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A fantastic full-body workout for men

November 13, 2007
There are a number of fascinating trends and pieces of equipment in the fitness world that can help give your body the sculpted look, along with strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.

Here's a workout that combines the traditional with the new cutting edge workouts.

Your mini gym will need:
1- Dumbbells ( 5 kilos to start with)
2- Stability Ball
3- Resistance Tube
4- Training shoes
5- A mat

The Extreme Cardio Challenge:

Cardio is very important to burn excess fat, build stamina and make your heart and lungs strong. It also improves speed and makes you agile.

To challenge your body, the cardio activity should be as variable as possible, so pick a different exercise everyday. Start at a medium pace for seven minutes to warm up the body before you get into the cardio work. The activity should be performed for 30 minutes at a brisk non-stop pace. Every week, you must increase time by five minutes, till your reach 50-60 minutes.

You do not have to do the cardio before the rest of the workout. Cardio can be done at any time since it has nothing to do with the other exercises. So base it as per your convenience.

1- Power Walk
2- Cycle
3- Swim
4- Aerobics
5- Skipping Rope (do this in sets, since it is not possible to go on for 30 minutes continuously)
6- A sport like football/tennis/badminton

The Warm Up:

Jog lightly on the spot for about 7 minutes OR take a walk around your building OR climb stairs. Pick whichever works for you. Keep the pace medium.

The warm up will loosen and prepare your muscles for the exercises to follow. Never skip the warm up or you may be liable to injure your muscles and joints. If you have done your cardio just before the following exercises, you can omit the warm up since your muscles are well warmed already.

Strength Train:

This is the no frills part of the workout which attacks your large muscles pumping them to a larger size and adding strength.

1. Squat: Works the thighs, hips and calves.

Stand with your feet a little more than hip distance apart, toes and knees facing forwards. Link your fingers and raise your arms forward to about shoulder height for balance. Now slowly, push your hips back and lower yourself till your hips and knees are in a straight line. Imagine that you are trying to sit in a chair placed far behind you. Press your heels into the floor, squeeze your hips and thighs and push yourself up to standing position, but don't lock your knees.

Do one set of 16. Rest and repeat.

Text: Brinda Sapat
Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh
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