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October 13, 2004

Do you and your partner get along like a house on fire?

Do you often end up sleeping on either side of the bed?

How compatible are you with your partner?

Take this quiz to find out! Ask your spouse to take it and match your results!
1. The last time you said 'I Love You' to him/her was:
3 or 4 days ago
3 or weeks ago
2. The last time you argued with him/her was:
3 or 4 days ago
3 or 4 weeks ago
3. Was it a serious argument?
I don't know
Yes, kind of
No, it was a laugh-it-off tiff
4. How often do you discuss politics, movies, etc with him/her?
When time allows
Every day
Discuss? What?
5. How often do you gift flowers/gifts without an occasion?
Never. I need an occasion for that
When I find something that will make him/her happy
All the time. Our house is stacked with gifts
6. Can you tell when your partner is under stress?
Of course
Maybe. I ask him/her
Rarely. He/she usually tells me
7. How often have you been successful in talking him/her out
     of worries?

Always. It never fails
Not always
Do I need to talk it out?
8. Do you get angry if s/he is stuck at work and can't make it to
    an event important for you?

Yes, but I keep a smile
Yes, I fight it out
Yes, yes, how dare s/he!

 Quiz compiled by Rohan Sonalkar

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