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'It's the largest order for India in its history'

Is this the largest order received by Boeing...

It's the world's largest order in 2005.

It's the largest order for India in its entire history of civil aviation. There have been orders in the past which were bigger than this but they were not in 2005. This was a huge number, no doubt about it.

How was the Boeing versus Airbus competition like last year?

If you look at the worldwide sales last year, Airbus will say they sold more airplanes but over 900 of their total is small airplanes. Ours was spread across -- about 600 were small airplanes like the 737, then we had 777s etc and that is why we think we have the complete family of airplanes.

The reason is very simple, our planes are more fuel efficient. If you flew a 777-200 LR side by side with A340-500 for a year, you will save two million gallons of fuel per year per airplane.

Couple that with the fact that Boeing airplanes can carry more cargo and more passengers, we also have low maintenance cost and two engines as opposed to four. That's why Quantas, Air Canada, Air India placed big orders. Jet chose two 777s, so I think we have the right product strategy.

Photograph: Jewella C Miranda

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