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Dating etiquette

"It's so embarrassing to be with a person who is ill-mannered or awkward in social situations," says Pingale -- something that many would echo. "Once I was out for a movie with this guy who I thought was rather cute. But when we met another friend of mine at the movie hall and I introduced them to each other, this guy did not even shake hands! He just said 'hi' shyly and looked away."

While social etiquette is applicable to dating as well, do not go over the top -- you run the risk of appearing over-courteous and artificial.

Some pointers:

-- If it is late in the night when you decide to get back home, offer to drop the lady home if she does not have her own vehicle. Do not expect her to invite you in for a coffee. The drop home gesture is meant purely for security.

-- Chivalry is not yet outdated, though the men may not be expected to open the doors all the time or let the lady in first everywhere. Be practical. You need to be relaxed on a date; do not be too formal.

-- If you plan to go on a date that requires some preparation like booking of tickets, making reservations in a restaurant, etc, the person initiating the date should take care of these before the date. Do not disappoint your partner by being disorganised.

-- Respect each other's views and do not expect your date to agree with or appreciate whatever you do. Also, be assertive -- you need not agree with everything that your partner says simply to please him/her. It can be irritating when the other person realises you are faking it.

-- Brush up on dining etiquette and other aspects of formal social behaviour if you are not well versed with it. Avoid embarrassing your date.

-- If you do not want to be seen with your date by certain people, choose a meeting place accordingly. It is extremely ill-mannered to request your date to walk at a distance because you can see your uncle across the street!

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