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Dating tips: 'Just be yourself'

August 9, 2007
We asked Get Ahead readers to share tips and advice on how to play the dating game and impress the opposite sex. Here are the tips they posted -- some helpful, some hilarious:

It all depends upon the type of person you are going to meet. Keeping all things aside, I'd say that we should be neat -- clean, healthy, well dressed and should not have bad breath. Good looks, physique and character, with the ability to converse in good language (sweet words) and a purse full with money and the patience to take her around for shopping and movies/ entertainment and parties. Above all guys should be willing always, for anything and anytime.
-- Jal Shakti

Don't make any conscious effort to make a good impression. Just be yourself. You are an individual; she is also an idividual, though of the opposite sex. Just have a free, frank talk. If you have common interests, likes and dislikes; it is OK. Treat her as a person, and give her full respect.
-- HariOm Chawla

Just be like our Rajini saaaar. All the women and girls will swoon at ur feet. U can show off mannerisms like juggling goggles and tossing cigarettes in the air. Then shoot it with a gun. All the girls in the world will be yours for the taking.
-- Rajesh Upadhyay

Politeness and honesty of thoughts and the conviction with which you talk to a girl can do wonders. Restraint in self praise and excessive praise of your girlfriend at times makes your feelings look fake. One must be humble, caring and decent and not be on the look of an opportunity to display physical gestures like you wanting to hold her hand or putting it round her waist. You may be looked upon as a person who is in a hurry to be physical without understanding the girl's nature and attitude. Girls want themselves to be understood, feel comfortable in your company and then once they are satisfied about your nature, things would flow gradually. Don't ever try to push your way or impose things and conditions on issues which are talked about in your conversation. The first round of conversation should be general and not too specific but you must remember that it should not at all be probing. This would reflect that you are a pile on.
-- Ajay

Disclaimer: This is a reader-driven feature. The views expressed by the readers are their own, and not that of has not altered the material presented here and does not endorse it in any way.

Are you highly successful when it comes to making a good impression on the opposite sex? Come, share your dating tactics with other Get Ahead readers! Post your advice, experiences and opinions on the message board below.

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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