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Eight good reasons not to wear makeup

July 1, 2008
While you may assume that a coat of paint can have you looking like a sexy celeb, things couldn't be further from the truth. So before you powder your nose, pancake your cheeks and put on fake lashes that are so thick you have trouble seeing, here's a few good reasons why you should avoid makeup.

Don't trust the packaging

Ever bought a 'miracle' product that guarantees success, only to find out it's a lemon? Yes, the mascara model's lashes may extend from here to eternity, but it's likely yours will remain as stubby as ever even after applying layer upon layer of the product. So stop getting sucked in by phoney promises. If you must use makeup, stick to reasonably priced quality products that do something for you without promising you the sun, the moon and the stars.

It's downright unhealthy for your skin

Isn't it ironic that what's supposed to have you look more appealing in the short term actually has an adverse effect on your skin in the long term?

Stop playing patty cake with your face, because cosmetics clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing properly. Also, the majority of them contain chemicals that can cause damage -- in fact, many people are allergic to their contents. Don't use that lip-plumping lipstick without making sure that your lips don't swell up in an allergic reaction to it like a puffer fish.

Text: Sanaya Dalal
Photograph: Paul McConnell/Getty Images

Caption: Take a hint from former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins and use minimal make-up for the fresh, girl-next-door look.

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