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October 28, 2004

Are you kind and considerate?

Or are you an insentitive boor?

How perceptive are you of your girl's needs?

Take this quiz and find out! Ask her to take it and match your results!

1. She's on a diet and the two of you go out for dinner. You
Forget and take her to a restaurant where most of the food is fried,
       fattening and what she cannot eat.
Order your usual butter chicken and parathas and tuck into it
       heartily, while sympathising with her because she can't.
Go to that fancy, low-cal health food place where everything tastes
       like steamed sawdust and share a tofu 'n' lentil steak with her
       without gagging.

2. She's got the flu and you have a boy's night out. You
Offer to cancel your evening out and spend it with her instead...
       hoping she won't take up your offer!
Cancel your evening and spend it with her instead.
Go out anyway, but send her half a dozen roses to compensate.

3. She got a new hairstyle she's all kicked about. You hate it. What
    do you say?

Pretend you haven't noticed anything new about her hair and hope
       she won't ask you your opinion.
Tell her how terrible it looks.
Say something non-committal and tell her much later on, gently,
       what you really feel.

4. Your friend breaks up with his girl because he discovers she is
    not a virgin. You think

He did the right thing.
What he did was okay if he's a virgin.
He's justified in feeling jealous about her past, but wrong in
       judging and condemning her for it.

5. The ability to cook, the maternal instinct, the homemaker, the
    tendency to be more emotional beings -- these opinions about
    women are

Stereotypes. It really varies from woman to woman.
True, but these instincts are suppressed by modern women so
       that they can pursue other things like careers, etc.
True of most women.

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