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How supermodels spend Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2008
Have you ever wondered how beauty queens celebrate Valentine's Day? Read on to find out!

Miss Afghanistan 2003 Vida Samadzai made headlines the world over for posing in a revealing bikini in the 2003 Miss Earth Contest's swimsuit round. The skimpy red garment left little to the imagination, drawing cries of 'foul' from the Afghan Supreme Court.

Though she herself had moved to America in 1996, Vida, as the representative for socially conservative Afghanistan, had gone against Islamic Law, they said.

Vida didnít let opposition ground her. She used the now infamous bathing suit incident as a launch pad for her career.

Vida has been living in Juhu, a suburb of Mumbai, for the last two years now. She does commercial modelling and hopes to one day act in Bollywood.

She caught up with and told us about her Valentine's Day plans. Believe it or not, she's actually single!

How are you celebrating Valentine's day?

I am still waiting for a surprise! One which includes roses, chocolate and dinner at a special place. It doesn't sound like much, but the effort and location definitely will be.

So you're single -- how come?

I'm single because it is tough to find and be with the right one, especially in a different country. I don't find myself on the same page as some guys here. I know there is never going to be a perfect man; however, 'almost perfect' has not come my way yet! I have been single since October 2007.

Are people scared to approach you, because you're a model? Is it easy for a model on Valentine's Day? Do you feel anxious, happy or romantic today?

I am always anxious, happy and romantic. I am full of love and life!

It doesn't matter where -- in the US, Europe or Asia -- people donít approach me! I don't know if they don't like my hair style or my perfume; but unfortunately I'm not approached.

They give looks, but I don't keep staring or looking at them, to make a point. It's not my style. I let it go.

Can you share your happiest Valentineís memory with us? What's the romantic gift you've either received or given?

I had a boyfriend from San Diego, California, USA a few years ago. He would come up with the craziest ideas. Once, we had a beautiful dinner together, after watching the sunset. He did every possible thing to keep me happy that day, from giving me a wake up call to picking me up, to bringing me and my family gifts and balloons and driving me around; and he ended the beautiful day by giving me a diamond ring. Not a promise ring, just a gift.

Text: Matthew Schneeberger
Photographs courtesy: Vida Samadzai and Jasmin Bir

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