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Strengthen your ankles with yoga
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Yoga poses to strengthen your ankles

February 19, 2009
Despite being small and seemingly delicate, the ankle joint bears our entire body weight. Keeping it fit and functional is important for our general well-being. Since it is easily injured by overuse or disuse, it is crucial to keep it fit, with some yogic power moves.

Some unsuspected causes to ankle injury: repeated activity (as with running, especially on bad surfaces and even gardening); sedentary life-style that stiffens the joint; incorrect technique while doing some special activity; lack of movement that swells up the joint due to weak lymphatic drainage. Obesity also overloads the joint. A bad posture can also aggravate ankle problems. The sense of balance, which begins to wobble in most of us once we become sedentary, is also closely linked to ankle health.

Unlike with other parts of the body, the ankle needs specific moves to keep it healthy.

Shameem Akthar, yogaacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center shows you five yoga practices that lubricate and power the ankle.

Photographs: Jahnavi Sheriff

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This article only attempts to enthuse readers towards yoga practice and complement your existing practice. Yoga is best learnt under the personal guidance of a teacher.

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