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Phase One

This is the first step towards building a relationship of any kind.

You need to figure out if you gel with the person or not. Is he/ she as nice and likeable from close quarters as from afar? Could the glitter really be gold?

This is also the easiest part of the Three Phase plan. All you need to do is:

i. Be a part of the same group as him/ her. Suggest meeting up more often and go to different places -- this will show you how he/ she behaves under different circumstances.

Take the example of Katy, 24, an account executive. She really liked Raj, a middle-level manager from another department in her company but didn't really have any opportunity to interact with him.

She found out he was a part of a trekking group, registered with them and was able to meet him in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere outside of office. The two soon realised they had a lot in common; their relationship took off from there.

ii. Be a silent observer from time to time and take note of his/ her flaws too.

iii. Interact in a friendly way and be yourself all the time.

If you realise he/ she is your kind of person, it's time to move into Phase Two.

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Are you dateable?

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