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Review: Battlefield: Bad Company

July 9, 2008

Reviewer: Sameer Desai

EA is billing Battlefield: Bad Company as the first game in the series to have a really robust and immersive single-player campaign. In doing this, Digital Illusions CE (DICE), the game's Swedish developers, have sacrificed a bit on the multiplayer side, the bread and butter of past Battlefield games. What we get as a result is an ambitious but less than impressive single-player campaign and just the one multi-player mode, which, as good as it is, will only keep a player interested for so long.

In the single-player story mode, you play Preston Marlow, the newest recruit of B-Company or Bad Company, an expendable resource of the US Army. Preston joins Sweetwater, the talkative engineer, Haggard, a deadly combination of low IQ and love for explosives, and squad leader Sergeant Redford. The war takes place in eastern Europe, where the US forces take on the Russians. B-Company does the army's dirty work -- going into enemy hotbeds to test the waters before the army sends in the cavalry.

If you're wondering what the modern-day US Army is doing fighting a war against the Russians, don't expect the game to give you any answers. There is absolutely no back story and you have no idea why, as a soldier, you are being sent into an alien land to fight for your country.

Even a ridiculously overused and cliched story would have helped; maybe the Russians were trying to invade a former Soviet neighbour, or threatening to unload its nuclear arsenal on a hapless US ally. Something would've been better than nothing, but nothing is what you get. So in the end, it all comes down to running and gunning. You get the orders and you follow them; no questions asked and no explanations given.

Photographs: EA India

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