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Gym etiquette: Don't bug fellow fitness freaks!

November 24, 2008
All of us who are regulars at a gym are familiar with 'That Guy'. The one who makes us want to scream. The one who makes us want to dump a dumbbell on his head. Knowingly or unknowingly, some people bumble through their workout sessions, making enemies of everyone else. To make sure you're not one of them, read on!

Clean up after yourself!

The most unpleasant thing for anyone in the gym is having to clean up somebody else's sweat -- gross!

After using a machine, you need to wipe your sweat off it, not leave glistening puddles for the person next in line to take care of. The next guy's also here to work out, not to mop up after you. Says Lakshmi Stephen, Assistant Gym Manager, Gold's Gym, "We have a housekeeping staff that cleans the machines after they have been used. But in case they are not available, the clients are required to do it themselves."

It's a good idea to carry a towel with you to the gym. A lot of gyms provide towels or wipes for this purpose, but don't leave them lying around either! Nor should your gym bag be lying on the floor where someone can trip over it -- it belongs in the locker. Used towels/ wipes belong in a specified place provided for them, not on the floor or draped over a machine. Says Lakshmi, "We provide lockers for personal belongings, also towels for clients to use during their workouts. They don't need to take their own towels inside the gym. In fact, we insist that they have a separate pair of shoes for the gym and don't bring dirt and mud in from outside."

What annoys you at the gym? Tell us all about your pet peeves on the message board below!

Text: Insiyah Vahanvaty | Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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