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How to tell if your Valentine's a money grubber

February 14, 2008
It's the season of love! Of candy, gifts, soft-toys, hearts, long drives and candle-lit dinners! It's the time of anticipation and surprise, too.

In case these lines reminded you of how broke you could get before the coming weekend, you've hit the right article.

Read on, to realise how the 'sinking feeling' has little to do with romance and a lot to do with settling credit card bills that your Valentine can throw at you. So here's presenting the pocket guide to knowing if your Valentine is a money grubber.

1. "You paid the bill the last time around...let me take it this time."

"I insist!" And he/she snatches the bill out of your hand. Of course it is incidental that you settled the bill at an upmarket restaurant that cost a fortune and your Valentine is paying for two Cappuccinos.

Social protocol is so structured that alternating bill payments is supposed to even accounts. Discussing bill denomination makes you look 'cheap'. And it's a win-win situation for the grubber. In case you try outsmarting him/her by insisting on paying this bill too, then he/she will proactively buy you a plate of chaat and say "This is the least I can do...I can't let you pay for all that!" But guess already have! Brilliant, isn't it?

Text: Sachin Lele
Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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