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How have the terror strikes affected your life?

December 19, 2008
Mumbai is coming to terms with the horrific terror strikes that took place on November 26 and slowly, life in the city is returning to normal. But people all over the country are yet to regain their peace of mind after what transpired.

Are you suffering anxiety over what happened? Has the terrorists' attack unnerved you enough to affect your day-to-day routine?

Or have you managed to carry on, either due to an indomitable spirit or the same old 'chalta hai' attitude towards anything that doesn't affect you directly?, in consultation with clinical psychologist Dr Sadia Raval brings you the following questions to find out whether your reaction to what took place is normal or not. Dr Raval has provided a broad professional evaluation to accompany readers' results.

1. Ever since the terrorist strikes took place, you:

Get slightly nervous whenever you're outside the house and perceive yourself as vulnerable.
Completely avoid public transport and crowded areas, as far as possible.
Live life as always -- nothing can disrupt your everyday routine.

Please submit your answer to see the next question. Your result will only appear once you have answered all the questions.

Help Mumbai's terror victims

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