'Knowledge, perseverance and hard work are required'

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President APJ Abdul Kalam: Friends I am very happy to be with you for the Rediff chat. My greetings to all of you in our country and abroad. I learnt that about 5,000 questions/suggestions have been received in the chat room. You will appreciate friends, I have 45 minutes, I will try to answer about 50 to 60 questions broadly covering many concerns that you have expressed.

Also I assure you that I will answer another 60 questions with in next 10 days time. I will post the answers to that questions in my web site: www.presidentofindia.gov.in. I appreciate the enthusiasm and the range of questions asked by the visitors to rediff.com, which includes concerns on national development, education, healthcare, necessity of having a vision and also international peace. I congratulate rediff.com for the initiative they have taken for organising this chat programme.

D N Joshi (kendri vidyalay Almora, 17 yrs): Sir, how much time one should dovote for becoming a good student?

President APJ Abdul Kalam: A good student arrives when his learning process takes care of two aspects. One is knowledge acquisition, another acquisition of a good value system.

C. Aaryambaa (The Little Kingdom, 10 yrs): In what ways, we children, can help to eliminate terrorism against humankind? WE at THE LITTLE KINGDOM very much wish to see your Highness at our school. Good Bye Mama.

President APJ Abdul Kalam : School children can take the following oath: I will not differentiate based on any caste, religion, and language. If it starts from the school, definitely a peaceful society is possible.

sagar khuteta (J.H. Ambani School, Raigad, 9 yrs) : How did you made so many missiles for India in so short time and money

President APJ Abdul Kalam : It was team effort. Knowledge, perseverance and hard work are required to achieve the success in the mission.

President APJ Abdul Kalam : C. Aaryamba, Definitely I will visit the Little kingdom school.

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Children whose questions have been answered by the President should e-mail their complete postal address to getahead@rediff.co.in, so we can mail you a copy of Mission India: A Vision For Indian Youth, autographed by the President.

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