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October 7, 2004

How often do you say, "Ek SMS kar," to a pal?

Can you tell the difference between T9 and T2?

Do you wonder if you are SMS obsessed? Take this quiz and find out.

1. What does SMS stand for?
Short Message Service
Simple Mobile Slang
Who cares? Iím using it anyway

2. Do you use SMS slang in your office/regular e-mails?
Yes, when the e-mails are casual
SMS slang? What's that?
No, others donít understand it

3. What does the T9 feature on your cell phone do?
It blocks unwanted SMSes
It adds emoticons to your SMS
It makes it easier for you to SMS

4. If an SMS cost as much as a normal phone call, would you still
    send one?

Depends on how necessary it is
Yes, Iím more comfortable with SMS

5. How often have you sent an SMS to a friend saying you will
     be five minutes late?

Pretty often

6. What does 'hi, iv 4got 2 get ur paprs' mean?
Hi, Iíve forgotten to get your papers
It means the person who is typing doesnít know how to spell


 Quiz compiled by Rohan Sonalkar

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