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Rajesh Karkera  
Model watch: Hemangi Parte

Who is she?

"I was born and raised in Mumbai. This is like my fifth or sixth Lakme fashion Week. And I've done other shows as well. As far as getting into modelling, it just happened. I'm not with any agency."

On the profession:

"I really enjoy it. You meet so many different people, with different backgrounds and from different places. It introduces you to new ideas and points of view. I love it.

There's also a lot of professionalism. If, for instance, you don't feel comfortable in a particular garment, the designer will try to swap it for another. They're flexible in that way, which is great. As for the other models, we get along fabulously. No bitchiness, no catfights, etc. Well, maybe a few, but they're very rare (laughs)!

On her fashion sense:

"Comfort is most important. Personally, I'm partial to dresses. I try to avoid denims, because, obviously, India is a very hot country."

For really grand occasions, I'm willing to spend quite a bit of money for a nice dress (up to Rs 15,000). But that's only for a really fancy event. Otherwise, if I'm just going out, I would pay much less. You have to dress according to the event."

Are there too many fashion weeks now in India?

"No, I don't think so. The fashion industry is growing so quickly and so is demand."

On maintaining her figure:

"Gym. I try to go every day, but it's not always possible. As for food, I eat everything! Ghee, oil, etc."

Text: Matthew Schneeberger

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