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'She rejected me because I'm a transsexual'

February 8, 2008
Are you in an abusive relationship?

Are you cheating on your spouse?

Get Ahead's Love Guru has the solution to all your relationship anxieties!

In a chat with readers on February 7, Love Guru addressed all kinds of love problems. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Love Guru says, Hi there, people! This is the Love Guru, ready to take all your questions!

baba888 asked, Hi I love one girl from my company but i proposed her through my freind so she got angry & not ready to talk eith me shat shall i do please give me suggestion

Love Guru answers, Why is she angry? Because you didn't tell her personally, or because she hardly knows you and is bothered by this extra attention? If it's the former, send her an email explaining that you're sorry and should have told her in person instead of copping out. If it's the latter, I'd suggest you leave the situation alone, since you hardly know the girl.

mamu123 asked, Hi my gf'Bday is in net month she has given me no answer but till i want to give her a gift as a freind what gift shall i give to her?

Love Guru answers, Is she your girlfriend or not? If you're giving her a gift 'as a friend' then clearly not. Give her something from her favourite store -- it could be clothing, a household knick knack or then a small piece of jewellery. Ask one of her girl friends to help pick it out -- they'll have a better idea of what she likes.

Atul asked, I love 1 girl very much she too cant stay without me. But we have different thinking. and bcoz lof this we have stoped talking eachother from last 3 months. plzzzzzzzzz help.

Love Guru answers, You have to learn how to give and take, then, Atul. Learn to compromise. And if you have such different outlooks towards life, I would suggest you don't pursue a relationship.

Rakesh asked, Dear LG, I have low self confidence in interacting with girls. The main probkem is that im bit bald headed. I dono whether girls would like to talk to me or not. For the same reason i donot try to propose to any girl also. Please tell me what to do.

Love Guru answers, Interact with girls purely as a friend. Only if someone shows added interest in you, pursue it. A bald spot can't stand in the way of love, my dear -- and if you're so conscious of it, opt for a hair transplant or any other such cosmetic remedy. asked, Hi dear ,i have not releation with my in laws now due to their untolerable behavior and they have also complaint in police against me in a false case .But i come out safely from that with the help of my wife and my parents.Now the problem is this i donot want to send my wife in my in laws house .Pls tell how i presue my wife to do so

Love Guru answers, Well, you cannot force your wife to cut off relations with her parents -- that is unreasonable. Whatever the issue with you, they are her family, after all. Let her do as she pleases. Since she has stood by you, it is very likely that she will give them a piece of her mind about what they did to you and will threaten to cut them off herself if they don't behave themselves. But let that be her decision -- it isn't yours.

hasnain asked, Hi Love Guru pls help me My girlfriend wants to marry me.. but her parents are against us

Love Guru answers, If you both are of legal age and she wants to marry you, go ahead and do it. You can try pursuading them yourself, however, before taking such a step. Try to work it out amicably -- if you can't go ahead and do what makes the two of you happy anyway. If they're reasonable people, they'll eventually come around to it.

kunal asked, hi love guru my problem is that my gf behaves as if she does not cares for me , we cant meet regularly as we stay far but we met recently a month ago and when ever i ask her that u sure u gona marry me she says i dont know and she talks sweetly when ever she feels that she wants to or else she doesnt care a fuck what do i do

Love Guru answers, Next time you meet her in person, sit her down and tell her that this won't do -- if she is with you just for lack of anyone else in her life, you don't want to be her boyfriend. Because that's what your situation looks like. She's just using you because she has no one else. Tell her to be a straightforward person and speak the truth instead of behaving in such a bad manner.

badri asked, hi my name is wife name vasundhara.............we fight over small issues daily..........when this will stop?

Love Guru answers, Badari, you both have to learn to give in! Make an arrangement -- the next time you have different opinions on some issue, one person gives in no questions asked. The next time around, the opposite person will have to do the same. Be reasonable, both of you and learn to make small sacrifices! They're not the end of the world!

kakoli asked, hi,i am a working women. i had a afair with aperson 4 years ago. it was a strong relationship. we had lot of status differences but still i loved him. last year we got married. but now he seems to be just using me.

Love Guru answers, Seems he is using you, as in? Using your money? Tell him straight that you thought he married you because he loved you and not because of your social standing. And don't be afraid to walk out on this marriage if you are unhappy and learn that he had a motive in being with you. It's fine to love money, but you also have to love the person you're with -- if he doesn't love you and loves only what you can give him, it isn't worth it.

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

(Advice from the Love Guru does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and should not be considered in the capacity of professional counselling.)
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