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What do Gandhi, Plato, Darwin, Iacocca and Oprah have in common?

They have all had mentors help them in their lives and careers.

Most of us grow up with people we eventually look up to and admire, whose strengths we attempt to imbibe and emulate.

At school and university they may be teachers or professors we may be drawn towards. This spills over to our professional lives when we forge a particularly meaningful relationship with a senior colleague at work.

Today, this scenario is relevant with more and more young professionals seeking mentors.

Shoma Maitra, 22, law student and part-time employee, stresses the importance of having a mentor at work. "It is important, especially when you are in private practice -- a mentor helps you develop yourself, groom yourself better. The person you work with shapes your career."

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Text: Janhavi Acharekar | Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

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