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There are many young people today (like me) who relocate to an alien city in pursuit of a career, a better pay cheque, power, fame or simply to find themselves.

Whatever your individual reasons for taking this route to uncertainty, there are common issues that bind the singles fraternity together. Much of it is basic stuff like being able to pay the rent on time, finding a place to live that bears some semblance to home and carving a niche in our chosen fields of work.

Then, at times, we get lonely.

Like when you've had a hard day and just need someone to talk to. Or when you fall ill and wish that mom was here to pamper you. Or when you get a promotion but there's no one to celebrate with.

"With the boom in the BPO and IT industry, lots of young people are moving out of home for better career prospects. Many of them retreat into a shell of isolation and hence feel extremely alone," says Samindara Sawant, a clinical psychologist with Disha Counselling Centre, Mumbai.

"Though staying alone and feeling lonely are two different things, the former often precipitates the latter," she adds.

Ask yourself: Are you doing enough or, for that matter, anything to prevent such feelings of loneliness? I suggest you go a step further -- use the extra time and your single status to good advanatage. Expand your mind, exercise your creativity, stretch your imagination, finetune your career goals and personal aspirations.

Just prescribe to our plan of action and learn how to live it up.

Text: Merril Diniz
Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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