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Interior design trends this year

January 24, 2008
As we enter the New Year most designers and architects have noticed trends that will define their work and resonate in living spaces across the country. While some of these have maintained their status in the hierarchy of what is 'in', a lot has changed as we bid adieu to 2007.

Trends reflect a certain shift in a universal design consciousness that permeates all aspects of creative indulgence. While individuality reigns supreme, as it should, its expression acquires a synergy that defines products, decor and design and becomes a significant aspect in understanding recurring design themes and creative mindsets.

There are many aspects of interior design that could be considered a significant trend for the coming year, but in this article I shall try and focus on those that are likely to be the most defining:

Bling is back -- over the top is in!

The past few months have seen a resurgence of opulent living and a heightened interest in Baroque fixtures, bold design and an element of shine and sparkle in almost all product design. Grandeur is most definitely fashionable and so is a return to luxury in living. Chandeliers, Swarovski crystal accessories and other 'bling' products are finding their way into every home.

Rekha I Nambiar is an interior designer based in New Delhi. You may see her work at and, or contact her at

Text: Rekha Nambiar
Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
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