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Here's how to deal with sneaky co-workers!

May 8, 2008
Last week, we asked Get Ahead readers whether they have ever had to deal with sneaky colleagues in the workplace. Here are a few interesting responses and suggestions on how to deal with the corporate spy brigade!

There was one colleague of mine who was from the other department. He used to sit just opposite to me. He used to just stare at me as though he has not seen any girl in his life! He used to follow me everywhere... he made my life hell. I couldn't tell anyone as he was my boss' best friend.

-- Rose

If like Rose, you know which of your colleagues is spying on you constantly, you need to take a stand! While this annoying jerk happened to be her boss' best friend, she says that he made her life hell. She should have:
~ Limited her interaction with him and told him categorically that he was making her uncomfortable
~Complained to the boss about him, regardless of his being a friend. Even bosses usually have someone above them and such a matter reaching the higher-ups can prove very embarrassing.
~ It's also a good idea to enlist the support of trusted co-workers in such a case. The boss may be able to ignore an accusation from one individual, but not from four.

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh
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