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Yoga poses for hyperthyroidism

October 1, 2008

In yoga, most poses work on the thyroid gland. This works in preventing hormone-related problems. In cases of thyroid trouble, too, a yogic therapy may complement conventional treatment. However hyperthyroidism needs personalised yogic therapy, unlike in hypothyroidism (which responds well to a general yoga programme) since certain practices can aggravate symptoms.

These include excessive irritability and emotional flare-ups, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity to stimuli and uncontrolled restlessness, inability to fall asleep, breathlessness and anxiety, sweating and increase in body heat, unexplained weight loss, muscular weakness. Women suffer menstrual problems, including premenstrual tension and scant flow.

Yogic therapy in hyperthyroidism includes calming, cooling practices. These include ujjayi pranayama (which works on the vagus nerve which calms the entire mind-body complex), meditative practices and cooling pranayamas like seetali and seetkari.

Shameem Akthar, yogacharya trained with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, shows you four yoga practices that help calm an overactive thyroid gland.

Photographs: Jahnavi Sheriff
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This article only attempts to enthuse readers towards yoga practice and complement your existing practice. Yoga is best learnt under the personal guidance of a teacher.
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