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Is your spouse cheating on you?

November 30, 2007
Is your love life down in the dumps?

You may think that there's no solution to your problems, but Get Ahead's Love Guru is here to help!

In a chat with readers on November 29, Love Guru addressed all kind of relationship troubles. For those of you who missed it, here's the transcript.

Love Guru says, Calling all you love birds out there! Love Guru is in the house, ready to solve all your relationship worries!

aditya asked, hi luv guru.hru.??sir last time i was too keen to get a reply but gr8 rush cudnt me get through it.this tim i m sending my quest alot early.sir my prob is dat.i luv a gurl her name is suneha.she is in my relation.o family members too will accept this.but my prob is dat ihow can i know dat she luvs me or not.....whether she luvs me or not?? pls luv guru help me out....

Love Guru answers, Aditya my friend, you're in a prett-y sticky situation here! Family relations are usually a no-no, unless it's a very distant, far-off cousin or something! I would suggest you don't try to find out anything from her -- if you haven't started out on this relationship yet, don't aspire to do so. You could damage family ties or your own relationship with this girl.

RahulSharma asked, Hi...I am doing Engg. in Mumbai and my girlfriend (since school) is studying in Delhi. Now the problem in this long distance relationship is that she is very close (emotionally) to one of her seniors and one of her batchmate. She says she loves me. We meetfor a month every year. She has also had sex with me. Still, I doubt if she has something for her senior whom she talks a lot on phone, though she talk to me for hours too....I dont know whether to trust my heart that she is innocent and love ONLY me or go with my brain that she is just passing her time with me and her senior both!! Please reply I am very depresed

Love Guru answers, Okay, this dude may be interested in your girlfriend. But don't panic! You should just talk to your gal about this. Don't lose your cool and start acting possessive, just have an honest chat. And if you feel like she's telling the truth, let your insecurities go.

pinky asked, hello my question is i luv my bf, since 5 yrs, we daily have a phn conversation,once in a week we meet but 1yr back icme to kno abt his parallel affairs and i just ask him. and even his elder brother kno abut and parents too. but the way they behave wen i went to his home they dnt kno.and evn dnt say anything to me. i just want to hear from him that he dnt luv me bcoz a person who alway taking care of mine or help me to take decision, i discuss my problm vth him how can some1 do this if he cheat. Now we dnt have ny contact or even i had not seen i heard that now he is vth some other girl. now,my parents r in hurry for my marriage, if smething wrong happen than owcan i explain that stil waiting 4him. my parents dnt kno nything, idnt kno what to do how to manage its to confusing can u suggest smething 4me please

Love Guru answers, Pinky, darling, your thinking is wonky! This man cheated on you, let you go and is dating someone else -- why on earth are you waiting for him! He is scum! As for marriage, you should tell your parents you're not ready yet and to give you some time. And start looking at other men! Five years you've wasted on this cheating dirtbag! Now move on!

ayan asked, Hi !! My name is Ayan and i have girlfriend whom i love like anything but there is problem where i sometimes do not trust her bcoz of her past. In her college days she should like a guy but unfortunately she could carry on bcoz of the caste problem hence that point of time i had proposed to her and she said no to me but still i waited for her and we were good friends. after eight month she proposed me back and i said yes and we are carry on from that point. but somewhere she loves and is unable to forget the guy still call her up and she does not want to speak but i know she really loves me this makes me insecure and i start losing the trust in her. What should I do ? Plz tell me i am really confused ?????

Love Guru answers, On one side, you say she still loves this guy and can't forget him. On the other you say she doesn't even want to speak to him and that she loves you! Listen, dude -- the girl is with you, she says she loves you, she refuses to maintain any connection whatsoever with her ex! What more do you want? Learn to curb your foolish insecurities!

kiran asked, hi i am kiran i have girlfriend i love her much but she likes me as friend only what shell i do

Love Guru answers, My dear, you can't force your love on this friend of yours. If she is your friend, chances are, she's known you for a long time and just can't bring herself to feel the same way about you. Accept it and remain friends. You will eventually meet someone who feels the same way about you.

John asked, I love a girl and i think she also but her brother and mother dont like me as i m having much success as compared to her brother. They like me as her friend but they hav told her not to think abt me in a relationship way. She said that she has to follow what they say. and in anger i hav not talked with her till now. she tried once but i rejected the call. since then we r apart and now she dont want to talk to me even. can u suggest something??

Love Guru answers, Hey, Johnny boy. Listen, if the girl refuses to go against her family's wishes, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. And not talking to her because of that was childish. I suggest you call her, apologise to her and ask her what she feels like doing, independent of her family's wishes. If she loves you, all you can do is try and convince her. If she still doesn't want to be with you, it's her choice

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