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How to invest for your children

August 7, 2007
The first child in a family brings a lot of joy and happiness. But with this also comes the realisation of responsibility towards the newborn. The new parents undergo a sea of change in emotions. Their instinct to protect the child becomes a primary aspect of their life.

A lot of dreams emerge with the child being in the centre of those dreams. From here originates the need to create a financial base that would ensure the future of the child in all respects.

When the parents think about the child’s future, the primary thoughts are about their education and marriage. Most parents are aware of how expensive higher education has become today.

This is the primary reason that most of them want to start saving so as to create enough resources to give their child a dream education. This may even include the higher education abroad.

Text: Vetapalem Sridhar
Illustrations: Dominic Xavier
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