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A club with a difference

Do you specially cater to Bollywood? I find that many film press conferences are organised at Country Club?

We usually get Bollywood stars to perform exclusively for our members. Our brand ambassadors are also generally from Bollywood.

You have worldwide affiliations. How does this work?

Any member of ours can stay at our affiliate clubs worldwide. They can book their accommodation from here itself. They will have to pay. Likewise when members of other clubs round the world come here, they can stay at our Country Clubs.

Why have you entered Sri Lanka, a country in turmoil for over two decades. You had announced a club in Dubai, what happened to that?

Kandy is far from the disturbed areas. We entered at a time when property prices were very low. It's a property dependent on Indian tourists and we have a lot of our own members wanting to go there.

Water rafting is a special attraction there. So is Budddhist tourism. There is no sense of fear there. In Dubai we are still looking, it will come up in this financial year.

In what way is your club different from various timeshare resorts in India?

Well! Ours is a club in the heart of the city. It's a club you visit everyday. It's a part of their lives. They come here in the morning to do their exercise. They come here in the evening to play games and relax. They get their friends here to entertain them. It's very affordable. It's like their second home.

A resort is a holiday destination. You don't go there everyday. We too have our own resorts. We also have a Country Club Vacations Company that deals with timeshare resorts.

Photograph: Actress Pooja Bedi is the brand ambassador for Country Club. (Courtesy: CCIL)

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