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'My girlfriend is bisexual'

April 18, 2008
Are you experiencing heartbreak?

Do you have relationship problems you can't talk to anyone about?

In a chat with Get Ahead readers on April 10, Love Guru helped Get Ahead readers solve their love troubles! For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Love Guru says, A great big hello to everyone out there! Love Guru is here to answer all your relationship queries!

Abbas asked, I am in a no strings attached relationship for the past year. both of us were clear and open about this from the beginning.I developed feelings for her.i also came to know she is in love with another guy who has made it clear he is not going to marry her.yet she pines for him.I want to take this thing forward if possible but not rush in blindly. my Question is if she can sleep with me and be in love with someone else, how do i trust her if we enter into a formal relationship. she is reticent abt her past. i have no issues with that but her secretive nature is troubling at times. She is good to be with and a warm person.what do i do?

Love Guru answers, Abbas, you can't be in a physical relationship with someone you're not attracted to at all -- and this girl is no exception. She may be in love with that guy, but it's obvious she is attracted to you too. Tell her how you feel. Say that you are willing to accept her as she is and whatever happened in her past doesn't matter to you. As for trust, that will only develop as your relationship progresses.

deep asked, my lover, 1.5 year relationship, from day 1 we wanted to get married. we told out parents during the first month itself. i got permission from my family. Her mother didn't like this. We tried our maximum for 1.5 years to make her mom accept. Now last month my Girl Friend decided to listen to her mom and started avoiding me. now they have found a guy for her and she is getting married next month. what shud i do. i did almost everything to change her decision. but she had decided and doesn't want to change her decision

Love Guru answers, Did she ever tell you frankly why she did this? Try speaking to her or sending her an email and tell her that you deserve at least to know the truth about why she has dumped you like this. Tell her she is throwing away a lifetime of happiness by marrying someone she doesn't know. Also, she should admit it if she isn't in love with you anymore and not make an excuse out of her mother disliking you. See what she has to say.

deepak asked,  hello, i am deepak here. i am fallen in love with a girl name deepika. we lived together in live relationship last two year. now i wanna marry her to get legal relationship but her father is not ready. girl also ditch me because of some wrong picturesation about me in front of her. there is no contact between us since last 10 months. but i still love her so much. what will i do?

Love Guru answers, 'Wrong picturisation' -- what's that supposed to mean? Did she catch you doing something you shouldn't have been doing, or did someone tell her something about you? In any case, all you can do is get your guts together and try talking to her. You were together for two years, that isn't a short time. Tell her to give you a chance to prove yourself -- love means forgiveness and compromise, after all.

mitesh asked, hi i love a girl but am afraid to tell her i think that if i tell her then she might leave my friendship now what to do

Love Guru answers, Don't be a mouse, Mitesh! Tell her in a mature, calm manner and also assure her that if she doesn't feel the same you will get over her but still want to remain friends. And make sure you stick to your promise!

jak asked, hello bhailog, can you please advice me how to avoid getting attracted towards a female who arrives late in life after 10 years you first see her. I am in deep trouble because I am married and having kids also but I am not able to resist her feeling and dreams.first I met her 10 yrs ago just for 5 minutes and now she suddenly arrives here as a mother of 3 yrs and she frankly told me what she has in her heart for me.PLEASE ADVISE.

Love Guru answers, You met her 10 years ago for 5 minutes and you fancy yourself in love? You're a married man, for heaven's sake, not a teenager! This is just lust -- sexual attraction and nothing more! Don't let your family down just so you can sleep with another woman!

vivek asked, i am in love with my wife, we got seperated nealy for one year, still not able to forget her, i have 2 months for complete divorce, entire crowd around me is against me, is there any way i can win her heart,

Love Guru answers, What do you mean, everyone is against you? There must be a reason for that. Now swallow your pride, tuck your tail between your legs and go beg your wife's forgiveness and ask her for one last chance before the marriage is legally over. If she loves you, she may relent.

minakshi arora asked, i am in love with my boss who is 50 yrs of age and my age is 27, he loved me very much but now he is more possesive about his wife, i think i shud i leave but i am not sure what to do one.plz advise

Love Guru answers, Minakshi, you have been used by an older man and it's your own fault -- he was married and you still pursued him! You 'think' you should leave him? You absolutely have to! And next time, don't be so foolish!

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

(Advice from the Love Guru does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and should not be considered in the capacity of professional counselling.)
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