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Paul Allen

You would think that a great college education is a must if you wish to become a billionaire. But many a billionaire has proved that to be a fallacy.

Moving forward from our first list of Billionaire College Dropouts, we bring you some more names from a list of the super-rich who chucked college to set up giant businesses.

Paul Allen

You can't help being among the world's wealthiest folk if, like Paul Gardner Allen (1953-), if you happen to co-found Microsoft. Forbes, in 2005, ranks Allen as the seventh richest, worth an estimated $21 billion!

Born in Seattle, Allen befriended Bill Gates while in school. Both shared an enthusiasm for computers, and would regularly sneak into University of Washington labs to work on projects. They were eventually caught, but managed an agreement with administrators by providing free computer help to students who needed it.

Allen attended Washington State University, dropping out two years later to write software. He also convinced Gates to drop out of Harvard, to found the company that would make them famous.

A year ago, Allen was back in the news for funding the SpaceShipOne sub-orbital commercial spacecraft. As always, the sky continues to be the limit.

Text: Preetee Brahmbhatt

Design: Uday Kuckian

Photographs: AFP/Getty

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