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Single on V-Day? Here's how you can celebrate!

February 11, 2008
So you're single on Valentine's Day -- big deal!

Sure, it's the day of hearts and love and all sorts of schmoopiness and you may feel a tad lonely if you don't have any significant other.

But that doesn't mean you spend the night at home in your pajamas eating chocolate ice-cream and weeping over photos of ex-lovers!

Here's a few ideas on how to have fun this Valentine's Day if you're single!

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~ Throw a party -- a special V-Day party and invite a whole bunch of friends, single or otherwise! You may assume that couples you know want their privacy on this day, but that isn't always the case. In fact, they end up going on dates by themselves most of the time, so this is a welcome change of pace. Decorate the venue with plenty of heart balloons and set a dress-code -- all your guests have to wear red, for example. Everybody enjoys music, dancing and great food!

~ Make plans with your single friends -- Round up your gang of singles and head off to the theatre or for dinner. And don't make it a track-pants and old sneakers affair, either! Make sure you dress well and head out to a happening hotspot -- you can also go clubbing. Whatever plans you make, you'll have no time to mope if you're caught up in lively banter and surrounded by those who care about you.

~ Get together the family -- Valentine's Day isn't all about romance -- it's about every kind of love. You can have a family reunion on this day and really enjoy it! Get together for a cousin's night out or have the whole jing-bang over -- aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces... you're sure to have a good time catching up! You can also go the extra mile by sending your loved ones special V-Day cards to show how much you care.

~ Take a short trip -- Head away from the city! Round up the good ol' gang and just drive off for a relaxing couple of days to the seaside or a nearby hillstation. The weather is lovely most places this time of year and it'll be a welcome break from the commercial V-Day hoopla prevalent in the city.

~ Pamper yourself! Retail therapy and self-indulgence in small doses are great ways to lift your spirits. Go shopping, spend the day at a local spa or salon, get a makeover -- you'll be amazed at how a new set of clothes and hairdo will make you feel on top of the world (it could land you a date at the eleventh hour, too!).

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~ Go the philanthropic route! Donate a little dough to worthy causes -- charity will make you feel good about yourself and also serves to remind you that there are far worse things than being single. If you love animals, arrange a little treat for the doggies at a local shelter or the animal hospital. Even better, volunteer your services or then adopt a less fortunate pet. You'll be amazed at how bringing home a new member of the family will feel!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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