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'After having sex I now find her boring'
September 19, 2008

Has a relationship soured so much that it's taking a toll on your health?

Are your friends of the opposite sex giving you the green signal despite knowing that you're married?

On September 18, Love Guru helped readers with these and several other problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Love Guru says, Hey there everyone! Love Guru is here to help you with all your love problems! Let's get started.

sudha_don asked, dear LG... i luv a guy..the only problem is..he is bald.. sometimes, i feel...he is suffering from some genetic problem...that's why he became the age of 25... another problem is..i am just 16... do you think..i am in luv, or this is merely an attraction ?? Please help.

Love Guru answers, Whoa! His baldness isn't the problem, your age difference is! if you were in your 20s and he was 30-something it would be okay, but at this point you're a teenager and he's a grown man. You're too young to be in love and tied down.

tung asked, i love a girl... but she is 7 years elder to me... she doesn't mind it ... me neither.... dear love guru, you think we still can have good relation?

Love Guru answers, Depends on your age -- if you're both mature adults and old enough to take such a decision, i don't think the age gap is a problem.


Love Guru answers, Ravi, unless this girl is a really close friend or knows you well, I don't think telling her how you feel is a good idea. Only once you're close to her and know her well, tell her, else get to know her first. If you don't and she finds your gesture inappropriate, she may complain to the management.

virginmale asked, hi lg i am virgin male 23 yrs old ,,,,i am dying to hv sex with a girl ..wht should i do ??

Love Guru answers, You're more obsessed with the idea of having sex than with who to have it with. And the more desperate you become to experience it, the more women will run away from you, sensing what you want. Reign in your frustration and wait till you find a girl you fall in love with. If you can't and decide to visit a sex worker, which I don't advise, at least don't get so carried away as to leave yourself vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

Rupa asked, My Name is Rupa... My Date of Birth : 17th October 1984. Query:- I had an affair before 2years and still i m waiting for him to come back. His name : Samir.. Date of Birth : 2nd November 1984. He left me becoz his parents felt that i wont be able to adjust in his family since he was a jain and i m Vaishnav Gujarati.and even he feels so stating that whatever our parents say is with lots of experience.. Now he has got engaged to some girl of his parents choice. I want to know whether still there are any chances for him coming back to me..Will he become my life partner?? Will he go ahead with Dipal(finance's name) or not?? will there be a broke in his current relationship.. Please help me... Regards, Rupa..

Love Guru answers, Rupa, I am not an astrologer, so your birthday is irrelevant here. I can only advise you and in this case, I'd suggest you forget about this boy. He obviously wants to do as his parents say and won't go aganist them for your sake. You're still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy your youth while you can -- when the right guy comes along, it will work out.

roma asked, dear LG. i m in luv with my senior...his name is Satender..but he is affectionately known as Setti. however, his past is not gud. he had been attached to a number of girls including me... however the one thing that i find irritating about him is his scooter. he doesn't have a bike, instead he drives a scooter..i can you do that ?? today everybody has bikes, but he doesn't have . that's why i have refused to go on date with him. however, he has promised that he'll soon buy a alleviate our sufferings. should i go with him..or should i wait till he buys a NANO.

Love Guru answers, So what if you sit on a scooter, is it beneath your dignity, your majesty? Do you know how you come across to someone when you ask such a question? You'll go out with him provided he takes you in style! Else not! Stop being so socially conscious and do as your heart tells you! Poor man, how bad he must feel when you say you won't sit with him on a scooter!

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

(Advice from the Love Guru does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and should not be considered in the capacity of professional counselling.)

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