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Rajesh Karkera
Beauty tips from Amrit & Smita
next's Matthew Schneeberger caught up with models Amrit Maghera (L) and Smita Lasrado (R) on the sidelines of LFW. Here they share some of their beauty tips:

Skin care:
AM: Take your makeup off before bed, bahut important hai, drink lots of water.

SL: Drink lots of water, good genes, don't overdue the smoking and drinking partying.

Hair care:
AM: Try and do protein treatment regularly. Good genes.

SL: Keep your hair clean, after shows with excessive product use, wash thoroughly upon reaching home. Good genes.

AM: I'm mixed-race (mother- Indian, father- Englishman), so I'm fair.

SL: Dusky.

AM: Lots of it. Everything. I love Fish n Chips, Indian food. My favourite dish is Chicken Makhanwalla

SL: I love Thai, Chinese, Indian. Essentially, anything that is not bland. I like spicy food. If I had to choose a favourite, it'd defnitely be my mom's Ginger Garlic Chicken.

Fitness routine:
AM: Dance classes, I try to do it every day, but it ends up more like 4 times a week, because of work.

SL: None.

Social life:
AM: I love to go out, but work leaves me very little time, unfortunately. When I do go out, I like to go to bars, pubs we call them in the UK, and catch up with friends and maybe have a drink or two.

SL: I hardly ever party, but I love to go out. I go to movies, plays, etc.

AM: I'm single. I like going to the cinema. I like dancing and singing. My favourite music is R and B, soul and stuff like Amy Winehouse.

SL: Movies (Talented Mr Ripley, Requiem for a Dream, Scarface, Clockwork Orange, there's too many to list), books (The colour purple and I love 'The known world' and right now, I'm reading "Screenwiting" by Syd Field).

~ Vineet Bahl goes breezy, feminine

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