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'My husband wants me to get into wife-swapping'

November 21, 2008

RITESH asked, hi guru,actually i like a girl her name is roomi and think she also like me but we r not able to talk to each other and i m little bit shy guy so plz help me out guru

Love Guru answers, Well, one of you will have to break the ice! And in such cases, my friend, it is usually up to the man to make the first move! So overcome the cold feet and get to it!

Ashiiii asked, There are few questions which are running in my mind. I am very restless unless I get ans to those questions. I am not sure wht exactly is running in her mind. How can a person a change so quickly? She even used to talk to me by hiding in bathroom n suddenly she is not even replying me. For few days I thought, she might be upset or her family is keeping an eye on her n thats why she is not contacting me but after seeing her online I am feeling somewht ditched. Was she doing time pass with me? I like her too much n it was start oflove. I still do not have any hard feeling for her becoz I m in love. But, I just need few ans for peace of my soul. Even if it was time pass, I wan to hear from her.I like her too much and she is welcome back to my life anytime.

Love Guru answers, Is it possible that she wants to marry that guy and not you? That you maybe were more in love with her that her being in love with you? In any case, contact her and tell her that she owes you at least the truth if nothing else. And don't be a doormat, waiting for her to come and walk all over you whenever she feels like it.

lost asked, I really love a guy.i had proposed him two years back and he rejected me.he was in my college.i know him for the past 8 years.but he is my friend only from the past 3 years.Now his office is near to mine we almost see each other everyday.He seems to care for me and seem to catch glances at me when we are in a group.He marks on every word I have said.He had a minor crush on a girl in his office, but she turned out to b a flirt and he lost interest.he does nice things for me. Does that mean he loves me?i don’t want to propose him again and make a fool of myself.How do I get to know if he feels for me or not

Love Guru answers, Hmmm. He surely has other female friends. If he behaves towards them the same way he behaves towards you, then you're just a friend, one of the pack. If, on the other hand, he is showering you with extra attention, he may have reconsidered since college but is too shy to approach since he said no to you the first time around. So get a common friend to ask him about his feelings, if you can, or then just come out and ask him whether he has feelings for you. That's not a proposal.

Basu asked, My wife wants me to perform with my toungue on her privates, I am horrified at doing it and feel like it is abnormal or perverted. She feels that it really makes her feel good and seems addicted to it, I don't what should I do ?

Love Guru answers, Look, Basu, physical acts of love between two people behind closed doors is strictly their business! If you love your wife and enjoy giving her sexual satisfaction any way that you both like it, there is nothing wrong. So maybe you need to loosen up a bit. on the other hand, if you are really, really uncomfortable with what she makes you do, try talking to her about it and come to a compromise.

kamini asked, Hello love guru…I like a guy and he also likes me.I want to marry him.It is not a love and all.I just want to marry him.I don’t know the reason why I like him and all…The problem is my parents are keen in seeing horoscope of both of us.I am very scared whether it will match or not.Pls help me what to do with this issue?????

Love Guru answers, Why don't you both secretly visit an astrologer with your horoscopes first and see what kind of match it is? Then, if there is any problem, ask the astrologer how you can fix it. You can revisit with your parents later so that they have peace of mind with what the astrologer tells them.

sonia asked, Hi Love Guru please help husband me me dont have any physical relation in 8 months of our marriage. Each time he says that i sleep early or sometimes he says i am tired anything but no time for relations at all i am fed up. I have started liking someone else what to do.. i tried my best to convince my husband but then no use..he said that we can be just like good freinds and when time comes relations will happen he says..

Love Guru answers, That certainly sounds odd. Tell him you didn't get married to remain 'good friends' and that sex plays a big part in a relationship. Also, tell him to speak the truth when it comes to sex instead of avoiding it with excuses. If you both can't talk honestly and sort out the issue, you may consider visiting a couples' counsellor.

MonicaBedi asked, my husband wants me to get into wife swapping ... what shud i do?

Love Guru answers, Look, marriage and commitment are for monogamous people. Personally, I think that wife-swapping will ruin a relationship. Why commit when you're incapable of keeping the commitment? You need to do what is in your best interests and stand your ground.

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