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October 20, 2004

Are you and your partner destined for each other?

Do you see eye to eye on everything?

Or do you find yourself not agreeing on anything?

How compatible are you? Take this quiz and find out!

1. If he sends you flowers
They would be the kind you adore.
You keep telling him you love roses but he sends you carnations.
They would be whatever is in season.

2. The first thing she does after coming back from a long business
     trip is

Ask about the kids and you, while checking her mail.
Call her parents.
Give you a huge hug and a kiss.

3. When you quarrel, you usually
Never seem to resolve it.
Keep away from each other till you both cool down.
Talk it out and make up.

4. When you both want to spend an evening together, you
Argue like hell about what to do.
Always come up with the same ideas.
Make sure you both listen to what you want and try and do it.

5. When you want to know how he feels about you, you
Ask him.
Hint wildly, trying to get him to say something good.
Wait. He will tell you if he wants to.

6. Your partner and you argue about
Every little thing -- from what you both are wearing, to what to
       have for dinner...
Things like working too hard, not sleeping properly...
Things like what to do for the future, how to save up, when to
       have a child...

7. You look at your single friends with
Pity -- they don't know what they are missing.
Envy -- wish you could be as footloose and fancy free.
Empathy -- it's just so tough to be single!

8. Which of these fits the way you feel about each other?
It feels great to be in love.
You like each other so much!
You can't imagine a day without your partner.


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