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Are you too busy to celebrate Valentine's Day?

February 13, 2008
Come Valentine's Day and most couples start planning romantic getaways, candle-lit dinners and gifts.

And then there are those who work through the day (or night), whose young kids have an exam coming up or who stay in a joint family, where no one buys the concept of a day dedicated to love. If you belong to the latter category, we decided to help you chalk out some plans to make your V-Day more special.

Start your celebrations early

Don't wait for the day to begin, as it's going to be busy. Plan a midnight celebration on February 13. Be it a night cap, a romantic dance -- yes, in your living room, or just hold hands and talk about the years you have spent together.

Sneak off together for a V-Day lunch

If the day is going to be spent with clients, customers and projects, try to meet for lunch, like 29-year-old Pune-based software engineer Netrali Sathe and her husband."Since both of us have high pressure jobs, my husband and I can't take the day off. Most times we have a Valentine lunch at McDonald's, which is close to both our offices. Though there are no candles or romantic music, we enjoy that 30 minute ritual every year," says Netrali.

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"Since we don't want to miss dinner with the kids, lunch is our Valentine celebration," adds husband Lokesh*.

In fact, even if you are a homemaker, try to spend the lunch hour with your partner. Surprise him/ her by landing up at the office during lunch.

No gift?

Whatever the reason, there are times when you just don't have a second to spare for Valentine shopping, the end result being that you have nothing to give your loved one. But you can still present a special gift!

Menaxi Ahuja*, a working mother of two from Mumbai recollects, "Last year, Valentine's Day was so hectic for me. My son fell ill and there was a project delivery at the office, so I just could not find the time to buy a gift.

By the end of the day I was feeling really bad about it. I just got hold of a card and wanted to write my husband an apology for not getting him something. As the words started to flow, I just could not stop and ended up writing a long, long letter. My husband said that it was the best gift he has ever received!"

"My wife loves flowers, but I'm not the flower giving kind. Two years back, it was only when I reached my office that I remembered it was Valentine's Day -- I had no time left to buy her anything!" says 34-year-old banking executive Vikas Mitani*. "I just telephoned a flower agency and had a bouquet delivered to her office -- she was ecstatic!"

Try something new

Catch a midnight movie or go for a drive in the middle of the night. "A simple rendezvous of home-cooked food at a decent dinner hour also works," says Neeraja Bhagat*, a BPO employee from Hyderabad.

I just called to say...

Use you phone and SMS facility to the maximum. Start and end your conversations with "I love you". Consider it a day to make up for all the days you have not told your partner what he/ she means to you.

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Don't fret

All your plans have gone bust. You have not even spoken to your partner all day. Your maid did not turn up and the kids are cranky. Try to remain calm and smile, the last thing you want to do is have a fight! Enjoy whatever part of the day is left with your partner, assuring each other of a better Valentine's next year.

Reschedule your V-Day

Okay, so one of you is out of town or too busy for a celebration of love. Or you both believe that since everyone wants to go out on V-Day, the restaurants and other local joints are far too crowded to really enjoy a romantic date.

So couples like Pune-based software engineers Mihir* and Madhulika* Chopra like to celebrate Valentine's Day the weekend after V-Day! "Both of us are off from work, the children can stay home with their grandparents and we can spend longer hours together," says Mihir.

"Of course, we do exchange gifts on February 14, but the celebration is left for the weekend!" adds Madhulika.

So you see? You may be the busiest you've ever been, but you still can make Valentine's special for you and your partner, even if it's for just a few moments in the day. After all, it is a celebration of love!

Text: Kanchan Maslekar

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