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They are everywhere -- in gardens, on platforms, at bus stops, in restaurants... every single place, I tell you."

That is Ravi Nair*, grumbling about 'lovelorn couples' making their presence felt wherever he goes.

"I have nothing against them," he says. "I just miss my Tara* a whole lot more and it bugs me. I know it is irrational, but who said love was logical?"

Fair enough.

Besides, one does not argue with a person whose fiancée has had to cancel her vacation the second time in a row.

Ravi and Tara are in the midst of what is termed as a long distance relationship.

Long distance relationships are becoming more and more common as the world continues to shrink.

Jobs, training, academics and a plethora of reasons keep couples from each other today.

But do they work? Click here to find out.

Text: Uma Iyer
Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

*Names have been changed on request

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