Marriage is out of the Question in the meanwhile (at least until full recovery)

Mon Sep 30 12:18:57 2002
Name:dr. ashok mashru
City, Country:bhavnagar,gujarat, india
Your Views: after killing chinkaras and harassing aishwarya-his dear-,he is still continuing his dirty mind.As in india,people used to see filmi heroes as role models, he and sanjay dutt should be banned and punished.

Mon Sep 30 12:19:04 2002
City, Country:Mumabi
Your Views:Can i Kill Salman Khan with Rs. 995.00 only ... Otherwise i'll get killed by him in anather 995.00 Rs.

Mon Sep 30 12:19:11 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views: If at all the common feel that the democracy and law & order are under control and nobody is bigger than the constitution.. we must see Mr.Salman Khan should me arrested and prosecuted. We had already heard about this ill behavioured actor who created hell lot of problems not only to his lover but to his collegues .. as i strongly believe that Mr.Salman should be sentenced atleast 13 years jail. I hope concern authorities will take necessary action on people like this mentally narrowed people because these are biggest threat to society than the militants and naxals.

Mon Sep 30 12:19:21 2002
Name:m.h sagar
City, Country:kargil,india
Your Views:i think salman is a good actor and also a good guy. i think the media expose only his wrong steps not his good characters . ofcourse he is only noughty and lovely actor. the killing of a man is only an accident.and he is also a human being.

Mon Sep 30 12:19:24 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:The law should treat Salman in the same way it would treat a common man. But knowing the system I feel all this hue and cry would die-off soon and everything will be forgotten

Mon Sep 30 12:34:14 2002
City, Country:kerala india
Your Views:if the reports are true then he deserves the right punishment & money power should not be allowed to help him escape .

Mon Sep 30 12:34:14 2002
City, Country:India.
Your Views:He is a stupid and number one ediate it seems. Allways doing nonsence and today drunk and drove his car on poor. Now these bloody politicians and government employees may turn this case and release him with safe closer by taking some bribe. If this country is going on like this one day there will be nothing here in Inida to see, listen or to live. At least in this case the government should act properly to punish this kind of ediates.

Mon Sep 30 12:34:27 2002
Name:Udayan Desai
City, Country:Surat, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is the worst actor cum worst Ceature in terms of Human Being without Brain with Ruthless & Heartless Nature. He should not be allowed to live in the Society at all. you should not keep any Opinion Poll for this kind Cheap Jerk who does not care for any Living Thing!! Rather he should be killed or he should injured in a manner which he has done it all these years with many People as well as wonderful & rare Animals. If you have guts to keep such kind of Opinion Poll then send my message to him. If you do that I will remember & appreciate it with respect. Thanking you.

Mon Sep 30 12:34:32 2002
Name:Chintan Mehta
City, Country:Nalasopara,Thane.
Your Views:Sal-Man Khan....His Appearence may be Like a Man but he is certainly not fit to be a Man.....come on how do u except him to be a Man after he ran away from that place where the incident took place in the Night where one person got killed.If he was a man then he would have stayed there and have taken all those injured people to the Hospital. I think that now he is Totally Doomed. May Be he is more proud of his Muscular Physique. I dont see anything left for him in the future. I mean killing one person is much more than keeping weapons like Sanjay Dutt did. I think he should be Punished severely.He has no chance to bounce back.....he can't cover up all the bad things he did....may be he can but he can't make that dead person ALIVE.I personally want that all people should read my View about him so the government will know what all actions to take against "Salmon" Khan.

Mon Sep 30 12:35:09 2002
Name:sangram mali
City, Country:islampur
Your Views:he won't be doomed. people's memory haver never lasted long. they will forget every thing has happened and accept him again. he will bounce back.

Mon Sep 30 12:35:13 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Mon Sep 30 12:35:20 2002
Name:Dr Rajsekhar
City, Country:Hyderabad, INDIA
Your Views:Accident is an Accident, He should be punished under the law for intoxicated driving but linking it with something else is sham...

Mon Sep 30 12:35:51 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad,
Your Views:The gone are the moral values of the so-called present heroes, we have seen Dutts, and now Khans. These people should be banned for life as they have done in the case of some of the cricketers of yesterdate. The industry has produced some of the greats with high values, brought name and fame to the nation also. And these short statured guys showing their muscles on underwear and banians gives no better look than a road site rowdy sheeter.

Mon Sep 30 12:36:24 2002
Name:a. satyanarayana
City, Country:Secunderabad, A.P., India
Your Views:Mr. Salman Khan doomed.

Mon Sep 30 12:36:26 2002
Name:Ranjit K. Patnaik
City, Country:Bhubaneswar, India.
Your Views:This so called hero but a real life villian should have been behind bars for killing the endangered black buck. Wild life lovers like me desperately want this convict to be punished even if it is for killing a fellow human being. Atleast the Black Bucks would have their revenge. There should not have been a career for him after the Black Buck Killing. After this Human Killing his career must go underground for as long as he lives.

Mon Sep 30 12:36:39 2002
Name:Sabu Kurian
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:It is not worth even wasting time about this rug. You Rediff can do a favour by not writing about anything or requesting the general public not to see any movie at theater or on video or not to buy any song cassette of his films. If you could do so, you are doing justice to this poor nation.

Mon Sep 30 12:36:43 2002
Name:sandipani mishra
City, Country:baripada,mayurbhanj,orissa.757001
Your Views:he is a fool.he is not of a stable mind.he now should not be allowed to drive.

Mon Sep 30 12:36:43 2002
City, Country:india bangalore
Your Views:Definetly he is going to bounce back.he is one of the best actor of the indian cinema

Mon Sep 30 12:36:51 2002
Name:Udayan Desai
City, Country:Surat, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is the worst actor cum worst Ceature in terms of Human Being without Brain with Ruthless & Heartless Nature. He should not be allowed to live in the Society at all. you should not keep any Opinion Poll for this kind Cheap Jerk who does not care for any Living Thing!! Rather he should be killed or he should injured in a manner which he has done it all these years with many People as well as wonderful & rare Animals. If you have guts to keep such kind of Opinion Poll then send my message to him. As far as his carere is concern with my point of view is finished with such kind of behavior If you do that I will remember & appreciate it with respect. Thanking you.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:01 2002
City, Country:Zurich
Your Views:He is a murderer. Don't give publicity to him. He is famous for his notorious deeds. BollyWood is India's destiny..only because of Underworld dons as well this outworld idiots.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:17 2002
Name:Partha Dutta
City, Country:Riga, Latvia
Your Views:All guilty must be punished ... be it Rajiv or Salman. Money/Influence should not delay/deprive justice.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:22 2002
Name:S S Hegde
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:It is unfortunate that some of the bollywood stars become egocentric and think no end to themselves. They are above law because they think that the fans weight protects them. The Bollywood brat pack becomes a criminal pack. Salman Khans seems to be edging on being a psychic case. Yes, he is doomed to become a non-entiry in the filmword. If at least other stars of the criminal kind learn something from the leaf of Salman Khans life, they should overcome the blues of crime.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:23 2002
Name:Mrs. L. Vaz
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Since several years Salman had defaulted. Being an actor and considering how our youth blindly idolise film stars, it is the duty and responsibility of media NOT to project such people over and over again. Instead point out how wrong his/and others of his ilk, behaviour is and guide our youth to be morally upright.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:33 2002
Name:R .Kaul
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Put him in a mental asylum.Killing of innocents amounts to murder and he should be heavily penalised and jailed. Sad but true, our country does not have a competent legal system and ethics.Some joker will defend Salman and someone may take the blame on himself to save the actor.Where do the poor go from here? A tragedy of all sorts. Wonder what happened to the famous BMW case in Delhi ? A top business house was involved.

Mon Sep 30 12:37:33 2002
City, Country:LA, USA
Your Views: Salman Khan should be Punished, this is the third time and till this date he had not yet punished, laws are equal for every citizen, he must be punished...

Mon Sep 30 12:37:44 2002
Name:Ashok Kumar Singh
City, Country:Jamshedpur
Your Views:His carrier is likely to be doomed. Survival of a actor without character is not possible. They are suppose to be a role model for others.

Mon Sep 30 12:38:22 2002
City, Country:Nagpur
Your Views:Just Kill him or get arrested as soon as possible for a long duration

Mon Sep 30 12:38:28 2002
City, Country:bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is a criminal who ought to be in jail. He is a danger to society and should not be allowed to roam free

Mon Sep 30 12:38:28 2002
City, Country:HK
Your Views:The leader of the brat-pack... which has just another member, Sunjay Dutt, this balding menace needs a good spanking - which prison-time should ensure. But will he cash in on a reality check or, as with celebrities the world-over, get off scott-free with a fine [does money mean anything to these people, I mean really?] and community service?

Mon Sep 30 12:38:32 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:let him be !! u media ppl think these stars are your own property ? jst try earn money in a good way, yaar !

Mon Sep 30 12:38:35 2002
City, Country:ca;lcutta, India
Your Views:Salman was never in the contention for the top spot . His off screen antics generate more fodder for the media. Our entire film industry lurks in the murky world of underworld hand , Its time we have a law mechanism in place to prevent celebrities to have a free run of the law

Mon Sep 30 12:39:18 2002
City, Country:Nagpur
Your Views:Salman Khan like a person is devil he is tarhering them to Aiswarya Roy and also he killed one men and injured four perosn. In my opnion, social activist make this issue and black him mouth and snep the sleeper

Mon Sep 30 12:39:28 2002
City, Country:LEBNIA
Your Views:he should get a TASTE OF JAIL, HE DESRVES IT

Mon Sep 30 12:40:30 2002
City, Country:mumbai,INDIA
Your Views:Salman should be behind bar asap and should be there for life time as he has killed recklessly inocent people.

Mon Sep 30 12:40:30 2002
Name:Priyam Agarwal
City, Country:Rourkela,India
Your Views:Salman Khan will be back.I do not like it when people say that he is DOOMED.These guys are afraid of him.He has that killer instinct in him which will help him back.The jurnos are jealous of him and so is tha whole INDUSTRY.

Mon Sep 30 12:40:53 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan as citzen is a disastor. He should be boycotted from the film land . He should be put behind bars for 10 years to make him a good citizen first. His parents must be shameful to give this country a beast like him. Monica

Mon Sep 30 12:41:27 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:I pity on him. There is lot of difference between MPK and today's salman. Personally , I enjoyed seeing his film. But what he has done is totally wrong. No one will beieve him

Mon Sep 30 12:41:42 2002
Name:Haridas P
City, Country:Ahmedabad
Your Views:Salman Khan ????? A continuous story, don't expect more from a half-minded man. Deer murder case in Jaypur, Aishwarya Rai issue, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (Mafia relation) and now this, three murder case, these are few examples. He is a habitual and whole time drunkard and complete nuisance to the people. What would be the maximum imprisonment to him? Two years? Three? Four? He should definitely be penalized for life imprisonment.

Mon Sep 30 12:42:04 2002
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:he is totally gone out of his mind. he thinks as he is the only one left and what he do is right. he is end of his carrier and the the producer of his last film whould be crying know . he will never get back to industry again unless untill there is any underworld support.

Mon Sep 30 12:42:11 2002
Name:Manoj B.
City, Country:Pune, India.
Your Views:He shouldn't be allowed to bounce back. He must be punished very strictly for the longest period. Also he must be fined with most possible amount. The amount received as fine should be distributed amongst the sufferes for their welfare.

Mon Sep 30 12:42:11 2002
City, Country:malayasia
Your Views:no he is not doomed,he will bounce back.

Mon Sep 30 12:42:50 2002
City, Country:Berlin, Germany
Your Views:i think salman feeels like HERO in real life also.. somebody shuld tell him that cinema is illusion, which cannot be true in real life.. one has to lead normal life !!!!!! i think he shuld be treated very harshly for his misconduct as this is not the first time he is involved in this kind of acts -............

Mon Sep 30 12:43:18 2002
City, Country:gujarat, india
Your Views:Obyiously, he is doomed. This fellow should not be left "just-like-that". Court of Law should treat him at par with common citizen.

Mon Sep 30 12:43:21 2002
Name:amaan khan
City, Country:jabalpur,india
Your Views:he is realy very care less man. and i think government give punishment to him.

Mon Sep 30 12:43:30 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Salman is just a pampered man. Men of his age shud be @ the pinnacle of their carrer, & should behave in a more mature manner. He is definitely not a good example to the community as a whole. People with his level of popularity can do a world of good to the community by behaving more professionally.

Mon Sep 30 12:44:17 2002
Name:Om Dugar

Mon Sep 30 12:44:21 2002
Name:rajiv rai
City, Country:nagpur,india
Your Views:if he does not change his ways immeditely he is bound to dommed

Mon Sep 30 12:45:13 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:arrest salman and give him punishment,salman ko lagta hai india mein who kuch bhi kar sakta aur koi uska kuch bigad nahi sakta......this is wrong mr.salman.....ARREST HIM

Mon Sep 30 12:45:14 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:The question is not wether he is doomed ? HE SHOULD BE DOOMED!!! Though personally I do not imagine that anything will come out of this case. Like the nanda case in new Delhi this too will meet a natural death. The cops would have been paid off and all his freinds will ensure that he was not drving and will vouch that the man has never even seen a liqour bottle leave alone consume its contents. If he was driving in the Gulf countries he would have been dead meet by now which is what he deserves.

Mon Sep 30 12:45:18 2002
Name:Tarun B
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Salman Khan..if not doomed already should be DUMPED. The industry needs to teach people like him, who give it a bad name, a strong lesson. Their ought to be a total boycott of Salman Khan by the Industry. His Attitude is disgusting.

Mon Sep 30 12:45:18 2002
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:He should be brought to justic this time. Police should now start putting this big-wigs behind the bars for there wrong doings. He has managed to come out of charges of killing the endanger animal changes by his money, etc. However, the history says that no big names has been put behind the bars, no matter how serious the charges are. Salman Khan is no expection, he has all money, fame, etc to buy his freedom from the changes. So he will bounce back

Mon Sep 30 12:45:19 2002
Name:V Gaidh
City, Country:Nagpur
Your Views:He should get psychiatric treatment and help otherwise he'll have to face more personal n professional disasters

Mon Sep 30 12:45:36 2002
City, Country:Mumbai India
Your Views:Salman was the best is the best and will remain the best. The people who say bad about him are jealous of him, Let them know Sallu has the largest number of fan followers, and let me remind the #$@$#%$% press that we will do anything to remonve Sallu from their dirty hariy claws. Remember dont mess wid the best or u loose like the rest.

Mon Sep 30 12:46:15 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he is actuallly a spoiled brat, not enough matured, he should get marrid now.. he spoiled his image,

Mon Sep 30 12:46:29 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Yes! It looks like he is doomed for the timebeing. But if he gives his life a serious thought n mend his ways, I'm sure he'll bounce back. Afterall he is a good actor with a good personality

Mon Sep 30 12:46:36 2002
Name:Manish Chaitanya
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is finished. He should spend the rest of his life in jail.

Mon Sep 30 12:46:47 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan is a doomed character. Such people who have no value of human life should be hanged till death. But the trouble is that such people flourish.

Mon Sep 30 12:46:47 2002
City, Country:Bijapur, India.
Your Views:With his recent behavior it looks that he is bad time.Certainly he will no bounce back bcos at that he will be in jail.haha!!!

Mon Sep 30 12:47:17 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:he is a never giveup person ,he will definetly bounce back with flying colors

Mon Sep 30 12:48:04 2002
Name:poonam sharma
City, Country:new delhi
Your Views:he will never be doomed. he will sure bounce back. life is not always bed of roses for anyone so for him also. inspite of being part of such controversies he is still good at heart. so people like him will always shine. most important thing to note in him is that inspite of ll these hardships he is still bold and not shattered so will be like that in future also. moreover he had not intentionally did that accident and its still not proved that he is driving or not. may god bleas him with all the happiness in his life. he is a hero no 1 now and remain so forever

Mon Sep 30 12:48:49 2002
City, Country:DUBAI

Mon Sep 30 12:48:50 2002
Name:Asif Khan
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:This non sense creature should not go unpunished !

Mon Sep 30 12:48:51 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:He will be alright once he comes out of his love bug. All owing to ash's negligence on him.

Mon Sep 30 12:48:53 2002
Name:Dharni Dhar Dwivedi
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman should pay damages to the dead poor guy's family and to all the injured in the incident. All people are equal in a democaracy. Actually had it been any other country, he would've been in jail. It's shameful that people aren't punished after such a serious crime, just because they are filmstars.

Mon Sep 30 12:49:09 2002
Name:M S Rayudu
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:Shame to 'Bollywood' for supporting Salman kind of artists. Surely, Producers who come into this support group shall be taught a lesson by Indian Public.

Mon Sep 30 12:49:14 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Arrogance is the Key word bere. Salman should be punished so that the others too can learn a lesson.

Mon Sep 30 12:49:45 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:It is waste of time to talk about such people.

Mon Sep 30 12:49:49 2002
City, Country:NJ,USA
Your Views:Whether salmanwas driving at the time of accident or not it`s not yet proved.Even though if he was driving then he can come out from thi easily because he is rich enough.That`s fate of india.Law has got it`s loopholes.

Mon Sep 30 13:11:31 2002
City, Country:Hubli, INDIA
Your Views:There are always ups & down in everybody's career.It has nothing to do of being doomed as such.This is a way of life in India

Mon Sep 30 13:11:37 2002
City, Country: india
Your Views:all Non sence thinks from these (film) hero, of under money makes these hero like this all silly people sitting seeing moves become burden the nation

Mon Sep 30 13:12:05 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Salman Khan should be boycotted from films since his acts are inhuman in nature, whether it is hunting chingaraas or harassing a woman or killing innocent lives. We as a film-audience hold this responsibility today.

Mon Sep 30 13:12:13 2002
City, Country:uganda
Your Views:He is always an ideat and playing all nonsense part in his life. Now this incidence has added another another jewel in his sensible career. Good Keep it up.

Mon Sep 30 13:12:15 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:This person shld be hang immediately ..These unsocial animals and killing innocient people and enjoying every kind of so called privledge

Mon Sep 30 13:12:22 2002
City, Country:uganda
Your Views:He was always an ideat and playing all nonsense part in his life. Now this incidence has added another another jewel in his sensible career. Good Keep it up.

Mon Sep 30 13:12:53 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:He is going through hardship after some sort of love failure, but its natural as with any body else. He should focus on his work and things will fall in place.

Mon Sep 30 13:12:59 2002
City, Country:Hyd,India
Your Views:For a long time now salman has been making it evident what kind of brute he is.Now he has crossed all limits by killing a person.Its high time he is put behind bars.Just because he is a celebrity he need not be allowed to go scot free.He is doomed and by his own doing.

Mon Sep 30 13:13:28 2002
Name:Nilanjan Dutta
City, Country:Bangagloe
Your Views:yes its a bad phase for him if we see, most of the flim personality loose their foucus only when they got in to girls trip my view let him start a fresh start ...he will come back ..he has the quality

Mon Sep 30 13:14:27 2002
Name:Ashish Parekh
City, Country:Mumbai , India
Your Views:The accident that happened on Staurday will change salman and his life forever. Now he will become more matured and will understand his responsibilities toward his family , collegues and society and will start start behaving in more matured manner. I am sure after this incident he will change for good and he will bounce back to regain the top spot in Hindi films.

Mon Sep 30 13:14:42 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I think he ought to be punished severly. I hope a bad example is not set that film stars, for that matter any 'big' personality, can get away with such a dastardly act.

Mon Sep 30 13:14:48 2002
Name:kaifi khan
City, Country:new delhi
Your Views:he is really nice is just media which is makin him a villian...they were first instrumental in aishwarya & salmans break offf...& now also they giving him bad name..after all it was just a accident

Mon Sep 30 13:15:10 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman Khan's movie should be banned ib the future. We should not see his movies. He is uncultured, uneducated and the villain of our Indian society.

Mon Sep 30 13:15:18 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:He is a spoilt brat. He should have been sent behind the bars for what he has done so far. Yet he is roaming around scott-free. As far his career is concerned he has no future at all unless he improves his behaviour, character and acting.

Mon Sep 30 13:15:50 2002
City, Country:Toronto, Canada
Your Views:Mr Khan will never rise to same level since he has good links with underworld and clashing with media. Above all he has killed a person who was sleeping. He thinks no one can do aything to since he is a star. Indian Govt has to change such opnion from stars. And Mr Khan should be use has a good example to them.

Mon Sep 30 13:15:56 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Salman Khan is useless... he is good for nothing and i don't understand why media is giving so much importance to this ridiculous person..

Mon Sep 30 13:16:15 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Salman should be punished in accordance with the law of the land.

Mon Sep 30 13:16:34 2002
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:This fixation with the Khan's doom or his bouncing back is just a load of horse-dung. Why are we, a civilized, cultured people, so very interested in lowlife such as Salman Khan? Anybody who kills an animal for sport has to be the lowest form of life. And now he kills a human! How much lower can one get?

Mon Sep 30 13:16:38 2002
Name:Prakash Nayak
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Its sad such things can happen in this country alone.Influential people and politicians can always get away. It seems there are two sets of laws. One for common man who is expected to abide by law and one for powerful people and politicians. Well, Faster he gets doomed,better for everybody including Ash

Mon Sep 30 13:17:25 2002
City, Country:SOUTH AFRICA

Mon Sep 30 13:17:41 2002
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:i believe that sallu's career is over now. he hasn't delivered a hit for a while and 'controversy' is his middle name. it is time for the indian audience to throw him out.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:15 2002
Name:Madhup Srivastava
City, Country:Wellington, New Zealand
Your Views:These events will no doubt impact him personally. His career should least be affected, I believe. He is facing everything what a common person faces in ones lifetime in this country. This makes him real and more close to the masses. May be his popularity soars, who knows.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:20 2002
City, Country:Chennai,india
Your Views:he is purly worst fellow.Also definetly he is guilty and big felon.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:27 2002
Name:Lokesh Banga
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:I liked this man a lot and couldn't hear anything against him till a few years back but I think now he has some ego problems thinking that he is the smartest and can do whatever he wants to. His behaviour has caused his downfall and I feel he is doomed as to come back he needs to apologies in front of the entire nation and accept his mistakes, which needs a big heart and I feel he does not have that.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:34 2002
City, Country:Pune
Your Views:yes ,he is doomed

Mon Sep 30 13:18:41 2002
Name:Bijoy A.K
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:Salman khan is not matured. The guy is not yet 'grown up'...nobody will tell he is 37! He just lead his life as a reckless, hyper teeanger! That is his tragedy.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:51 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:he must be hanged to death oratleast he must serve life imprisonment.

Mon Sep 30 13:18:56 2002
Name:shah Dave
City, Country:BBy - India
Your Views:leave him alone. why bother him or anyone else on any matter ??? he will be better off without we all bothering for him.

Mon Sep 30 13:19:08 2002

Mon Sep 30 13:19:14 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI,INDIA

Mon Sep 30 13:19:42 2002
City, Country:CHENNAI, INDIA.

Mon Sep 30 13:19:47 2002
Name:Dinesh Jain
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:There is definitely no reprieve for Salman Khan's rash driving. However, the question that pops up in my mind, whenever I see these deaths of pavement sleepers/dwellers is, is it really valid to blame a car driver for the death of these people? Isn't it illegal to sleep on pavements? Sometimes a person may lose his control over driving due to the signal failure, potholes, bad street lights etc. These are circumstances which are not in the dirver's control. And this may also lead to driving over the pavement dwellers. In such a case who has to be blamed?

Mon Sep 30 13:20:23 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:who the hell cares about this pumped up bouncing steroid freak.let him flop at the box office, let him rot in jail,he has not got one good movie to date all his hits have been due to a lot of other factors. to me he seems schizophrenic he is unimportant to write about but for the sole reason the importance given to him by the media and public, one is compelled to write and trash him. (I hope he gets this message.)

Mon Sep 30 13:20:49 2002
Name:Prakash Nayak
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Its sad such things can happen in this country alone.Influential people and politicians can always get away. It seems there are two sets of laws. One for common man who is expected to abide by law and one for powerful people and politicians. Well, Faster he gets doomed,better for everybody including Ash

Mon Sep 30 13:20:54 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:I think people like Salman should be gravely punished, not not get away with it.He can be a brat in his own house! Murder is an offence and I think he should be imprisoned for life.

Mon Sep 30 13:21:39 2002
Name:Prashant Saxena
City, Country:delhi
Your Views:Salman is too egoistic and do sometimes get hyper.But ,I think he should be left alone to figure out and solve his own problems.What right do we have to invade someone,s privacy?

Mon Sep 30 13:22:10 2002
City, Country:hyderabad ,india
Your Views:true salmaan is in news for wrong reasons,agreed salmaan alone is to be blamed,but i am sure he will overcome all the obstacles and emerge winner to silence the critics and the biased media. media cant make or break can only make a marginal its better pray for salmaan to get out of the mess. to err is human but to forgive is divine. so lets forget and forgive salmaan.

Mon Sep 30 13:22:19 2002
Name:chandran .A.K
City, Country:chennai , INDIA
Your Views:He will go scott free, all rich people do , they will buy everything.Already the fact that the hospital did not do the alcohol test due to technical reasons and delayed him for 10 hours is raising suspicions. But there is a god watching.......

Mon Sep 30 13:22:59 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:I think Salman Khan is doomed (if he isn't already). YOU can't kill someone and bounce back!!how ridiculous is that??

Mon Sep 30 13:23:00 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:The man definitely deserves to be punished for his mistake. They should make out an example out of him prove that there is still law and order in India.

Mon Sep 30 13:24:02 2002
Name:A.V. Krishna
City, Country:India
Your Views:There is nothing to worry.The entire legal community is at the service of the BBB.They will resque him happily.

Mon Sep 30 13:24:10 2002
City, Country:Aurangabad, India
Your Views:It is unfortunate that a character who once sang (albeit in a movie) "Maut se kya darna, use tho ana hai, do din ki hai zindigi hame apna farz nibhana hai" has so much degraded himself.

Mon Sep 30 13:24:20 2002
City, Country:bangalore ,india
Your Views: Its easy for the film personalities to escape from the crimes.Salman is doing same all along his life.This case also no exception.Case will be settiled out side the court.He has money and czazy girls to back him

Mon Sep 30 13:24:26 2002
City, Country:India, Hyderabad
Your Views:He deserves very strong punishment for reckless driving and murder of one person.

Mon Sep 30 13:24:35 2002
Name:vishal deshmukh
City, Country:pune
Your Views:I guess bad things happen with bad men. SO he should get punishment and hard punishment for this accident case. Even harassing someone is a bad thing. He is really a bad man.

Mon Sep 30 13:25:29 2002
City, Country:BANGALORE

Mon Sep 30 13:25:41 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:These film personalities and rich brats seem to think that they can get away with anything. They should be taken to task and taught a lesson they law is not their play item. They want to live in India, they better live live decent responsible citizens. As far as Salman Khan is concerned, he should be given a life sentence and banned from acting in films.

Mon Sep 30 13:25:46 2002
Name:Ashok Lallit MAhindroo
City, Country:Mussoorie, India
Your Views:Everyone goes through tough times but a few of us tend to take it out on the world. People like this need to be told in no uncertain terms that all that they go through in life is a result of their own doings. Taking it out on the world means punishment! Not bail.

Mon Sep 30 13:25:52 2002
City, Country:Notneeded, Notneeded
Your Views:As long as there are producers to produce his films and audience watch them he will have no problems.

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