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How to protect your computer from Internet hackers

August 6, 2008
You do it every day. Log into your computer, send e-mails, open attachments, shop online, transfer money using your bank's secure payment gateway, chat, and upload personal information on social networking and job Web sites. Here's a thought: what if someone was watching everything you were doing?

Just like someone who hacked into Ken Haywood's Wi-Fi connection was and sent threat mail just a few minutes before the first of many bombs went up in Ahmedababd. Given the lax security that users as well as internet servive providers have cyber criminals are always on the watch out for vulnerable people whose computers could be at risks.

There's a worryingly large possibility that someone could be keeping a close watch on all your online activities. From any corner of the world, someone could get inside your computer every day, and could have access to one of the most important resources of the information age: Your Personal Data.

Personal Data can be abused to make online purchases, carry out attacks against all those on your contact list and an innumerable list of things that can harm your everyday life. Welcome to the age of hackers (these are people who try to gain access to your computer using various hacking tools and misuse your personal data) and spies lurking on the vast Internet highway.

If that got you worked up, breathe. There are many ways in which you can defend yourself against hackers -- even though when it comes to security, nothing can give you 100 per cent guarantee. A host of new tools and exploits are developed every single day, so updating the knowledgebase to counter them must be a regular process.

The following are some of the many measures that could be taken to protect your computer and your online assets:

Text: Vineet Kumar
Illustrations: Dominic Xavier

Vineet Kumar is the Founder & and CEO of National Anti-Hacking Group & Security Brigade. Yash Kadakia is the Co-Founder and CTO of Security Brigade.

About NAG & Security Brigade:

National Anti-Hacking Group is a non profitable social organization working to create awareness in Cyber Security and to reduce cyber crimes in India.

Security Brigade is an Indian IT Security Company that specializes in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Web Application Security Testing.

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